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pokemon white x digimon frontier

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Since i love the vido game pokemon white and love the show digimon frontier i will be make a story of them both together as one so um mean comment aren't allowed so say some thing nice ...

Category: Pokemon - Rating: G - Genres: Romance - Published: 2012-04-12 - Updated: 2012-04-13 - 352 words

Mystery person - you will to meet someone important someone you love you may remember him you may not those i't been a long time since you two last saw one another and you maybe you to will get married who the future is up to you to good luck.

White pov-I woke up this moring about to yell on the top of my lungs it was because of that dream put it was differentit was a voice telling me something someone i love well i do love someone but i can't remember what his name and what he look like but i still love him even if it was a dream or not i still love him since but to hard to remember everything that happened but whatever.I went to my bag to get my pokemon snivy out of it poke ball i would have sent snivy and snow my glaceon i got it from lyra in a pokemon egg as a eevee is what it was when it hatch so i called her snow because when she hatch it was snowing so her name is snow and the only reason she don't come is when she had use ice beam on cheren for try to kiss me and she got mad then he move to somewere thank to snow i don't get to see him and i'm happy for that.So i called snivy out and told her about the dream and she told me to go see lyra,dawn,sapphire and blue because the can talk to pokemon to one and the only reason snivy said that is because she know i will go crazy and lose my mind or she what to see her girl friends so i got up took a shower and called them go thing they were doing anything so we a going to meet at the poke cafe to talk about that dream and i been here for five minutes man what take they this long they said that they would be here before me what the earth is going on to day.
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