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Chapter One: Mystery

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(Rating is Later Chapters! I do not own DMC or anything else but my OC's and OC Demons, Warning are also for Later Chapters)

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Its a Mix of DMC 3 and DMC 4, I forgot to mention that!
Chapter One: Mystery
You woke up with a light grunt of pain, your mind swiming with questions as you came up with nothing. Your eyes adjusted to the lights in the room, a swarm of new smells that you never noticed before flooded your senses and you cringe slightly, it smells like a man-cave and other stuff. You slowly sit up, holding your head as a dizzy spell started to take place. You heard the sound of water running and light humming, the water stopped running before a guy walked out; He wore no shirt, his hair was damp and unaturally white. He looked cute and strong, which made you blush lightly. He had a towel wrapped around his neck and had on a pair of loose pair of sweats, making your eyes wander all over his body as the water ran down groves perfectly.

"Ah? Your awake." He spoke, amusement in his voice, "You like what you see, Babe?"

You looked away, your blush started to grow deeper as he chuckled. You felt a pair of warm hands on your forehead, your blush went deeper as the man sighed and pushed you down lightly back on the sofa. A cool rag was placed on your forehead as another guy came walking down with a tight shirt on and sweat pants as well. His right arm wasn't human as he tried to hide it from your gaze.

"W-Where am I?" You asked quietly, sinking down into the sofa you where laying on.

"Your in my shop, you have a pretty bad fever too..." The guy who put the towel on your forehead sai, "Can we know your name, Darlin'?"

"I-Its _____." You said quietly, gripping the pillow closer to you.

"____, huh, Not a bad name. I'm Dante and this is my foolish partner-in-crime friend, Nero." The Dante guy said, a smirk on his face. It was raining outside still as the room was colder than you originaly thought. You felt eyes looking you over with amusement, always lingering either on your well endowed chest or poorly hidden legs. You sat up slowly once again, your back against the arm of the sofa as a hard and suddent uneasy feeling arosed in the air. A inhuman chuckle was heard as the shadows through out the office grew and morphed into monsters.

"Give us the girl..." One of them said, a cackle like grin on it's face, "And you won't have to die... Half-fling scums."

"What if I say... No, then what?" Dante said, looking away from you. The creature scoffed out something in Latin before attacking Dante with speed. You instantly cover your eyes and ears; the sound of flesh slashing, guns blasting, and other grotest stuff was making you uneasy. The smell of fresh blood made your stomach churn unpleasantly, it was unsettling enough to find thoose creatures looking at you. A finger tapped you on the should, making you flinch and jump away some.

"Scared Much?" Dante asked, tilting his head to the side slightly, "If you want, you can spend the night in bed with me, I don't bite.... Unless you want ms to~"

He was smacked upside the head by Nero, "Ow!"

"Treat her with more respect, stupid old man!" Nero growled out, "Geeze, your an ass!"

"What?! I was offering just her, no need to go all Bitchy on me!" Dante complained back, you where silent the whole time, "See Nero! You and your glowstick made her afraid!"

"Me and my 'glowstick' won't have a problem leaving you with a bruise..." Nero warned, eyes cold and meaning ful.

'You'll get used to it!...' A voice in your head told you, 'Promise'

"Now I got a mystery to solve about why those Demos where after you." Dante complained, frowning.

Things here at whatever his shop name is already going to get intresting~
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