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Fading in Your Arms

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The weapon landed next to Jay's feet. He was astounded. 'No.' He silently thought to himself. She backed up for support and fell at Jay's feet. She clung to his shirt and made no noise. She didn'...

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Updated. I'm really excited about this chapter I've just wanted to write it for so long. If you want to better appreciate this chapter, I suggest re-reading or remembering the part where Jay fell through the monsters, but not Theresa or Khalil. Ok, enjoy. This has some of my favorite Archie and Atlanta quotes at the end. -Nuuoa Eclaire

"Purple one" -Atlanta


Atlanta charged the shadow wolf. Her slim frame dogging and turning in quick sure movements. The large shadow barred his long silver teeth, growling and spitting gobs of yellow saliva. Atlanta quivered but only once, at the repulsive sight. She locked her laser crossbow on the back of his neck. And in the glorious hint of victory Atlanta dropped her satisfied smile. She could have sworn that as the glowing purple beam, as vibrant as Archie's hair, made its way for its target... the shadow wolf was smirking.

Archie watched dumfounded as in nearly a couple of seconds Atlanta had already shot her laser cross bow at the bristly black neck of the shadow wolf. It was the same spot that he had broken during the fight for saving Theresa. He was impressed... but that seemed a little fast.

Even for Atlanta.

The blast of energy soon reflected off his neck. The shadow wolf burst into a howl of laughter. Literally a 'howl'. His piercing yellow eyes burned into the two heroes.
"You imbeciles! You cannot defeat me so easily! I am the great head chief, of all the shadow wolfs of the tribe of Torr'en. I have no name... for that is degrading. But you may call me 'Dovn'. Meaning all powerful. And I have come for revenge. On you purpled one..." Atlanta burst out laughing, "Purpled one!" Archie began to whack his 'Purple' head against the cave wall. 'Great,' he though, 'I'll never live this down!'

"Quite! Now prepare to parish!"
"You I believe would want to kill us. But all the other shadow wolves that came with Cronos... the last time we saw them they wanted nothing to do with Cronos..."
"And your neck!" Archie cut into Atlanta mid sentence, "Atlanta's laser beam rebounded off your neck!"
"That means..." Atlanta played with her vibrant red hair in concentration, "That Cronos put some type of controlling mechanism on all the shadow wolves!"
"And it's on their neck!"

A steady rhythm of clapping hands echoed around the cavern room. A startled Archie and Atlanta turned to face a smug Cronos. His eyes were gleaming like a dead blood red rose.

Suddenly even more sounds echoed around the room. The three other Titans boys ran into the room. Herry was running faster then he had ever run before. Odie was trying to tweak his video game without tripping. Neil was trying to fix his hair as he cried hysterically. His scream pitched like a two year old girls. An army of drooling angry shadow wolves were behind them.

Once the group got to where Atlanta and Archie stood the rest of the shadow wolves backed off and began to circle them obediently.
"I guess you don't have any idea what I'm up too." Cronos chuckled. Neil finally caught his breath, "So what? We don't really need to try to find out anymore. I mean you're just gonna tell us anyways." He picked up his three-paneled mirror and examined his golden platinum locks, "Why bother?" Archie caught on to Neil's plan quickly. They would distract Cronos while Odie finished transferring his game to pick up how Cronos was controlling them.

"Yeah Cronos, it's not even worth our time to fight you, you're an a..." He glanced at Atlanta, he would prevent himself from saying anything to make Cronos really hurt her. Herry, being a little dimwitted just joined for fun.
"Yeah! And that army of shadow wolves you have at your disposal to attack us at any minute is... oops."
"Herry!" The group shouted in unison.

Cronos who had been fuming recomposed himself and gave a quick gesture to the shadow wolves. He opened a portal and stepped through, " Thanks for the idea Herry. I'll be back soon... have fun with my pets. Whether you survive or not, it doesn't matter to me. The planet will be mine anyways."

