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The Mysterious Boy

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Frikey! Gerard and Frank become good friends. Soon enough Frank discovers the other quiet Way brother. Stupid title, I know.

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So this is my new story. I really hope you will enjoy. I couldn't think of a better title and that's all I could come up with. Anyway, read on please!

Chapter one
Frank's POV

It was my first day of school at Belleville High and well, really it didn't start off quite good. First of all, it was lashing rain and I had to walk from my apartment my parents bought over the weekend. Resulting in me being late and having to show up in the middle of class having the full attention of all the bored students and being drenched from the rain. Then, of course, I was given a crappy locker which still unfortunately was big enough for me to fit. I know that for a fact because I was shoved into it by the jocks of course. I did finally get out, after alot of rattling with the, already broken lock. It could've been worse. I could be getting beaten up by them like that poor Freshman I saw outside while I was passing the fire exit door at the back of the class. I would help him honestly. But I just couldn't take much more humiliation on the first day. Okay, that really isn't fair. The poor kid probably gets it all the time. But I don't and I'm not going to start.
So as fast as I could, I got out of there and entered the canteen to buy myself and veggie burger. I saw a guy with black, messy hair wearing an Iron Maiden shirt. He wa sitting by himself drawing, I think. So I decided to head over to him.

"Hello!" I greeted him a little too eagerly for a Wednesday I should just leave right now. He looked up at me with curious and wary eyes while covering his sketch pad.
"H-Hey." He replied unsure of how to take my hyper-active mode.
"Look, I'm new here. And I don't know a single person so can I just hangout with you?" I ask a little desperately breaking my cool.
He glances around as if to look for someone and then nods slowly.
"I see you like Iron Maiden. They're awesome!"
"Yeah I love them. I see you like The Misfits." He points at my bag, a little more relaxed.
I nod.
"I'm Frank by the way." I inform him waiting for his name.
"I'm Gerard. You're in my maths class aren't you?"
"Possibly. I dont pay attention at all". He chuckles a bit.
"Well I remember someone bursting through the door like they just ran 5 miles in the rain"
"Yes" I say guiltily. "But a little less than 5 miles though." I add.
"Do you wanna ditch next class after lunch? I have to find my brother and you could keep me company." He asks awkwardly at the end.
"No way am I going to reject that offer! So whats you brother's name?"
"Mikey. He's a Freshman"

We spent the rest of the lunch talking about concerts and bands and loads of stuff until the bell rang. We jumped up and quickly made our way through the crowd. I had no idea where we were going but the more we walked, the more panicky Gerard was getting. What are doing?
"Am... Gerard, where exactly are we going?" I asked a little concerned of his fast walking pace which was beginning to turn into a bit of a fast jog.
I didn't receive a reply.

The crowds had cleared and moved onto class as Gerards phone beeped as we stood outside some lockers. As he read the message I was on the look out for teachers coming.
He gave a sigh of relief and then we just strolled down the corridor, out the fire escape and into a field behind the sheds outside the gym. We lay down in the grass and then I finally broke the long silence.
"What was that all about?"
"Uhh... My brother. I was just wondering where he was." He looked away, obviously not wanting to talk about it. So I didn't push on it.

By the end of the day, I was really glad to have Gerard as a friend. He was thoughtful and didn't seem to take any shit from the jocks.
The next two classes of physics and business passed by slowly as I anxiously anticipated the end of the strange, yet kind of fun day.
At my locker, I was surprised as Gerard popped up beside me and almost gave me a heart attack.
"Jesus, Gerard! Don't do that or I'll... rip up your sketch pad, full of your fantastic drawings of vampires" I thought it was a very good threat!
"Hey. How did you find that? It was in my bag." A look of horror stretched across his face.
"I may have taken a little sneak peek." I say as innocently as possible, looking around.
He gasped dramatically. "I don't think I can trust you now!" he said in mock sadness. "And I was even going to invite you over someday." He continued.
"I'm so sorry Gerard. Please forgive me?" I exaggeratedly pleaded.
"Fine." He sighed. "so do you wanna come over this Friday? You can stay the night if you want." He asked.
I nodded my head very excitedly. "Definitley! I can't wait."
He smiled, then glanced at his watch. His eyes almost popped out of his head.
"Shit Frank. I have to go home now. I will see you tomorrow I guess?"
"Sure" I replied, not knowing whether to ask him was he okay or leave him go as I saw the look of worry and concern take over his face.
He rushed off, downstairs.

I went home quite happy. Probably happier than most school days because now I had found a friend. And I was even more happy because he had invited me over. I fell asleep pretty quickly after running through the events of the day in my mind.


I really hope you liked it. It wasn't a great first chapter but Mikey will be in the next chapter and hopefully it will be better. This was sort of like a prologue I guess. Please do rate and review and I will love you!!!
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