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Chapter 16

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It was 8 in the morning. My operation was today. I stared at the receptionist. She looked kind, but was obviously a perfectionist. Her blonde her was pulled back in to a bun, not a hair out of place. Her nail were plain, but perfectly manicured. She smiled at us as we walked over.

"Hello. What is the name?", she asked cheerily.

"F. Iero" Said my dad.

The receptionist began to type it into her computer.

"Ah, yes! Just go down that hall and up the stairs to floor 2 and then turn to the left for the X-ray rooms. When you get there knock on door 7. They should be ready for you"

I heard Gee gulp. He was acting as nervous as I was...

"Why do I need another X-ray?!", I asked, slowly.

"They need to see exactly where the abbess is.", said my dad.

As we stepped out the lift, I was shaking. I tried to calm myself down as we walked to door 7. My dad knocked on the door once we got there.

"Come in!", said a man’s voice. We did so.

"Right, Frank Iero is it? Here for a chest X-ray?", he said quickly.

My dad nodded for me.

"Okay Frank", said the doctor, looking at me, "Could you please remove any metal objects, such as watches and jewellery as they might appear on the picture and cause confusion."

I took of my watch and gave it to my dad.

"Thank you. Now could you please put this hospital gown on."

The doctor, my dad and Gee stepped out of the room as I got changed.

I wasn’t really scared of getting this X-ray. It didn’t hurt or anything. But I didn’t want to think about what was coming after…

I went to the door to tell them they could come back in.

"Now, if you could just stand behind that screen.", said the doctor.

I moved to stand where he told me. As I did, my dad, gee and the doctor moved behind another screen. This made me feel oddly alone.

"Stand still, please", he said.

There was a flash and it was over.

"Okay. You need to go down to the operating theatre now. I will give this to the surgeons once its done. Some one should be here in a minute to escort you.", as the doctor said it there was a knock at the door. It opened to reveal a large man with a hospital bed behind him.

"I’m here to escort Frank Iero to the operating theatre."

Me, Gee and dad moved towards the door. Then I climbed into the bed. It felt horrible to have to be wheeled about everywhere. I began to feel more and more like an invalid.

Then we got to the theatre. I began to panic, My breathing was getting faster and faster.

"Calm down son, It‘ll al be over before you know it", my dad smiled weakly.

"Hello Frank", said a woman, "I’m an anaesthesiologist. I’m going to give you some medicines which will make you go to sleep. Okay?"

I nodded.

"This might sting a bit.", she then put a needle in the back of my hand. I didn’t feel it at all. It suddenly felt harder to breath and the next second I was asleep.
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