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White werid day

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This on is when she at the poke cafe with her friends not the boys the girls and she a pokemon that not from her world so um if u didn't read the others chapters don't read this one until you do.wi...

Category: Pokemon - Rating: G - Genres: Romance - Published: 2012-04-13 - Updated: 2012-04-14 - 448 words

White pov-I sat at the cafe for 10min until they came in i ask "What took ya so long ya said that ya would be here 3min it been 10min when ya said that and i want a answer know" lyra went first "I ethan wouldn't let me go until i told him were i was going the i lie and said that i had to meet sapphire before i get hurt then he let go and said ok he so cute when he say that."I almost passout then i ask dawn what took her so long she said "I was on my way but lucus had stop me so he can ask me a question that all."then i ask "What was the question?"she said "It was um (blush)were did i get fire from that all." I know she wasn't tell the true but i don't have all day for her so then i ask blue what took her so long she said"Boy problems" then i said "With who."She said "Red and Green were fighting of me so i beat both of them up."i gave het a high five and before i could ask sapphire what took her so long she said "Ruby ask me out and i told him yes."I froze for 5sec and told her "I about time that happen what took him long to said that."They all said "10years." (Wow)then i said "I called ya over here because i had that dream again and i don't know what it means."So i told them what had happen then the boys walk in i look at ruby then he said "What did i do." I said "I took you 10years to ask her that question like really." Ruby look at sapphire who was try to hide then ethan started talking to lyra about so thing lucas was whispering something to dawn and red and green sat there butt down until i said "I heard that you got ya butt kick by a girl again."Then they try to hide until a werid pokemon showed up but no one the cafe could see it but us i told us to go outside and we did somehow and my litte brother black came not asking a question but out of breath why i don't know then the the werid pokemon began to talk"Do you remember me white." We all jump and i said "No i don't and how do you know my name." It smile then a weird light showed and next thing we all knew that we were falling and i could see othet people falling .
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