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I would kidnap Frank, and then make Gerard choose between killing me or his new lover.

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I sat in my car, watching as Gerard left the building. I could see him looking everywhere for me, he was terrified. He probably figured out that I hadn't intended on killing him in my apartment, he knew I had a plan. He probably thought I was going to go after Frank. And he was right.

I wasn't going to go right away, I would let everything calm down first. Let Gerard think everything was over. Then when he least expected it I would pounce. I would kidnap Frank, and then make Gerard choose between killing me or his new lover.

As I walked back to my suite, I couldn't stop thinking about how fool proof my plan was. Obviously Frank didn't mean that much to him, or else he wouldn't have come to see me in the first place. And, if he really didn't care about me, then why was I still alive today? I knew that if faced with the decision, Gerard would pick me over whatever that guys names was..

When I stepped into my hotel room, I was instantly reminded of what had happened here. There was no evidence of anything, but I could still feel his presence. I walked to the bedroom, and found his bloody shirt laying on the bed. I just rolled my eyes.

I picked it up and threw it in the trashcan. I would take care of it later. I sat down on my bed, looking around the room. I smiled, knowing I wouldn't be staying here much longer. Soon, Gerard's new friend would be dead, and the two of us could leave together. I wouldn't have to worry about the stupid thugs who I currently had a contract with. What would they do, send someone to kill me?

I was the best in the world, no one can kill me.

I couldn't wait for what's-his-face to be out of the picture. Then Gerard would see that, in fact, he really did love me. He just didn't realize it because he was blinded by lust. There was no doubt in my mind that Gerard didn't love me.


I was furious. How could he let this happen? I swear, Joe was the worst watcher ever. He couldn't do anything right. He practically lets Gerard nearly stab him to death and then he calls me saying that Gerard is coming to visit. Then, he has to go to the hospital, where he practically being detained by the doctors.

I should have known those stupid thugs in the warehouse district wouldn't have a good watcher. They didn't even have any good shooters working for them, except me of course.

I needed Joe to be at Gerard's apartment ten minutes ago, watching him. But instead he is lying in a hospital and won't be released until much later. If I could, I would kill him.

“Joe, I want to know everything. I want to know when he's in his apartment, when he's in his friend's apartment, and for how long. All of this is crucial information. Without it, my whole plan could be jeopardized! So, I don't care if you need to break into his apartment, I need you to have eyes on him at all times.” I practically screamed into the cell phone.

“I said I would plant some cameras as soon as I'm out of the damn hospital! The stupid nurses won't let me leave yet. They want to be sure I'm healing fine.”

I sighed, “Whatever. Call me as soon as you get out, and then call me again once you've actually set up the cameras.” I hung up. I was so furious at him, I almost threw my cell phone across the room.

He said it wasn't his fault, that Gerard had attacked him. I just shook my head. He could have prevented getting stabbed. The only reason I wasn't going to murder him was because the person who took him to the hospital was Gerard's new lover boy. Joe, being smart for once, told him that Gerard stabbed him.

I really hoped lover boy was disgusted. I hoped he got into a huge fight with Gerard about everything. Then it would be so much easier for Gerard to kill him, and the two of us could be happy together.

I sat down on the couch. I just prayed that Joe was released soon. I knew I should have told him to install cameras right away. I didn't think I was going to need them. I should have known better. This was Gerard we were dealing with. Everything he knew he had learned from me, which made him the second best in the world.

I wasn't worried though. I knew he would make a mistake. Soon enough, everything between us will be gone, and we can just focus on being together and taking over the world.
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