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The Sorting

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The Potter/Weasley Clan get a surprise at Lily Luna Potter's sorting.

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Potter, Lily was neither the first nor the last of the names called, but hers was the most intently watched and listened to out of all of the new first years' Sortings. She was, for Heaven's sakes, the youngest of the three Potters (not to mention the baby of the entire Potter/Weasley Clan) and the only daughter of The Boy Who Lived. So when the hat, never once touching her dark burgundy hair screamed "Slytherin!" it was just another only for her. She was the first Slytherin Potter ever. She was the only Slytherin Weasley ever. In fact, she was the only non-Gryffindor Weasley or Potter so far to have that hat placed on their red or black head in history, well, other than her brother Albus and her cousin Rose Weasley who had both been Sorted into Ravenclaw House two years prior, but this was different. This was Slytherin. She smiled a bit sadly to her brother James, who had always been her favourite, her protector from the bigger children, mostly Albus and her cousins, who teased her and called her a baby when she had bad dreams or played ‘fairy’ in the garden. But then she straitened herself and tried to remember that the Sorting Hat was forever right and she walked with genuine pride to her place at the Slytherin House Table.
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