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Phoebe's man chapter 1

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When pheobe takes a suprizing love for arnold than drama starts gereld mad at arnold helgs mas at pheobe i mean what the heck is going on i know it sounds like pheobe brakes a leg at first but it isnt

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It was a beautiful day at PS 118 everykid was doing the usual:Chocolate boy lookin for chocolate, Gerold and arnold shootin hoops, Helga swooning over aronld, and poor little pheope seving Helga.
"hey pheabs go fetch me a soda will you i'm dying over here,"
Like i said usual
"Would you like Coke or Pepsie?"
"Moutain Dew,"
"We're out"
"Than go inside and get some"
"but the bus is going to be here any minute"
"I'll hold it just go"
Pheobe sighed than said "Going,"
As soon as sh got inside she started running stright yo the pop machine.
"Finally," she said when she got there. She pulled out her wallet and took out $1.50 and piy in in the machine. When the pop came out and she ran.
"I should be careful with this," She thought alound "Helga would be pretty mad if it exploded."
When she finally reached outside she relized her bus was leaving and there in the back seat sat helga. Out of no where she heard thunder and than it started to rain, it took pheope a second to relize she wasn't getting wet. She looked up and saw a blue umbrella withch was bein heald by arnold
"Are you ok?" he asked
pheobe just nodded slowley and looked down at the side walk
"Are you sure?"
She nodded again and said "I better get home,"
"Let me walk you"
"You don't have to do that,"
"I want to," he said than took her arm and started walkin.
Phobe looked up at arnold and startd to fel something strange,than it hit her she was falling in love with arnold
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