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Phoebe's man chapter 2

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"Thanks for walking me home arnold,it was really sweet of you." Pheobe said as they walked down the sidewalk. "Your welcome,Pheobe can i ask you something?" "Of course Anrold anything." "Why do you let Helga push you around like that?" Pheobe was about to answer when she relized that she didn't know what to say. She's always let Helga push her around and never even relized it. "I don't know," she simply answered, "I guess i never relized that she had before" she blushed a little at how silly she must have sounded. "Oh," Arnold answered. Finally they reached Pheobe's front porch. "Thanks again for the walk home Arnold." "Yeah no problem." He smiled. Pheobe leaned over and gave him a kiss on the cheek,than ran inside.Just as she kissed him Gerald came walking around the corner and saw the whole thing. Arnold touched his cheek than walked off the poarch. "Woah woah woah." Gerald said running infront of him. "What was that?" "Hey Gerald, what was what?" "Pheobe she just kissed you!" "Yeah, on the cheek, she was probly just to thank me for walking her home." "YOU WALKED HER HOME!?!" "Yeah i wasn't gonna let walk alone in the rain when i walk down the same road." Arnold noticed something, "Why is it such a big deal to you anyway?" He arched an eyebow and a sly smirk crossed his face. "Well uh i umm i just do ok?" "Mmmmhhhmmm.Whatever you say Gerald, whatever you say." "Hey what's that suppose to mean?" "Oh nothing look i gotta get home see ya' later." Arnold walked around Gerald and down the street but as he did he couldn't help but wonder why Pheobe did kiss him. "Hey Grandpa." Arnold said as he walked in the front door. "Hey shortman something bothering you?" "Yeah but it's nothing." "Now how can it be something and nothing all at once?" Arold's Grandma said as she walked into the room.Arnold sighed "Well it's just there's a girl" "A GIRL!" "Yeah but she's just a friend." "Ohh so whats the problem." Arnold explained everything including how gerald freaked out. "Hmm" Grandpa said when he was done "I know whats going on and just what to do about it"
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