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Chapter 3

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Frank and Scout are alone in the bathroom while Scout patches up Frank.

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Well here is Chapter 3. :)

Chapter 3
Still Frank’s P.O.V

“Scout!” Mikey’s voice was covered in worry. He adjusted my arm and I groaned in pain. Looking at the ground I tried to catch my breath.

“What the fuck happened?!” I looked up and saw Scout staring at my arm. I gave a smile with a little wave. “Get him to the bathroom up stairs. I’ll try to patch him up.” They pulled me up the stairs with Scout trailing behind us. They sat me on the edge of the bathtub.

“He’s going to be okay right?” Ray seemed worried. At least someone is. I dropped my gaze down to the ground.

“No. He’s going to die.” Scout slammed the door on them. I giggled then covered my mouth. She shook her head and moved my hand. “You have a cute laugh.”

“Uh, ajfhjavhju.” She laughed. She took hold of the knife that was still stuck in shoulder. Placing her hand on my mouth, she yanked the large pocketknife out. I clenched my teeth making a sharp intake of breath.

“I’m sorry.” I nodded. She stood awkwardly. “I, uh, need you to take off your shirt and jacket.” She blushed lightly. I stood up, inches from her, and slipped my jacket and shirt off. Both of her hands were on my chest. Lowering me onto the edge again, she inspected my shoulder.

“So, um, do you play any instruments?” She nodded not moving her eyes. “Cool what one?” She lightly brushed my cheek with a cloth. I became a tomato.

“I use to play piano and guitar but Gerard told me no more. And I don’t think you noticed but your cheek is cut.” Her cheeks turned a little red too. She moved closer until our lips were centimeters apart.

“You’re so beautiful.” I said that to myself. She giggled. “I said that out loud didn’t I?” She nodded. I mentally face-palmed myself.

“Thank you.” She was looking at me, hands on my thighs. I went to move my arm and I realized it was wrapped up. “No one has called me beautiful or even pretty in a while.” She gave a small smile.

“Not even Gerard?” She put a bandage on my face before returning her hands on my thighs. “It should be a crime not to tell the truth! I mean has he looked in your eyes and seen the swirl of gray. Your eyes talk more then your voice does. You have the perfect body. You have perfect skin, eyes, lips.” Red invaded her cheeks. I leaned forward. My lips met hers in a soft kiss. She kissed me back lightly. I moved my hand, which is not injured, and placed it on her cheek. I took my other arm and pulled her closer to me. I felt her tense when my hand stayed on her waist. She put both hands on the back of my head, forcing the kiss to become deeper. I moved my hand from her cheek to her back.

“Frank, don’t.” She yelped in pain. I let confusion clearly show on my face.

Scout’s P.O.V

“Frank, don’t.” He put his hand over my freshly formed bruise. I focused on his Misfits tee. I pulled his hands away from my body. “I can’t. I mean don’t get me wrong I liked the kiss its just….”

“You’re dating Gerard.” I looked up at him. His confusion turned into sadness. “Why are you even dating him? He is a total ass from what I met.” He motioned to his arm. I gasped.

“Gerard did this to you?” He nodded and threw his shirt to the side, exposing his entire arm. I let my hand trail from his shoulder to his wrist. He quickly moved for his jacket. “I’m guessing he didn’t do that to you.” I leaned back against the tub. He shook his head. Frank moved for the door but I stood in front of it and turned the lock. “Why?”

“Please move out of my way.” His jaw clenched.

“Why do you do this? Please tell me.” It was weak. I moved my hand to his wrist and slowly went over 5 bumps. He sighed.

“My family is at a sort of down slope. No money and my father is always on business trips. So my mom drowns herself in liquor. No one cares if I’m gone for hours on end or even admitted in the hospital.” I looked down at the ground.

“I do.” I mumbled hoping he would hear. He chuckled.

“You’re someone else’s, not mine.”

“I know but I can’t break up with him. I’m trying to make him stop everything. I want to see the old him.” A tear fell down my cheek. Frank cupped my face and kissed the tear.

“I don’t think after 3 years the old him is coming back.” I looked at him confused. “Ray.” He gave a small smile. I couldn’t help but smile back. He made the biggest grin I have ever seen and I laughed. “You’re so cute.” My face grew hot. “Damn it!” He looked away but not before I saw his face getting red too.

“Um, we better go down stairs. They will start to think of things that we could be doing.” I moved from the door and unlock it. He threw on his hoodie. He wrapped is arms around my stomach. I yelped in pain again. He pulled away quickly. “Fuck!” I opened the door so Frank couldn’t ask any more questions.

“Oh and were. What we were doing.” He gave a sly smile before trailing down the stairs. That’s when it hit me.

“I kissed Frank.” I whispered. I smiled and followed after him.

I think I might be moving to fast. But I don't care. Hope you enjoyed it ^.^
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