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Bitter and Sweet Reunions

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Jay remained in place. His steady tanned hands let his sword drop as he felt a weight lift off his shoulders. "Theresa..." His breath barely left his mouth before he heard her sob. She was trembli...

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I live! I haven't updated in a month... wow! I'm sooo sorry though! I'm finally done school too! YAY! So just to tell you the reason that I couldn't update was just that. I had to do so much! It was unbearable. But I'm going into high school next year soo... I better deal with it. (P.S. My trip was good to.) Oh then yesterday I was to busy doing a little victory dance (lalalalalalala!) so umm. Ok then. Here's the next chapter. Hopefully it was worth the wait; there are so many new stories up on fanfiction and ficwad. So to all the authors out there a big round of applause. (P.S. This whole time I've had a rotten fruit firewall up, Ha I avoided all the smelly things you were throwing at me through the computer!) -Nuuoa Eclaire

"Jay..." -Theresa


"Archie get your elbow away from my head." Atlanta rubbed her skull in a cramped manner. Her and Archie were both stuffed awkwardly into a hollow rock, how they had found one big enough was a mystery.
"Well I'm sorry Atlanta! It's not like I'm actually trying."
"So what! It still hurts you know! I should get a formal apology." Archie could still see Atlanta's twilight eyes twinkling mischievously despite their dark surroundings. The only light was blocked by a light rock they had used to cover the entrance of the crack Archie's whip had made to get in. In fact the only things the boy could see of his friend and fellow hero was her eyes. The ones that always seemed to hold him in a trance. But that made only one part of Atlanta.

He loved every inch of her. From her calloused hands, to her quick remarks. From her short radiantly bright red hair to her knee high socks. Why was he always getting these thoughts lately! He was obsessed. He had denied it last time but this was over the top. And this wasn't a time for mushy little love thought.
'Stupid!' Archie thought to himself, 'Oh she is going to get it. I'll beat her in her little torment game.' So the mood quickly vanished just as it came.

Archie wasn't the type to say any of his emotions out loud. Heck he had difficulty even thinking them. So he would show his love in the only way possible.

He would argue.

"Excuse me Atlanta. I did say sorry, and just because you can't take a little beating around doesn't m-." Atlanta cut him off, "Oh me! Ha! And I thought it was just you who couldn't take a beating." She gently flicked her across his gold plated ankle brace. She did it quickly, like all her movements, and made sure to not truly damage it. After all she didn't really want Archie to get hurt.

"I know your weakness." But Archie's mind thought other wise, 'No. No you don't.'
The clanging of the contact with his metal brace echoed off the walls around them.
"Atlanta..." He let his words draw out slowly. Atlanta stopped breathing, "Oh no... you wouldn't!"
"I know your weakness..."
"Archie." The words hitched on her throat, as her friend got closer. She couldn't see him, but she could feel his hot breath get closer. Closer. Closer. Then he struck!

"No Archie no!" He was pushing the air out of her... it was a tickle war!

(Bet you thought he was going to kiss her right?)

She had always been sensitive when it came to tickling. Why? Who knew? But whenever someone gazed her in continuing motions she would have tears bursting from her eyes. And would keep laughing and laughing.

"P-please!" Atlanta said through gasps of laughter. By this point she was clunking her head on the top of the ceiling, even though she was scrunched down, laughing.
"Then say that I'm the best and it wasn't my fault you hint you head."
"Aren't you demanding." Archie continued the endless tickles and finally Atlanta screamed in a child like manner and pounded the floor. (Good thing it wasn't Herry or the place would be going down!! Take cover!!)
"All right Arch! All right!"
"Ahh... so you give up? Then say it!" He said smugly, taking in his hour of triumph.
"You're the best and..."

Atlanta was shocked to feel force of Archie's hand plaster up against her mouth. More importantly he was trembling.
"Hush!" Archie snapped through a whisper. She could see the worry in his dark gray blue eyes. "Atlanta someone is coming." Atlanta nodded her head slowly, though it was difficult with Archie's firm body pushing against her. He had his back against the blacked entrance, so if anyone came and moved it Atlanta was out of sight.

She noticed this and felt many different emotions. Any other girl would feel grateful and swoon, her mind mimicked, 'Oh! Archie you are so brave! Tee heee!" But Atlanta just felt shocked. Did he really care for her that much? And besides she didn't need protecting anyway! If both of them faced the entrance they could jump out and hurt the attacker easily... but it was to late now.

The foots steps were getting closer. Thud. Thud. Oh how could they have been so stupid to make all that noise! Thud. Thud. Then like magic the footsteps were gone.

