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Days Move On.

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Typical day for the band...or is it?

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I woke up next to Fiona who was still sleeping, it was 7am so I let her sleep a bit more, I tiptoed into the kitchen to find Gee sitting at the breakfast bar with some coffee. I went to make myself some coffee, Mmmm, coffee.

“So what are we doing today?” I asked Gee.

“We’ve got sound check at 3pm” He said not moving his eyes from the newspaper.

“Gee, you hate British newspapers and tabloids; Put it down before you get worked up because of something they say.”

“Yeah, I know” He says while sighing and putting down the newspaper “But how else will I know what everyone thinks of my fabulous hair?” He laughs while flipping his hair, I laugh as well.

There was a slightly awkward silence after we stopped laughing, I casually sipped my coffee trying to busy myself while one of us thought of something to say. After some more silence Gee finally spoke up.

“So what was happening last night? You went into your room, then 10 mintues later Frank goes in and then comes to me saying You and Fiona were being mean then about an hour after that I hear Fiona crying? Should I be worried Mikey?” His lips were in a thin line, I could only laugh though.

“What?!” He says, shocked that I’m laughing at his concern but I couldn’t help it.

“Nothing, you’re just so over concerned about me all the time!” I stopped laughing and carried on explaining hat had happened last night.
“Fiona and I were talking and then she wanted to watch a movie called Moulin Rouge and she was explaining something with dogs and it was like saying beetlejuice too many times, we said the word dogs too many times and poof there’s Frank thinking we had a dog in our room.”

Gee stared at me with a weird expression but I carried on explaining.

“The movie was really good, it had a song by David Bowie and Nirvana and who knew Ewan McGregor could sing like that?! I mean it was good but horrifically sad and that’s why Fiona was crying” I skipped the part about me crying, he didn’t need to know that…

“Okay then, I guess you’re okay then…” Gee said sipping his coffee.

“Erm I’m gonna make pancakes, you want some?”

“Yeah sure but I don’t know if we have the ingredients Mikey” Gee said while laughing at me. “Don’t worry bro, I’ll go down to the spar that I saw about 5 minutes away from here and then you can make your pancakes!” Gee said still laughing while picking up his jacket and walking out the door.

I went back into my room to get dressed while desperately trying not to wake Fiona; she had had a couple of exhausting days and I doubted it would get any lighter for her. All this touring and stuff had reminded me that I was hungry…speaking of food I heard Gee walk through the door. I rushed out of the room as quietly as possible and got to make the pancakes!

After making the pancake mix and a few failed attempts of flipping from Gee and I we had eaten at least 6 pancakes between us which hadn’t seemed to make a dent in our mixture so we decided to wake Frankie up! I thought I owed Frankie some of his own medicine! I bounded into his room Gee only steps behind me.

We both yelled as loud as possible while jumping on top of Frankie’s bed making him squirm and shout various cuss words! At that point Fiona had come in, her hair a tassled, gorgeous mess. She rubbed her eyes and smiled at me and Gee, we carried on but Fiona and something else up her sleeve.

She signalled for us to be quiet and come off the bed, we compiled hestatilly, only confused by what she had planned.
“Frankie the guys are leaving now” she said in a soothing voice.
Me and Gee just looked at her shocked by her betrayal but she rolled her hands and winked, showing that we should just go with it. I nodded and went along, it was weird how I just trusted her naturally like that.

“Okay frank, we’re leaving now!” I nodded to Gee for him to do the same.

“Aww but Mikey I don’t want to go!” he whined while pretending to walk away leaving Frank none the wiser of Fiona’s tricks.

“Okay Frankie there’s someone who wants to see you!” she said. He voice sounded like honey! Like angels! She sounds delighted by her plan coming along so well.

“I don’t want to see anyone! Tell them to leave” Frank moaned into his pillow.

“Okay I guess Jasper will be disappointed then!” she said only to then make cute little barking noises and then even weirder to lick Frank’s nose.

Frank sat bolt upright and shouted “OHMYGOD! YOU HAVE A DOG IN HERE DON’T YOU!?” Only for him to realise that there was no dog and to just sit there. Gee and I sniggered in the corner, desperately trying to hold back our fit of laughter but when Fiona burst out laughing we couldn’t help but join in! Frank’s face had been one of pure despair and remorse! It was like all his dreams and hopes had been crushed, which in Frank’s case was partly true.

“Aww Frankie it’s okay, you can have some of Mikey’s pancakes!” Fiona stated cheerfully and like a click of a button Frank was running to the kitchen…in his boxers. I walked over to Fiona and coverted her eyes as she just giggled at what she had just seen.

“Mikey, what are you doing? I’ve seen men in boxers before!”

“What?! You mean you’re not a one of those 23 year old virgins who ‘wait’ for the right man?!” I said acting shocked jokingly.

“You can’t talk lost your virginity at-” Gee said nonchalantly with a smirk plastering his face.

“Gee! She does not need to know that!” I said flustering my hands about at him making him shut up.

We all laughed and returned to the kitchen finding Frank with a pancake on his head. Only Frank could be left alone with pancake mixture and end up having it on his head. Gee went to wake up Ray, who had surprisingly stayed asleep during our commotion.

After a few more failed pancake flips we started to get ready for the day. “It’s 1:45pm now and we’ve got sound check at 3pm and it takes us 30 minutes to get to the place, so we have. 45 minutes to do anything we want. So the question is; what do we want to do?” Gee asked getting all serious and businessy.

“We could go shopping? Or see the sites?” Fiona suggested.

“What sites are in Manchester?” Frank asked, he obviously didn’t believe that there was much to see in the UK other than London.

“Well what about the Manchester eye?”

“What’s that?” Frank asked dumbly.

“It’s like the London eye, only smaller and it’s in Manchester?”

“We can’t do that, Frankie’s afraid of heights!”

“Shut up, guys. You’re all scared of loads of things! Gee afraid of needles! Make fun of him!”

“Hey! Don’t get me involved!” Gee said defensively.

“You guys! It’s now 2 o’clock! We have half an hour! Why don’t we go to sound check early and get it out the way?” I suggested.

They all agreed and soon we were off, Fiona said she would catch us later, she wanted to go shopping. After sound check we went back to the hotel, Frank and Gee stayed outside for a moment to smoke while Ray had gone to the little gift shop they had. I on the other hand went back up to the room to hopefully find Fiona but I found something much worst.

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