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The Wand II

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Lily's wand gets a Slytherin makeover.

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For Christmas Holiday, Harry brought young Lily Luna to get her wand decorated with the shape of a serpent on it. When she got it back from the street vender who had done the job she gasped with delight as her father smiled down at her gingerly but not without a note of pride in his eyes. The street-vender had outdone himself, most likely because he wanted to show respect to the Boy Who Lived and his family, but Lily did not care either way. She had her own true witch's wand which would stay by her side until death. Only when she was long dead would her secret be allowed to be revealed about the Thestral tail hair in her wand as it would either be the property of her family which could protect it from thieves or it would lay with her in her grave. It all depended on if she was defeated, murdered, or whatever else would cause a new owner to have claim to her wand, or she would die of old age, fever, or something else that would make sure her death was not by anyone else's hand and her wand was still hers even after death. The second was the more preferable as it meant safety for her family and safety for her, even though dead, self. But, yeah, the wand was gorgeous. The street-vender had moulded it so that there was a serpent coiled around the length of the wand. The vender had also carefully, as not to destroy the wand, fused two pieces of Yew wood too the tip of the wand. The pieces were shaped like the top and bottom of a serpent's jaw and had the tip of her wand acting like the serpent's tong in between them. The vender had also given the serpent scales made out of real silver that he himself had worked especially for Lily. He added to her and Harry before they left that the silver scales and the real emeralds he had used as the eyes of the serpent would act as a type of armour for her wand as Yew was a very powerful duelling wand.
Harry looked down at his excited daughter and said, "So...dress robes?"
Lily Luna Potter grinned up at her father and took his hand as she dragged him to get herself fitted.
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