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Mikey and the guys arrive at the hotel and find out they have an uninvited guess which is Mikey worst nightmare.

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Fiona's POV

“Sure, my name’s Elena.”

“Wow, that’s a nice name!” I said, trying to be polite “Well thanks again for walking me up here, I really appreciate it.” I said and smiled at her. She made her way to the door, her hand on the door knob just about to leave.

I could feel relief coming as she was leaving, ‘feeew she didn’t find out who I was’ but my relief was premature. Frank burst through the door, making Elena stagger back and out of his energetic way.

“Fiona!” He hurdled towards me and I braced myself for his massive hug which was soon to come.

Frank jumped on top of me, knocking me down; slightly winded, engulfing me in a hug. “Oh my god, are you alright?! What happened?! You’re not hurt are you?! Oh my god! Oh my god! I wish we could have helped you!”

Frank paused and his worried and flustered tone soon changed to one of disappointment and sorrow. “I’m so sorry Fiona, I wanted to help you but Ray said I couldn’t, it would cause too much of a scene and you’d be exposed.” I finally hugged frank back when I caught my breath. I didn’t want him to feel upset about not helping me.

“I know Frankie, I know. Ray was right” I looked over Frank’s shoulder to see the guys coming in. I smiled at them but they were taken back by the position I was in “You couldn’t of helped me, I knew that and I’m glad someone had a leash on you, or we would have all been doomed.”

“Ray and Gee had to hold his arms back to stop him from running out.” Mikey said to me, laughing slightly. I laughed along, I could imagine the sight. Our happy moment was disturbed by Elena’s coughing…Oh no! Me and frank we still embraced so I buried my head in his shoulder not wanting to see the sight of the awful awkwardness and embarrassment of the typical fangirl scene which would soon unravel before me.

“Erm…Hi….Sorry but who are you?” Gerard said bluntly.

“I’m Elena” She said smoothly.

Maybe see didn’t know them? Frank let go of me to see who this mystery girl was. I saw Mikey turn rigid when his eyes landed on her. What was wrong with him? He looked like he’d just seen a ghost.
“Mikey, you okay man.” Frank questioned him obviously concerned as I was. He just nodded.

Mikey’s POV Rewind

My heart raced and plummeted as I watch Fiona go out into the mass crowd that awaited our arrival. I was scared for her, scared that this would be the moment that her life changed. If one person noticed her, that was it. Game Over.

The rest of the media would soon catch on, leaving her alone in a frenzy swarm of flashing lights and cameras being shoved into your face. This was the one downfall of fame, we could say what we wanted to say and help our fans but sometimes the media would twist our words. Like the Daily Mail incident. My fists clenched into balls. “Stupid fucking tabloids” I cursed under my breath.

I looked at Fiona, she was wobbling, something wasn’t right and I wasn’t the only one to notice.
“What’s wrong with her?” Gee asked to no one in particular.
I kept my eyes glued to her watching for anything and everything. Suddenly I saw her knees bend and her body fall to the airport floor.

I flinched and had to stop myself from going to her side then and there. Frank on the other hand was not as in control as I was. He dropped his bags and was preparing to jump to her but Ray’s hand came firmly down on his shoulder before he could pounce off and ruin our cover.

“Ray! Let me go! NOW!” he shouted while struggling in Ray’s grip. Gerard placed his hand upon Frank’s shoulder as well to help Ray with the squirming over-caring idiot. It broke my heart that I couldn’t go to her, to pick her up and cradle her in my arms, to cuddle her close and stop any pain but this was for the best.

I wouldn’t let her life be ruined by mine and Frank’s over bearing hearts and good moral. I looked back to Fiona only to see a woman with Black hair coming up to her and helping her up, this could be really good, or really bad.

“Guys shut up, things are happening!” I said shushing Frank.

“Who the hell is she?” Gerard said, voicing what everyone was thinking.

“I…don’t…know” I said, pondering on who is could possibly be. The woman helped Fiona up and walked her out of the airport.

“What the fuck just happened?!” Frank said exasperated from his frustration and confusion.

None of us could answer Frank’s question, we just stood there, our mouths hanging slightly open. Frank finally shook Ray’s and Gerard’s hand off him and picked up his bag before walking into the crowd, his head down all the way until here got to the cabs.

Two down 3 to go but so far so good I guess.

It was my turn now, I pulled my hood up and made sure my sunglass were on correctly before bracing myself to act as normal as possible. I took a step into the crowd and then another and then another continuing this pattern, staring at my feet until I felt the wetness of rain seeping through my hoodie. Thank god! I had made it through! I jumped into a cab and gave the driver the address.

“twenty pound tip if you can get me there quickly” I informed the cabby

“Alright you are, mate!” he said cheerfully while pressing his foot to the pedal.

I needed to see Fiona now; I needed to be with her now! I couldn’t sit still, I was so nervous for her. What if she was hurt? What if that woman had kidnapped her! What if the woman was a fan or worst…a fangirl! What if she recognised Fiona!? The taxi pulled up to the hotel, wow a twenty minute drive turned into a ten minute drive, I guess he earned the twenty pounds then.

