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Chapter 15

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As I looked at him I realised how much this must be hurting him.

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"There is a new horror movie out to day. Fancy going to HMV and buying it?", asked Gee as we sat at the breakfast table.
"Sure", I replied. I didn’t really feel like talking this morning. Last night, I had got up to go for a piss but when I got to the toilet, I had a huge coughing fit. Blood was coming up and everything. But Gerard didn’t know that. He had slept through the whole thing.

"We'll get popcorn and Monster as well! We can turn our room in to a cinema!", laughed Gee, swirling the contents of his bowl with his spoon.

I smiled weakly at him before I looked up and watched my dad sort through that days mail.

"Bill, Bill, Bill...",he muttered under his breath.

"Lots of Letters for Bill, then", yawned Gerard.

"That was awful, dude...", I mumbled.

My dad found a letter that wasn't a bill, and started to read it quizzically. His eyes scanned the page quickly.

"What you got there, dad?", I asked, putting my finished bowl in the sink.

Dad mumbled something, but I didn't understand him.

"It say‘s the date of you‘re operation", piped up dad in better volume.

"W-When is… it?", I asked quietly.

"A week from now", my dad said, flatly.

I froze. I thought the operation was going to be weeks away, months even. To find out it was so close, terrified me. I suddenly felt very sick.

I moaned and pulled my self up stairs. I heard Gee sigh, before cleaning away is bowl and spoon, and following me up the stairs.

I went into my room and sat down on the bed. Gerard entered soon after.

"Frankie… you… eh… okay?", said Gerard slowly.

I put my head in my hands, "What if I die Gee?"

"Don’t think like that Frankie!", said Gerard. He sounded as scared as I was.

"But what if I do Gee?"

I heard him gulp. I bit my tongue to stop my self from getting teary.

Then he reached out and grabbed my hand.

"Frankie… I love you. We will get through this."

I looked up at him. He had tears in his eyes. As I looked at him I realised how much this must be hurting him. To see me, getting sicker and sicker. I hadn’t really been thinking about how he felt at all since I’d been diagnosed.

"I love you too Gee", I chocked out. I was nearly crying again.

He then put his arms around me and held me. Then the tears started to fall again.
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