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Mikey explains the whole Elena situation with the guys but Fiona is suspicious and thinks Mikey and the guys hate her. Mikey and Fiona watch one of the best musicals ever!

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Mikey's POV

“Well, I better be going now” Elena said to all of us but keeping her eyes on me. She smiled to us and waved while she went through the door but not before she winked at me. I couldn’t do anything, I felt as if I was paralysed.

“Mikey?....Mikey are you okay?” Fiona said to me while grabbing my hand and squeezing gently. Her voice brought me out of my paralysed state.

“Oh yeah, Fiona I’m fine…I could ask you the same question, what happened to you in the airport?” She looked to her feet, her cheeks turning pink.

“I don’t know exactly, I was probably just nervous.” I gave her a hug to comfort her, at least they hadn’t recognised her.

“Fiona I need to talk to the guys about our upcoming gigs, why don’t you order some room service” I said while smiling at her, desperately trying to hide my panic.

“Okie Dokie” she said while skipping off into the other room like a 12 year old, I couldn’t help but smile at her.

“What’s up with the gigs?” Gee asked.

“It’s not about the gigs that was just one of my evil genius lies to get us alone”

“Why do you need us alone? We’re not gonna have some weird orgy are we?” Frank said while holding back a fit of giggles.

“Ew…no!” Gee, ray and I practically shouted back at him to which he put his hands in defence while still giggling, He was one weird boy.

“It’s about Elena and I rather not say this infront of Fiona, guys, so don’t tell her!”

“What’s wrong with Elena I thought she was nice” Ray said, seeming confused.

“She’s weird guys! She’s the girl that kissed me and put the condom and her details in pocket after that concert!” The guys staggered backwards slightly, their mouths hanging open.

“No way! She had blue hair, this one has black!”

“There is such a thing as hair dye, Frank! and I did think she was acting weird to Mikey”

“So what do we do Mikes?” Ray asked.

“I don’t know, she’s following me though, I highly doubt I’ll be able to escape her.”

“Guys, deep shit coming our way but…she knows what room we’re in” We all took a moment to process this information, this was every musicians nightmare.

“Look, all I want is for Fiona to be safe, I don’t want her anywhere near Fiona!” The guys nodded their heads in agreement; we weren’t going to let our lives affect Fiona’s

“We’ll have to keep an eye on Fiona then” Ray said, always knowing what to do in times of desperate measure.

“Thanks guys, it means a lot to me that you’re doing this for her” I said, feeling guilty that I was making them do this for her.

“No worries Mikes, she’s our friend now, if not our sister too!” Gee said putting his arms around me for comfort; I smiled at him, thanking him.

At that moment Fiona came in, her eyes grew wide at the scene, from her point of view it mustn’t have look good, the guys crowded around me, the sombre tension in the air and Gee’s arm around me. Her eyes darted to each one of our faces before she backed away and ran into our room. I ran my fingers through my hair and I made my way to our room. I

knocked on the door but got no reply, so I cautiously peeked my head in to see if she was alright. She was just sitting on the bed, looking down at her hands.

“Fiona…?” I ask, she didn’t rebuke my entrance nor did she accept it, she just sat there. I sat down on the bed next to her and stayed there in silence for a couple of moments.

“Mikey….What’s wrong?” I looked at her in shock, nothing was wrong, nothing that she needed to get involved with.

“Nothing’s wrong, why?” She continued to look at her hands which fumbled with her charm bracelet.
“I don’t know, I guess I was just scared after the way you all looked in there.”

“Why would you be scared-“

“Why would you look like that if it wasn’t bad?!” Fiona snapped at me, Finally meeting my eyes. She looked as if she was searching for something in mine, like an answer to an undying question. There was an awkward silence before she carried on. “I’m sorry, I just….I’m always scared that you’re going to end up hating me or something and then kick me to the curb.”

My mouth dropped open before I composed myself and wrapped my arms around her. “Fiona, even if I hated you I wouldn’t kick you to the curb but the thing is I. Will. Never. Hate you. Please understand that.” I explained to her as softly as I could while I pressed my forehead to hers. I stared into her brown eyes, desperately trying to understand why she would think such things but before I could clear search she averted her gaze back to her hands.

“So…What do you want to do for the rest of the day?”

“I don’t know” She shrugged “Maybe watch movies?”

“Defiantly, What do you want to watch?” I smiled at her.

“Okay okay, don’t get all big macho man when I tell you this, because you’re either watching it with me or you stay outside” She said giggling. ‘What have I let myself in for’ I thought while crossed my arms and giving Fiona a suspicious look which only added to her giggles.

“What do you want to watch?” I asked cautiously, somewhat scared by her Cheshire cat grin.

“Moulin Rouge!” She almost shouted at me with pure delight. My blind was brought up blank…What the hell was Moulin Rouge other than a strip club in France? Wait does she want me to watch a strip tease film?! No, she couldn’t be…Unless…No!

“Okay…What is it about?”

“You mean you’ve never seen it!?” She shouted at me again, almost leaping at him from where she sat. I shook my head.

“Okay okay okay! It’s about this man called Christian and he’s a writer, who is obsessed with idea of love but has never really been in love himself. He travels to France, which at the time was currently in a Bohemian revoluntion, to be apart of the revolution! He meets a gang of writers, writing on a play and they need a new writer so Christian sort of steps in-“

“Wait how does a person ‘sort of’ step in to do something?”