Herry ran off into the fight. Neil began to throw rocks at his attackers. Odie furrowed his brow in concentration, "I don't like this. What Cronos said..."
"We'll worry about that later." Archie cut in, "As Atlanta would say, 'Let's go hunting.'" He joked. Atlanta simply smirked.
"Sure," She ruffled his hair. Then she leaned in and put her delicate lips so close to his ear he could feel her steamy breath. He choked and felt his knees begin to melt. 'Please,' he thought, 'let this be true...' Then she uttered two words and ran off.
"'Purple one.'"


"I've said this about a thousand times already! Stop your bickering!" But just like before Theresa was stuck listening to the endless verbal mockery coming from the young man's and shadow wolf's mouth. Or in the shadow wolfs case two mouths. No he communicated with his eyes. Four to be precise. Three piercing yellow. And one green. It was a nice green. With emerald swirls and a slight tint of the leaves of a grape vine. But only Theresa would notice this. Kind of like how she noticed the way a certain male in questions light almost golden brown hair bounced when he laughed. Or how his face went into a cute little blank stare when she did something surprising.

Theresa's mood had lightened since her previous confrontation. She had felt so helpless and so afraid. She loved Jay, she knew that. But did she really want to risk having him know that and then just disappear? Have him never be able to move on? Sometimes she felt like her dying was inevitable. After all she was clairvoyant, these stomach-clenching feelings of dread must be true. But other times, like now, she felt herself returning to the glowing ray of sunshine she was outside the dream world they were trapped in. Or she would get back her quick remarks.

I mean how much arguing can you take?

"Jay? Khalil? Will you please stop arguing over who has the best eye color? It's kind of pointless."
"Yeah, but I have four eyes so mine are better!"
"But mine are really nice brown." Jay stated. Theresa blushed at this.
"Plus who really wants to have four eyes anyway. It makes you look like an alien."
"Hello? Two headed wolf here? I kind of am an alien?"

"Like I said, it really doesn't matter." Theresa swayed her hips casually, then stopped and rushed toward the pair.
"Why do you speak of a small waddling bird?" Khalil gritted his long sliver teeth in confusion.
"She means get out of the way!" Jay jumped out of the way just in time to avoid gleaming razor claws.

It was the gray vultures again. They had passed through the dust portal just like he had. They came from the land of the endless black sky and dead ground, and entered the vast forest and lush landscape, like he had. Theresa's voice burst his thought.
"Jay do you bring my nun-chucks in that yellow bag of yours?" She said urgently, the birds were beginning to regroup and come back.
"It's the 'Odie back-pack' and... yeah... Neil decided to toss it in at the last minute." She grasped it and did a series of complicated twists.
"Wait!" Jay remembered that the vultures couldn't touch him. He began to waltz towards them.
"I told you he was crazy." Khalil replied smugly.

Theresa shot forward and pounded her fist into the side of the vulture's head. It let out a piercing screech and flew away with the others.
"You can touch the vulture!" Jay said.
"Not this again..." Khalil mumbled silently from the sidelines.
"Yes Jay. Why? Can't you?"
"No I said that before. The only people or things I can touch in this world, are you, the stupid wolf and the landscape."

Theresa cut off Jay again, "Look out!" A lone vulture swooped down and flashed it's deadly color drained beak at his face. Theresa brought her nun-chuck up to whack it. But it passed right through.

"What?" She grasped her weapon firmly.

But it fell right through. It fell through her hand.

The weapon landed next to Jay's feet. He was astounded.
'No.' He silently thought to himself. She backed up for support and fell at Jay's feet. She clung to his shirt and made no noise. She didn't pass through, but she thought she would at any moment.
"I knew I would die. I knew it." Her voice lacked every once of her pure joy. Khalil paced nervously.
"NO Theresa! You're not dying!"

She got up and put a hand on his shoulder. It passed through. She shied back in despair.
"I fear," Theresa replied flatly, "that we need our answers even more desperately then before." She was trembling with an unfelt cold.
"Then..." Jay rubbed her hands gently. Glad they stayed perfectly in place, "Let's go find them."
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