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digimon frontier

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Ok so this is when takuya has the same as white but he don't know that until i make a chapter of when they see each on another please rate and comment takuyaxwhite/hilda

Category: Pokemon - Rating: G - Genres: Romance - Published: 2012-04-13 - Updated: 2012-04-13 - 552 words

Takuya pov-I woke up this moring well i really fell out of bed from that dream then my phone started ringing it was zoe now why she calling me i don't know don't care i answer my phone and said "moring brat" then she said "oh whatever what you need to do is hurry to the soccer filed for tommy game remember dum head" i slap my forhead and put my phone down got dress grab my phone and told zoe that i'm on my way.I ran out the house to the field then i think i saw a bright light i don't know what i was trying to make for tommy game and i did make right before it started i told tommy good luck and he said ok and run on the field to his team and that strange light appeared again but nothing should be happening in the digital world can there like it only been three week after we save the digital world so nothing should be happening i think i seeing think maybe that maybe it that dream i had well whatever was the case i need to relax this no time to be worried about i just need to relax so i when to go sit next to zoe and kouji zoe boyfriend finaly they both had a crush on each other but was to scared to tell the other on sometime zoe try to tell me to go get a girlfriend i told a thousand times that i love someone thst i for got what she looks like and what her name so now zoe trying her best to get me a girlfriend i wish she could stay out my life.I sat next to kouji cousin kouchi he somewhat help safe the digital world we both said hi then that light came again but this time a werid mouse look thing came out of it and look at me and it smile to then back at the soccer field it look at tommy then me and back at tommy and i ask kouchi if he see that eif i was seeig thing maybe i was so i said nevermind then it got worse not only did kouchi i was crazy but that mouse had hurt tommy during the game either that mouse i try to tell me something or it but some power in that soccer and hit tommy in the leg or hearing zoe scream for no reason but it has to be tommy getting hit in the leg with a soccer ball and zoe screaming for a reason the mouse look thing hit tommy in the leg with the soccer ball full speed and zoe screaming for a reason i look at the mouse then it look at me i think it told me to follow it and i did not knowing that zoe,tommy,and the other three behind me jp holding tommy and when i got up with the mouse i ask why i did that the mouse said "you don't remember me do you takuya" them i ask how i know my name the he said something and next thing i knew i was falling in the sky and that when i know that they were following me.
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