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Chapter 2

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I hope you enjoy this chapter! Mikey finally enters it!!!

Chapter 2

Thursday quickly passed by, me learning more about Gerard. We talked about bands, people we hate, family. That was one topic he was fairly quiet on. He had mentioned he had brother already but he didn't say much about him or the rest his family. But I just let it go. I didn't want to push it on him and force him. We shared a good few classes on Friday according to our timetables which I was very happy with. I didn't know anyone else and the looks of everyone else, I didn't want to.
I couldn't wait for this evening. I was going to Gerard's. I hadn't been invited anywhere really besides my grandfathers funeral which well... Wasn't very exciting.
Lunch came round, slowly but surely and I went to the table I had found Gerard at the very first day. I sat beside him and we planned what we would do for the night. Picking movies, ordering pizza and scaring the crap out of ourselves watching scary films. It was going to be a great night. Gerard took out his phone and read a text I think. He sighed sadly and replied to it quickly.
"Everything okay?" I asked concerned.
It seemed that I snapped him out of his thoughts and he looked up a little surprised.
"Uh... y-yeah. It's fine."
"You sure?"
"Yeah. It's grand" he replied obviously hiding the problem he didn't want me to know. So I decided to stay out of it.
As the bell rang we rushed to our lockers and then to our Classes. I headed to music and he went to art.
At the end of the last class Gears and I met up outside the school at the wall.
"Hey. Ready?" He asked getting his keys from his pocket.
"Yup. let's go." I said excitedly. Maybe a bit too excited.
Gerard sped off down the road, cutting through each junction and driving past stop signs.
"Jesus, Gerard. Slow down or we're gonna get pulled over."
"Hey. I've never got caught before so it's not like I am now." He chuckled.
He pulled into a bungalow and we got out. It looked a little run down but a home none the less.
We walked up to the door. We went in and he headed quickly up the stairs so I followed him closely wondering what was the rush. We went into a small, dim-lighted bedroom with posters of awesome bands covering the walls and discs and bands Tees covering the floor. It was a really cool room.
"Sorry for the mess. I haven't cleaned it in ages. Oh, I just have to check something I will be back in a second." he said.
"No problem." I replied sitting on his bed looking through a DVD case full of horror movies.
I kinda wanted to know where he was going. Well really I just wanted to see the rest of his house but I stayed put.
Gerard returned a little angry looking but he put on a small smile so I just ignored it.
"So you wanna start watching some movies? I've got crisps in my drawer." He asked, opening a drawer filled with bags of crisps.
"Sure. Can we watch Nightmare On Elm Street first please?" I begged like a little puppy. It was a little skill I had to get what I wanted. It always worked on my parents!
"Okay Frankie, just for you." he smiled sweetly.
"I like that name. You should call me that instead."
He laughed a small bit and then agreed.
A couple of hours later, I sprawled out on the floor and Gerard was hanging upside down of the bed like a bat. That's kind of what he reminded me of. Not in a bad way though. I liked bats.
"Hey. Where's the bathroom?" I asked suddenly realising the need to go.
"Second door on the right" he said.
I jumped up and walked out the door. I went to the door but before entering, I heard sobbing coming from inside. I waited a second before knocking.
The sobbing stopped and it sounded like someone was tidy something up quickly while sniffling a bit. I stood back from the door waiting for it to open. And when it did, I was stunned with what I saw. A boy, a few years younger than me came out with his head bowed towards the floor, wiping his eyes. He was wearing a grey beanie and had little tufts of sandy-brown hair coming down from underneath it. He mumbled a 'sorry' very quietly and he waked past me quickly. Before I could reply he had shut a door behind him which I guessed led into his room. I kind of wondered what he was sorry about. He didn't even do anything. I entered the bathroom, noticing a can of beer under the sink. Not quite hidden as I'm sure was intended. I really hope it didn't belong to the kid. He was way too young to start that shit.