“He just does okay! You’ll understand when you watch it!” She said still blissfully smiling at me. It was hard not to smile at her, especially when she was explaining this; She seemed to be in her own little world. “Anyway so Christian, sings this perfect line! And he joins them to give a prep talk to Harold Ziddler and His ‘Diamond Dogs’”

“He has diamond dogs!? He not doing too bad for himself is he?”

“Mikey! Will you please let me explain.” I nodded for her to proceed but we were interrupted by Frank.

“I heard people say dogs…Why are you talking about dogs? You don’t have a dog in here do you? Guys seriously though…you would tell me if you had a dog in here, right?”

“Yes Frank, we have a dog in here, but your not allow to see him!” Fiona said with a devilish smirk on her face, I knew what she was up to but Frank on the other hand did not.

“What? Wait…What?! You have a dog in here? You’re joking right? Right?! Aww Fiona if there is a dog in here let me see him!”

“Frank there’s no dog…Fiona is being very cruel” I said putting Frank out of his misery, I looked at Fiona to which she pulled a tongue at me. Once Frank was gone she continued to explain the movie.

“The diamond D-O-G-S…” She spelt out dogs for fear that little Frankie’s heart would break of suspicion of us having a dog in here. “…Are Harold Zidler’s cancan girls! So Christian goes to speak to the most beautiful of them all, the courtesan, Satine. Then He sings and they fall in love but she thought that this was ‘The Duke’ who is the investor of Moulin Rouge who she was actually meant to fall in love with. Then the love triangle is formed and etcetera!”

“Wait what do you mean ‘etcetera’?”

“You’ll find out when we watch it!”

“Okay but one problem, we don’t have the DVD”

“We don’t need the DVD, it’s on tonight!” She shouted in delight again “Oh how my plan worked out perfectly!” We settled down on the bed together, starring at the wide screen T.V. waiting for the film to start. “Oh yeah and Mikey?” She said just as the open credits were coming on.


“It’s a musical!”


“Shh, it’s starting!” Oh great what have I let myself in for!

20 minutes later we were watching Nicole Kidman writhing on the floor which was…uncomfortable.

“Erm Fiona, what are we watching?” I asked confused at what this film was really about? It was set in the 19th century but had David bowie and nirvana songs in it and Nicole Kidman as a prostitute…

“Shh Mikey the best bits coming up!” Ewan McGregor started to sing Elton John’s song “Your Song” which he was pretty good at, he certainly had Fiona trapped, her eyes were glued to the T.V. never leaving his face and smiling and even mouthing the words all the while. I couldn’t help but smile either; she was like a teenager with a crush. Although I wasn’t that surprised Fiona sang all the words to all the songs.

We were now at the scene where the character Harold Zidler was singing “Like a virgin” by Madonna while men danced around them. My face must have been of pure delight to Fiona as she wouldn’t stop giggling.

“Oh god! Fiona, why is ‘The Duke’ chasing Harold Zidler, while he’s dressed as a nun?”

She burst out laughing then, she never did answer my question though.

We were near the end now and Christian was walking away from Satine. It had been so good up until here, I hated films with a sad ending! It couldn’t happen like that. Satine was meant to be with Christian until she died from her disease but that would happen until later on right? Christian couldn’t just give her up like that!

“Fiona? What happens now? She’s not going with the duke is she?” I could feel her grin.

“Someone is now very interested!” she said while giggling.

“Well… if you could please just tell me…”

“Just wait and see Mikey” She said quietly the smile in her voice had been removed.

I watched intently as Satine was made to carry on with the show as she watched her love walk away but suddenly Toulouse’s voice was heard shouting the line that had been repeated from the start
“The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.”
Satine started to sing the love song her and Christian had planned together to show their love to one another secretly. Christian carried on walking. Fiona was singing right from the start, her words perfect as Satine’s. This was so intense; I loved and hated it all! But Christian started singing and my hopes were lifted into the sun.

I could feel wetness in my shirt from where Fiona’s head was resting. Was she crying? I kissed her head and rubbed her arm for comfort. Surely she was crying from happiness, everyone was singing a melody of all the songs that had been sang before, Christian and Satine we together and the Duke just got punched in the face!

I smiled with glee at the happy ending but my happiness was premature. Satine was now dying, Christian holding her body on the floor behind the show curtain, a whimper and a small “No” escaped my mouth. Satine uttered her last words
“Tell our story that way I’ll always be with you”

I hadn’t noticed but I felt tears roll down my cheeks, I was crying! I heard a small sob come from Fiona’s lips as we watch Satine die, Christian crying over her dead body and the audience on the other side of the curtain still clapping none the wiser.

We stayed in silence as the end credits rolled on. After we had composed ourselves we finally decided to speak.
“Mikey…I…I love you, okay?” I smiled and nodded.

“That’s okay…as long as you know I love you too.” The film had made me realise that we never know when our true love is going to die and we can't plan our future, it made me realise that what ever time I had with Fiona and everyone I loved that it should be special and spectacular!
And with that we decided to go to bed for the night, the problems that had surrounded me before, forgotten.

Okay okay I know, fluffy but it's really long! and I just kind of narrated the whole Movie, Moulin Rouge but watch's amazing!
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