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The Disowning

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Harsh words between family members.

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Her brothers and cousins confronted her in the school library where she was with another Slytherin first year girl who had long black hair and a face reminiscent of a witch who’s portrait hung near the entrance to the Potions Classroom who was always saying things like “Be nasty to the Mudbloods” and cackling. The two girls were hunched over each other’s History of Magic notes which they were comparing.
Molly Weasley glared at the other Slytherin girl saying "Bugger off!" and flashing her new, prized Gryffindor Prefect badge. Lily glared at her before whispering to the other girl that she would see her later in the Slytherin Common Room to finish studying for an upcoming pop quiz that they heard about from one of the fourth years who ‘found out’ about it in Divination. The group watched the other girl walk out of the library in a bit of a huff and looking a bit nervous about having a pop quiz so early in the school year.
“Who was she?” James asked Lily who was still glaring at Molly.
“Her name is Cassiopeiae Burke; she’s my best friend, other than Sashi.” Lily Luna replied fondly. But, her family’s response was not so fond at all.
"What the fuck do you think you are doing Lily Luna Potter!" yelled Albus, causing more than a few heads to turn towards where the noise had come from and brought forth an irritated snarl from the Hogwarts Librarian Madame Pince.
"Calm down Al.” James put a hand on his younger brother’s shoulder.
“Yes,” Rose agreed, “We are in a library; make your point but, this time, whisper.”
“Yeah, none of us want to desecrate Rose’s place of worship,” Joked Fred Weasley who’s Twin sister Roxanne covered her mouth so as not to snort loudly at her brother’s humour. Rose simply scowled back at her cousins.
“I’m not in control of which house I am meant to be in." Lily replied straining to keep her eyes dry and her smirk in place, “If I recall correctly, daddy said that Slytherin is not a bad house and that the bravest man ever was in Slytherin.”
"You could have chosen Gryffindor or Ravenclaw or even blooming Hufflepuff." whispered Albus, still a bit loudly.
Lily pretended to ponder this, in truth she was waiting for her mouth to work again, and then said carefully as not to break down in tears right there in front of the entire library and all her family still attending Hogwarts with her, "But brother dearest, I ruddy well hate the other houses. And you want to know why?" without waiting for a reply she continued quickly so as to finish soon so she could get to a girls’ room and lock herself in a stall quickly, "Those of you who are cats shed and snore; You birds poop all over everything and decide my hair is a good place to land and give birth, not to mention I don't find worms appetizing in the least; and Hufflepuffs are squidgy as chocolate cream cakes."
Lily then smiled at her speechless brothers and cousins and waved them goodbye as she skipped off immediately letting the tears run down her face once she was out of sight.
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