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Dog Days

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Lucille receives an unmarked box.

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Chapter Sixteen:
I woke up the next morning, my head heavy with the rest of a good night sleep; the first one I've had all week. Was it because I was so tired or that Gerard had come back?

The thought of Gerard brought back memories of last night and the conversations. I remembered how he chose to answer the questions; always trying to take the easy path.

It was a Saturday which meant I had nothing to do all day unless Jessie decided to annoy me. I threw my hair up in a messy bun and slipped on a loose white t-shirt over my black tank-top.

The doorbell rang, something that didn't surprise me anymore since I arrived at Barlow. I brushed a stray hair away from my face as I opened the door, still only half awake.

"Hello?" I called but no one was there. Nothing was there except a brown box on the door step. I raised an eyebrow and brought the box inside, which was only slightly heavy.

I figured it was just another package for my parents or something. But then the box barked.

"What the hell?" I said, opening the box. In the box were four little puppies, they had to be about a month old. They were all barking and whimpering.

I debated on sending those puppies on their way, I didn't have the time to deal with little puppies but I couldn't help but feel sorry for them.

There were four in all and there were two different types of breeds. Two were Dalmatians and two were Dobermans. There were two girls and two boys.

I had no clue what I was going to do with these dogs, but I also couldn’t just run them off. They would get killed in those woods. So for the next hour, I took my time naming the four dogs. I named the male Dalmatian, Spot and the female Missy. I named the male Doberman, Duke and the female Lady.

The doorbell rang again, causing all the puppies to go wild. I waved my way though the barking dogs and opened the door.

"Hey Lucille. What’s up with all the barking?" Ray asked, raising an eyebrow.

"I'll tell you only if you don't kill them," I told him.
Ray rolled his eyes, “We’re immortal, not vampires. Where’d you get the dogs?”

"Someone left a box of them on my door."

"And you're going to keep them?" Ray asked, rubbing Duke's belly.

"Yeah, I guess I am," I said, smiling slightly.

Ray and I spent the rest of the day getting any supplies that you could think of to take care of dogs. We got food, beds, toys, you name it.

"Aw Missy aren't you so cute!" Ray said, cooing at the little white dog. Missy was his favorite by far and Missy loved him the most. I had never seen a man act like that, especially with a dog.

"Uh, Ray your phone is ringing," I said, trying to break his attention away from Missy. Ray picked up his phone and listened for a while.

"Really? No, I'm with Lucille. Want to come over?" Ray asked. I assumed he was talking to Frankie.

A couple of minutes later the doorbell rang again, Frankie was here.
"Cool dogs!" Frankie said, walking into the house without thinking.

"Isn't Missy awesome?" Ray said, looking at the happy puppy in his arms.

"What about this little guy?" Frankie said, holding up Spot.

"Why don't you guys take the Dalmatians? They'd be happier with you," I suggested, knowing it would be next to impossible to watch four dogs.

"Only if you don’t mind.” Ray said, holding Missy. Frankie grinned and began to play with Spot, who was more excited than before.

A couple hours later, Ray and Frankie left with Spot and Missy. The place was a mess but I didn't feel like cleaning so I went up to my room with Duke and Lady trailing behind me.
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