“Thanks” I said while throwing him forty pounds “Keep the change”.

I swiftly grabbed my bags and got out of the taxi, making my way into the hotel and finding Frank at the reception desk.

“Hey, do you know if Fiona has checked in yet?” I asked Frank anxiously.

“Erm no, I haven’t asked yet, only just got here. How did you even get here so fast, I got here like a minute ago?”

“I just did okay? Now we need to find out if Fiona booked in or not, what if that crazy woman took her somewhere? What if she was a fangirl?” I watched at my words set into Franks’ mind.

“Oh shit.” Was all he could say, suddenly he started to ding the bell furiously causing a scared and panicked man run out from the back office to the desk, straightening his uniform as he did so.

“How can I-” He was cut off by Frank putting up a finger to signal him to shush.

“Cut the crap and tell us if someone has booked in under the name ‘Binks’”

“Why yes sir, about twenty minutes ago. ”

Frank and I relaxed instantly at his words.

“What’s got both of you in a huff and puff?” Gee asked while walking up to us.

“We were making sure Fiona was abducted by that woman who was obviously posing as an alien hungry for Fiona soul!” Frank said excitedly while waving his hands about.

“I see” Gee laughed but then composed himself back to seriousness. “Was she abducted by the alien then?” I could hear in his voice that he was worried.

“No she wasn’t, she booked in about twenty minutes ago.”

“Good, now all we have to do is wait for Ray and- speak of the devil here he is now”

Ray walked up, to us, we were all laughing at the sight of him, his afro was almost completely gone! He was soaking wet.

“Shut up guys it’s not my fault I had to wait for a taxi without an umbrella, some old woman stole my taxi!” He explained in an exasperated tone. We continued to laugh.

“Come on guys, I bet Fiona is wondering where we are by now?” I said once I caught my breath back from laughing.

We booked in and soon a race was declared between Frank and his stairs and Ray, Gee and I with the elevator. We ran towards the elevator as Frank did the same to the stays. We all mashed our fingers against the button trying to get the elevator down. “Come on, come on!” Gee said, being impatient as usual.

The elevator was here and we all crowded, getting slightly stuck at the door as we all tried to get in at the same time. We waited as the elevator when to floor 5, the doors opened as Frank reach the top of the stairs, everyone froze and stared at each other before making a final sprint towards room 509. Frank got there first and burst through the door.
“Fiona!” he shouted while running inside, we all made our sorry slow ass to the door and was met with the sight of Frank hugging Fiona, or well more like crushing her half to death.

“You couldn’t have helped me, I knew that and I’m glad someone had a leash on you, or we would have all been doomed.” I knew she wasn’t just speaking to Frank now; she smiled to all of us.

My heart could finally return to its normal pace, it had sped up due to the race that we just lost but I wasn’t sure she was fully save until I saw her.

“Ray and Gee had to hold his arms back to stop him from running out.” I said, laughing from the memory. She laughed too; it was good to see that what had happened in the airport hadn’t shaken her up too much.

I heard someone cough from the right of me, Frank and Fiona were still hugging, my eyes didn’t leave her, she seemed different, like there was something wrong, I saw her bury her head in Frank’s shoulder making me only regret not winning the race more, wishing that I was in Frank’s place

“Erm…Hi….Sorry but who are you?” Gerard said bluntly.

“I’m Elena” The mystery woman said smoothly.

I froze; ‘Elena’ that name haunted me slightly. Memories of a blue haired woman came flashing back. Memories are getting attacked my lips and then again when walking to get Fiona’s charm bracelet. I turned slowly to see if my suspicions were correct, was this really the blue haired girl who stalked him in America? My eyes met hers, the same piercing blue eyes I had seen before.

My heart pounded uncontrollably, Elena had helped Fiona out of the airport, but Elena was pure fangirl and Fiona was my girlfriend now. This couldn’t go well all I wanted to do was protect Fiona now, as a musician you always hear about those crazy fans that talk about killing your partner. Whether they really want to or would be willing to would be another question but I wasn’t going to risk it.

My body turned rigid as she smirked at me, yep defiantly her only this time she had black hair and only this time I couldn’t escape.
“Mikey are you okay?” Frank said from Fiona’s side.
No, I wasn’t okay, my worst nightmare was just beginning but I couldn’t exactly say that without raising anymore suspicion. I didn’t know how to respond, words defied me. All I could do was nod.

Oh my gosh, pure fluff I know but what I lack in "oopmh" I make up with quantity! :) I mean look how much it was! almost 2000 words excluding this part.
I'm now responding to all reviews, I really don't know why I didn't before and for that I'm so sorry! D: But if you look now I've responded so if you reviewed before you'll have a response!
Oh my gosh just wanted to say thank you thank you thank you because you're all so nice!
Thanks for reading, I hope you like the story so far! I'll take any suggestions! and I might do an audition soon so tell me if you want me to do one or not.
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