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Brighter Sanctuary *Prolouge*

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(Rating is for Later Chapters!) What happens when You are transfered into the Devil May Cry Universe with a gift that only you can access, this is what happens! This is your Legend now....

Category: Devil May Cry - Rating: R - Genres: Horror,Humor,Romance - Characters: Dante,Lady,Mundus,Trish - Warnings: [V] [X] [R] [Y] - Published: 2012-03-13 - Updated: 2012-03-14 - 841 words

(Hey guys! I want to let you all know that I do not own the Devil May Cry francise or Capcom... Or you matter of fact! I do own, however, any demons or OC's that you never heard of.... This is a multi-chaptered story! I greatly appreciate Reviews! Now... It's time to Start!)
Arival with a Cost

You walked on home from school; test, teachers, bullies, and home work where a hassle. You wanted to get home and play you Devil May Cry games and escape the world that plagued you with all it's school troubles, to finally engross in your escape route. It began to rain when you got home and your parents whernt there. You started on your homework and finished it all in less than two hours, a record you so happily broken, before sitting down at your Play Station system and uploaded your game. A question you never saw before popped up, "Would you like to continue?"

You hit the button, 'Yes'

Another question popped up, "Are you sure?"

You clicked the same answer, 'Yes'

One finaly question appeared, "Are you REALLY sure, there is no going back once this is done..."

You where begining to get annoyed, 'YES!'

A dark voice began to laugh, scaring you slightly as the secreen when Red and the whole house went black, ribbons began to come out of the TV as that red light got bigger. They wrapped around your arms and legs, pulling you into the Red light as the smell of blood filled your senses. The inhuman cries made your heart nearly stop as you saw flesh and muscle like substances on the wall, followed by chanting and more screams. You screamed yourself as a clawed and bone-like hands began to reach up your body. You got a locket from you great grandmother on you 18th birthday before she passed away a few days later, telling you to keep it and cherish it with your life. You never took it off since, it was that important and special to you since that was your favorite grandparent.

"Give it to us..." Multiple voice said in unison, their voices scratch and hollowed, "Give it to us now!"

You closed your eyes, keeping their peircing blood red eyes focused on you. You hear a voice in your mind telling you to stay calm, it was very hard since your freaked out! The voice had a light and airy tone to it, growing stronger as you relaxed. Unbeknownst to you, the locket began to glow several vibrant colors as the clawed hands disappeared. You opened your eyes to find a girl in a white dress holding a girl in a black dress, both smiling as they looked like little kids. The one in the white dress had long blond hair while the girl in the black had long raven hair, both having a set of wings.

They took your hand and pulled you towards something, wispiring that they will hold off the darkness you saw as you escaped, pushing you towards the beautiful door. Once you opened it, you where blinded by a light as everything seemed to vanish while you slowly fall down and land on something soft. You blacked out, to tired to see where you where at the moment....

(Somewhere near by)

A man wearing a red leather coat was fending off some demons that appeared suddently, fighting them with his younger companion. The younger guy was swift yet brutial, killing that demon as one escaped towards the hill inside the park, he followed as the older male finished off the rest.

"Hey Kid! Get back here!" The older male yelled, rewarded with the middle finger, "Why you little--"

"I wouldn't say it, Old man!" The kid called back, grabbing the demon in time to save a person it was about to kill or more like ram it's head into. "Got you, little Fucker..."

He slammed it into the ground a few yard away, instantly killing it. He turned to face the person he just saved, a small blush on his face by how high the skirt was riding up on her to reveal a nice set of legs and thighs. He looked away, covering her up with his jacket to prevent his curious eyes from doing harm to his mind. He picked her up, she was warmer than average as he walked back to the guy waiting for him.

"What ya got, Kid?" The man asked, trying to see the girl but the other one alreay put the hood on her, "I know it's human.... So spill it."

"I found her like this and she is developing a nasty fever," The kid started, putting the girl in the back seat before sitting in the front seat, "Now. Shut up and drive before she gets worse."

"Alright, Already!" The older guy complained, driving off as the sky got dark.

Things where dwelling and stirring in Hell as soon as You arived... Just what is going on?
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