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Why are you Here

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The pained expression that was cast over her lovely features hurt Jay a lot more then the slap. And even though the fact that she wanted to hug him made him blush he knew it meant something far dee...

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Hi. I know I haven't updated in a while. But hey, it's a lot better then a month. I've started doing drama; I get paid 60 dollars at the end of the week. So I couldn't update because I had to go to training camp. Hope you enjoy this update. Until next time (which will be a lot sooner.) -Nuuoa Eclaire

"Don't touch me! It makes me want to hug you when you touch me..." -Theresa

P.S. This is my second try at this chapter I lost everything. The other was better but I still like this one.


"What?" Jay was confused, just a moment ago she had been delighted to see him. But now... now she was crying? Jay leaned forward and touched her rosy pale cheek. It was stained with hot tears. Theresa had her face turned down, but Jay forced her to meet him in the eyes. His warm chocolate eyes... Theresa took a deep forced breath.
"I said 'Why are you here'? Are you dead? Did the beast g-get you? Or are you just some sick joke that Cronos, or this world sent too kill me inside!"

Jay took a step back. How twisted this world was. Their situation was! And how confusing it must have been for her.
"No." Theresa looked taken a back, "What?" Jay plunged into her sparkling green eyes, "I said 'No'. I'm not dead. I'm right here alive with you."
"But how?"
"It's a long story... but after you... died... I thought you died. All I heard you say was, 'Sorry'. I didn't understand Theresa..." Theresa silenced him with the brush of a finger.
"You only heard... you didn't hear me say anything after 'Sorry'?" Jay blinked, "Umm... no. Was there something else?"

Theresa pushed him away and sank to her knees. She told him. And he didn't even hear her! Now she had to do it all over again. She wanted another chance to be with him... was she not even going to grasp it?

Jay tugged nervously at his yellow and royal purple polo shirt. He rested a tanned hand on her shoulder. The next thing she did surprised him.

It surprised him a lot.

Theresa slapped him.

The slap was a lot harder then he had expected for it to be. Though he wasn't really expecting it in the first place.

Jay stepped back in shock. And if his shock couldn't have been doubled, Theresa then snapped at him.
"Don't touch me! It makes me want to hug you when you touch me..." She sobbed, and thought to herself, 'Why did I do that? Was it because I wanted to die? No. Then is it because I'm afraid of his love now that I can have it? When I said 'I love you' the last time, it didn't have a sense of commitment to it. I was dying... and needed to let him know how I felt. This is beyond the strongest feeling I've ever known. And it's not just his love that scares me... I think. I don't deserve to be loved... because I'm stuck in the middle of life and death. I'm not really an alive human being. I'm a monster.

The pained expression that was cast over her lovely features hurt Jay a lot more then the slap. And even though the fact that she wanted to hug him made him blush he knew it meant something far deeper.
"Theresa... do we need to talk about anything?" Theresa just smiled through her sobs.
"Jay... it's just been hard. I'll talk to you when I am ready." She stood and tried extra hard to not let her emotions escape her.
"It's just really hard you know. With everything going on my mind has become a dangerous neighborhood... that I shouldn't go into alone. My dad loved that quote... now it's real for me."
"I wouldn't know," Jay wanted to banish all her negative thoughts, "but I know that when you need to go there... I go right along with you."

Theresa knew what he said had been cheesy... but it was just too sweet for words.
"So tell me how you got here... and I apologize for the slap." Jay laughed.
"Yah well it's all right. It would have been better if you weren't so strong though..."

Jay and Theresa began to talk. About everything. The dust. How Jay got into the dream world. Cronos. Their friends. The voice of the stars. Even Khalil... much to Jay's boredom and dislike.

"So..." Jay began absently as he folded his legs and moved to a more comfortable spot on the cushy green moss.
"You umm... told your story. You know the star. The voice thingy... umm... said it was personal."
"Well of course Jay." She raised her eyebrows quizzically, "You didn't want to know what it said, did you?"
"Well..." Jay rubbed the back of his brown hair, a bad habit he picked up from Archie.
"Aha! You did didn't you!" It pained Jay to see tears still clinging to her eyes, despite the lighthearted conversation. There was a deep heart wrenching pain still gnawing at her insides.

"I wish I would've confronted the voice a bit more."
"Yah, maybe we'll get our answers but I doubt it. Now Jay," She took on the voice normally reserved for Jay's absence, "let's find the exit! Before it's to late..." The tears streamed quietly down her face.

Jay took her delicate hands in his strong ones, "Don't worry Theresa we'll be together."

"I think I just threw up in my mouth."
Khalil was resting against a tree trunk. It's ancient bark woven with secrets... but he just wanted a scratching post. His two heads were snarling, silver white teeth biting the air viciously. His one green eye and three yellow made a verbal connection with those around him.

"So from what I've heard mister 'We'll be together.' Is coming with us? Great." He rolled his four eyes sarcastically.
"Hey I don't recall wanting to go with you either!" Jay positioned himself so that he was glaring at the shadow wolf directly.
"I was here first! It was our mission... you're just getting in the way."
"Hey! I knew Theresa first!"
"Yah well... I saved her life!"
"So I've done that countless times!"
"Really?" Khalil rolled his eyes mockingly, "I thought she saved you!"
"Oh yah!"

The pair began growling like puppy siblings. They quite looked like it. Theresa held back laughter through her veil of drying tears.
"Come on you two. The exit won't wait forever. We need to go find it. The journey begins..."

The two just mumbled a couple a 'Yah's' and 'Just a minutes'. Theresa rushed on ahead and covered her mouth. The laughter was going to escape any minute now. And she was happy when she thought a new pleasant thought.
"Somehow it's hard to keep crying."


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