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The Ravenclaw

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Lily lowered her wand, just a bit, and looked at the boy.

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Lily lowered her wand, just a bit, and looked at the boy. Blond, pale, grey eyes, male, Ravenclaw (he was reading Hogwarts, A History, and Lily knew almost no non-Ravenclaws other than her Aunt Hermione and Lily herself who had read the book in question). She remembered his face from when she was nine years old and Albus and Rose were starting their first years at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. She had been expecting to first meet this boy in the Great Hall or in the Dungeons during her first year. Much to her surprise, and to that of his family and the rest of Great Britain and Ireland's wizarding community, the only heir to the Malfoy Family Fortune was placed by the Sorting Hat into Ravenclaw. As if sensing that Scorpius Malfoy was not as much of a threat as she had expected, she let her wand hand fall and began to settle herself into the compartment across from the seat he was obviously occupying.
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