"There. I'm sorry to have hurt you Atlanta." Archie whispered, his body was still trembling.
"We shouldn't have made so much noise. But really Archie it's fine. Besides that thing is gone. We have been in much worse situations."
The tone of his voice pulled the air out of her more then tickling ever could.
"It's just that... I- I l-lo..."

Suddenly a shadow wolf jumped and yanked the rock away. His yellow eyes were screaming for blood, and by the looks of his saliva... he was hungry. Atlanta took her laser cross bow fastened around her wrist and shot at the other side out the rock, bursting it into crumbling pieces. Coughing at the dust, they both took it as a chance to get out and away from the shadow wolf. The two teens scurried out in a fluid movement and steadied themselves for battle.

That's when Archie noticed the shadow wolf. His limped walk, the extra long bristly hair, the pure hatred in his eyes. It was the same one who had attacked him and Atlanta and the park. The same creature that he had snapped the back of. And now the shadow wolf had come for revenge. On him.

"God! What the hell!"
'I told you I would get revenge human... if not then here I am! I'm taking you down.' The wolfs eyes seemed to shine demonically as the creature, obviously male, made contact with him.
'Great,' Archie sighed inwardly, 'and just when I was going to tell Atlanta too. Why does this always have to happen to me...'
"Come on Archie. Let's take him down." She had all her attention on the battle now, she was in hunting mode. And as they charged he couldn't help thinking one more mushy thought, 'As long as you don't get taken down with me.'


(Hey look I decided to keep on going! Hurray!)

"Great I lost him." Jay huffed sarcastically, he had been looking everywhere for the stupid shadow wolf. It had been the one whom Theresa had tried to save. He knew that. He just knew. And now he had lost his only way to find her. He was the biggest idiot alive.
"If I had only known sooner. If I had realized. I could have told him that I was looking for her and was going to get her out. I could've even told him that I would get him out to. God! I'm such an moronic buffoon."

A gently breeze picked up and ruffled his brown hair, it calmed his frazzled nerves down somewhat. He sank to one knee and began rummaging through the Odie backpack.
"Clean clothes, food... hmm... I need more, guess I was too anxious to go and find her. Water and toiletries (That just sounds weird coming from Jay's mouth. Not as weird as Archie though... -funny thought goes here. -)

A faint rustle could be heard behind him. His deep chocolate brown eyes frowned. As he arose and prepared himself for battle, he heard the voice he thought he would never hear again. That sweet angelic warm voice.

"Is that you Khalil? God knows how long I've been looking for you! I was worried you know. You were just supposed to be getting fish. I thought you had crossed the transparent dust line. And I..."

Theresa dropped the small wooden basket she had been carrying, and the fresh picked berries splayed all over the grassy floor. Theresa couldn't move. If what she saw was real, then Jay, the man she had hidden feelings for, was right before her eyes. She let a sober gasp escape her throat.

Jay remained in place. His steady tanned hands let his sword drop as he felt a weight lift off his shoulders.
"Theresa..." His breath barely left his mouth before he heard her sob. She was trembling and as quietly as she could, reached out to him and grazed his cheek. She felt the contact.
"Jay!" She cried joyously, Theresa threw her arms around his neck and leaned against him, embracing his warmth. Unshed tears of disbelief and pure happiness clung to her emerald eyes.
"Oh Jay, I thought I'd never see you again!" Jay stroked her light red hair gently, "I missed you too." Then he to burst with happiness at seeing her and twirled her around in his arms.

'Theresa sorry to keep you waiting... I'll get the fish later. I kinda ran into a little pest problem and...You!' Khalil had finally picked up Theresa's scent and was now gazing at the stupid human he had just gotten rid of. And with his best and only friend no less!
"You!" Jay put Theresa down and began an intense glaring war with the shadow wolf.
"Oh Khalil! This is Jay! But..." Her voice became flatter, "I see that you've met."
"Yah." They muttered in unison.

'Look Theresa,' Khalil's one green and three yellow eyes seemed to say in unison, 'I'll get the fish now... and when I get back I hope this unwanted company is gone!' His two head growled and barred their teeth as he zoomed away furiously.

Theresa sighed, "He really is a good guy. Don't take it personally Jay..." Then suddenly something hit her.
"Huh? Theresa what's wrong?" How could Jay be here? Did the Scio Havarti get him too? Was he going to die... just like her? Theresa turned down her face and it became ghostly pale, she whispered four heart stopping words.
"Why are you here?"


I think it was a fairly good update. I made Archie tickle Atlanta. Plus that stupid crippled shadow wolf ruined a Archie and Atlanta moment again. Bah! In the next update, (I'll try to update at least once or twice every week. Except when I go away... then I'll tell you.) There will be a serious conversation between Jay and Theresa. Bye! (Still have the rotten fruit firewall up.) -Nuuoa Eclaire.
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