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6- Hormones

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He was doing it because he felt like he had to in order to keep me.

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(Kacy's POV)

"Can I take this off yet?" I asked, messing with the blindfold covering my eyes. Brendon had placed it over my eyes as soon as we left the park in town. 

Brendon sighed, "No, and stop asking. I'll tell you when. You're awfully hard to be romantic with!" He joked, laughing.

I laughed as well, "Sorry... I just get impatient. You know that!" I said, letting my hands fall to my sides as the car continued on.

"Oh yes, I do." Brendon said, shaking his head. "I remember when you got impatient at our wedding. Now that was interesting."

"Oh come on, you know wedding ceremonies are boring!"

Brendon laughed, "Other peoples are. You're not supposed to be bored at your own." 

"I wasn't. I was just... ready for other stuff."

Brendon snorted, trying to keep his laughter down. "Uh-huh."

The car stopped but I didn't ask to remove the blindfold yet. I was going to fight to be somewhat patient. Then Brendon opened his door. I heard the door shut and then it was quiet. I waited. And waited. Where did he go?

After a few minutes I started getting annoyed and was just about to tear my blindfold off when the car door opened, sending in a rush of cold air. "Okay, I'm going to help you out. No peaking." Brendon said, in a teasing voice.

Brendon's soft hand wrapped around my wrist as he helped me out of the car. I leaned against him unneccessarily, finding it to be quite romantic. 

"Alright up ahead are a few steps, be careful and lean against me." Brendon whispered against my ear. It felt so damn good. I just wanted him to touch me. My body felt so neglected.

I stepped with Brendon, letting him guide my body. It still felt familiar. I laughed, "Brendon, are we on the bus now?"

Brendon sighed, "You're no fun." I felt the blindfold being lifted.

The bus was empty. Where had the other guys gone? It was like Brendon read my mind. "They promised to stay gone tonight. It's just us." He said, grinning.

As I looked closer I noticed the couch in front of the television was pulled out, making a make-shift bed. The small bed was covered with roses. I giggled, "Aww Brendon..."

Brendon smiled, entertwining our fingers. "Ryan helped by putting the roses down and picking a few things up at the store for me. I want tonight to be perfect. I owe you perfection."

"I can't believe I doubted you." I said, smiling blissfully. "I'm so sorry for hitting you Brendon." I rubbed his cheek lovingly.

Brendon smiled, leaning against my hand. "Hey, I've heard of worse things happening between couples. At least you didn't stab me."

I laughed, shaking my head. "I wanted to."

Brendon grimaced before laughing. "Whew, seems I avoided disaster." He patted his body. "It feels good to not have any stab wounds."

"Narrowly." I joked.

Brendon grinned though his tone became noticably different. "I just don't want to lose you Kacy. You're my everything. All those times I told you I loved you, I meant it. I still mean it. You're still my number one girl."

I smiled, how could I not? Brendon was being so sweet. It reminded me of how he used to be. "You make me feel so special." I whispered, biting my lip. With him... I felt vulnerable. He broke down all of my barriers but he'd never before hurt me. This was the first time. Oh and when he hurt me... It hurt so badly. It was unbearable. I wasn't sure I'd live through it again.

"So, we don't have a huge movie selection but I tried..." Brendon said, gesturing to the movies on the bed, roses scattered between them. I picked up a rose, feeling the smooth surface.

In just 24 hours everything had changed so dramatically, who would've known it would be for the best...


(Spencer's POV)

I hesitated above Kacy's contact number before texting her. -Hey, tomorrow night can I steal you away?- 

I knew Brendon planned some last minute elaborate romantic night to fix his troubles with Kacy. I couldn't help but hope he failed. 

I wanted Kacy to be mine. I had fallen in love with someone I could never have.


(Kacy's POV)

"Give me a minute." I said, feeling my phone vibrate. Once I picked it up I saw Spencer had texted me. "I'm gonna run out really fast, you start the movie." 

"Hurry back!" Brendon said, sounding cheerful. 

Once the door was closed I had the phone to my ear, waiting for Spencer to pick up. So, now I was the guilty one... Maybe all along it was me and not Brendon. I'd only just started realizing Spencer was a man... and once you got past that bump it was hard not to find him attractive. Before he had simply been a friend. How did I make things go back to how they had been? The way his lips felt upon mine stained my memory and I just couldn't shake the guilt that went along with it. 

Why had I done it? The thought of telling Brendon crossed my mind but he would never understand my stupid jealousy. I'd thought he was cheating... Was he really not? I couldn't help but feel that he was still hiding something from me.

"Kacy?" Spencer's voice flooded my ears and I bit my lip to keep myself from saying something idiotic.

"Yeah." I breathed out, wondering just why I'd called in the first place. 

"Is something wrong?" Spencer asked, after a quiet pause.

"He wants to spend the night with me." I whispered, wondering why that had suddenly turned in to a bad thing.

"Isn't that good?" Spencer asked.

"I don't know. I'm kind of nervous. I feel like running away but I don't know where to run." Everything had been giggle worthy just a few seconds ago, why was I saying this? More importantly, why was I telling Spencer?

"Do you want me to pick you up?" Spencer asked, sounding nervous.

"How do I tell my husband that I-... don't want to spend the night with him because it doesn't feel right?" I was suddenly freaking out and doubting myself completely. Was it really the hormones? I was going insane. Where were these emotions coming from? When would they leave? 

"Well, you could stay..." Spencer said, sounding fairly uncomfortable. 

"Can you just come get me?" I asked, voice cracking.

"Be there in a few." Spencer said, hanging up.

I breathed out. Why was I leaving? Brendon was lying. I wasn't crazy. He was lying to me. I wouldn't just fall in love with his charm once again. I was stronger than that, I was worth much more than that. I was seeing straight through his charming plan for the night. He wasn't doing it because he wanted to. He was doing it because he felt like he had to in order to keep me. I wasn't around to make him comfortable. 

With re-newed anger I walked back in to the bus. "I'm leaving." I watched Brendon's smile fall as the abrupt words met his ears.

"Where to?" He asked, struggling to sound casual.

"I'm not sure yet." I replied, finding it was hard to be outwardly mad at him when he played it so cool.

"Oh." He said, shrugging. "Well, maybe we can... watch this sometime later?" 

I shook my head, "I'm not sure but I'll get back to you." 

Slowly he began nodding, looking away from me. "Is this the end of us?"

"Do you want it to be?"

"Do I have a choice?" Brendon asked, quite bitterly.

"For the sake of conversation; yeah." 

Brendon shook his head. "I'm not going to play these stupid games with you Kace."

"I'm not the one that pressed play." I replied, just as bitterly.

"So, you're going to act like a child about this entire thing?" Brendon asked, turning the entire argument around on me.

"I'm a kid Brendon. I just graduated and now I'm pregnant so yeah, forgive my immature tendencies. You know what? Just scratch all this niceness. Fuck you." With that I walked out, realizing it was never as satisying as it seemed in movies.


(Just curious. Preference; Brendon or Spencer? It seems Spencer but I figured I'd ask.)
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