I walked back to Gerard's room with so many questions buzzing around in my mind. But I couldn't really ask if his brother was drinking! That would be way too much at one time. I wasn't even sure if this kid was Mikey. I kind of guessed he was though.
"Um... I think I saw your brother." I say slowly not sure if I should have brought this up at all.
He looked at me with worried eyes. "Oh uh... Cool. Was he alright?" He replied concerned. So Gerard might know that he was upset. Should I tell him he was crying?! What if he doesn't know? Then he would be all worried. Although by the look his face he is already worried by the length of time it has taken me to reply.
"Uh... Y-yeah. I think so. Why?" I ask trying to find out why exactly he would be sad.
"Well. I was just wondering." he says slowly. Maybe I shouldn't have lied. I should tell him that I saw him crying and he didnt look very good. But what if Mikey would be mad. I think I will just leave it. I shouldn't though. Maybe I could talk to Mikey tomorrow.
"It's just-" Gerard continues. "Mikey is really quiet and he gets bullied a lot and I just don't want him to be hurt. I care for him too much." Gerard sighs heavily.
"Oh, Well maybe I can talk to him later?" I offer trying to help. I don't like to see any kid suffering.
"I doubt you will get anything out of him. He barely talks to me even."
"Gerard... How come earlier you came in looking kind of angry?" I ask taking this as my chance as we are on what will be a very touchy topic.
"I-uh... I don't really want to talk about this right now." He looks away staring at the T.V. screen where the movie had been paused.
"Okay, just know you and Mikey an talk to me whenever you want." I smiled sympathetically at him, hoping to cheer him up a bit.
"Thanks Frankie. You're a really good friend." He said as his eyes glazed over with tears.

Suddenly we heard the blasting of Anthrax from outside Gerard's room. Probably Mikey. Gerard got a but panicky.
"Frank that doesn't sound very. He usually blasts his music when he is really mad. He ends up trashing his room and pulls down posters and punches in the wall. I'm gonna go talk to him okay?" He said urgently, getting up and heading over to the door. I wanted to help but Mikey didn't even know me so what help would I be at all?!
Eventually Gerard returned after some heavy sobs and the sound of glass breaking.
"I think he's okay now but um... Is it okay if he sleep on the couch in here?" He asked. Why the hell is he asking? It's his room. I have no problem.
"Of course. I don't mind at all!"
Gerard comes into the room closely followed by Mikey who has cuts and bruises all over his face and a black and purple eye under his glasses. I've seen him before!
He was the kid who was getting beaten up on Wednesday. I really should've helped. I was there. He even saw me!
"Hey" I said casually to him hoping for a reply. Instead I receive a stunned look on his face. Nobody probably talks to him so what should I expect? I can't just act normal around a kid who has received probably the worst beatings and horrible names.
Gerard whispers something to him and he goes to settle down on the old couch in the corner of the room. Gerard comes over to me and sits down beside me.
"We're gonna watch a few horror movies if you want to come over here Mikey" Gerard offered.
Gerard looked over to him and got a light nod of his head.

Mikey stayed on the couch all night. I looked over at him a couple of times. He lay there with his eyes closed. He was kind of cute. No actually he was beautiful. The way his jawline clicked perfectly in place with his top teeth, the way his glasses would slowly slip down to the end of his nose, the way his beanie only revealed little short strands of his straight hair but the way he flinched whenever he heard a scream from the movie or the clap of thunder outside made me feel so sorry for him. It showed me just how nervous he was. So easily frightened. It made me wonder what really went through his mind. But I know I would never experience Life as bad as he has. That's why I wanted to help him.
I want to help that mysterious boy.

Gerard soon fell asleep on the floor when I had previously moved up to his bed for a change and after many thoughts of Mikey and how to help him, I fell asleep.


Hello again! I hope you liked this chapter. I feel this is the beginning of the story and we see just the bare depth of Mikey's life. Please leave a review of what you think and please rate it. Thanks for reading. Also I am going to leave the rest of this story in Franks point of view. Have I already mantioned that in the last chapter? I think so but anyway...
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