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The Powerpuff's Nightmares Begin

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Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup are out of High School and are giving nightmares to anyone who falls asleep

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Blossom Bubbles and Buttercup had just graduated from High School and all the kids looked scared and for good reason.
Bubbles(Giggling) So when do we start getting daughters and haunting Townsville for shunning us?
Blossom(Sneering) Soon Bubbles real soon, we have to find a smart boy, a tough boy, and a very excitable boy.
Buttercup(Punching her hand) Mine's going to have my fear of bugs too, I learned to deal with it but that wasn't until I was 13 and was chased by Bubbles holding a dead roach in her hand.
Blossom: And mine will be as smart as me and hate being wrong, in short he'll be a natural leader.
Bubbles: Mine will get smothered by hugs, kisses, and mama's love, he's going to be so embarassed of me when I get done with him.
The three girl's cackled as they drove off in a car the Professor brought for them knowing three boys were going to meet their doom that night.
Boy #1's nightmare
The first boy had a sister obsessed with the Powerpuff Girl's and Blossom made sure that his sister was obsessed to the brink with her.
Boy's sister(Running around in a red cape) In my dreams Blossom's ginormical and she always asks about you brother.
Boy #1: Big whoop Emma, Blossom's not real she's a cartoon character.
Emma(Shaking her head no) That's what Cartoon Network and Boomerang want you to think.
Boy #1(Smiling) Yea right Emma the only reason Blossom's in your dreams is because she doesn't exist in reality.
Emma(Running around her brother's bed) Yea because Townsville shunned her and her sisters and they moved, but she'll be back in Townsville soon and with child.
Boy #1(Cracking up) You-mean-to-tell-me-you-believe-those-stupid-tabloid-magazines-and-news-stories?
Emma(Dejected) Yea so what if I do? They say she's coming back and there's nothing that can stop her.
Boy #1(Turining off his lights giggling) In your dreams Emma, the only way Blossom Utonium and her sisters come back is in your dreams.
Emma(Walking out) Exactly and you better watch out because she's been asking about you a lot in my dreams lately.
Boy #1: I'm sure she has I mean what teenaged freak of a girl hasn't been asking about me?
Emma(Shaking her head) Sweet Dreams Troy you'll need it because as I said Blossom's ginormical in my dreams.
Troy's door shut and he smiled pulling the blankets up to his chin not knowing how right his sister Emma was about Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup returning to Townsville.
Troy's eyes got heavy as he slowly closed them and he was transported to an old house that was falling apart and this house was very famaliar to him.
Troy(Fearful) How-did-I-get-here? I-thought-I-got-rid-of-this-house-when-I-forgot-about-it.
Emma(Walking around beaming) So what was all that hooey about Blossom being just a cartoon character and not coming back to Townsville?
Troy(Grabbing Emma's hand) We have to leave now Emma, this place isn't safe for us right now.
Emma(Giggling and shaking her head) I'm not leaving Troy, as I've told you a million times before it's you she wants not me.
Troy: But once she get's me she's going to need a new fanbase Emma.
Emma(Showing Troy a shiny badge) And she has one in me, this badge is only given to the supporters of The Powerpuff Girl's and trust me we're a dying breed but not for long.
Troy knew exactly what Blossom wanted with him and Emma giggled also knowing what Blossom wanted with him.
Emma: I hope you like Blossom because she's going to be your mama soon enough Troy, and then she can reserect the Pokey Oaks Kindergarten days of the Powerpuff Girls through you.
Troy: The other two still need daughters that's the only way to make the prophecy come true Emma.
Emma(Beaming) And with one down there are two more left and Blossom knows that you have friends petrified of bugs and being mothered which are exactly what Bubbles and Buttercup are looking for.
Troy: I'm not her daughter yet so I'm winning 3-0.
Emma(Pulling a shard of metal from her pocket) A splash of blood, a sheath of hair, a new accessory, an old accessory, and last but not least a less than eager volunteer.
Emma let drops of blood hit the floorboards, her blonde hair joined it, the cape draped across the floorbaords, a red bow that Troy never thought of getting rid of joined that, and Troy was the less than eager volunteer.
Emma(Raising her arms) In the pits of hell I call to thee make Blossom Utonium my brother Troy's nightmare forever and all time.
Troy felt the floorboards shake and saw orange hair appear in the creases which he knew was his cue to run.
Emma(Sneering) Where are you going Troy the fun's just getting started, you're going to be obsessed to the brink with your mama when I'm done.
The floorboards burst open and Troy was already in hiding not knowing he was just bait for another boy Blossom knew would have no problem being her daughter.
Blossom(Cackling) Great to be back in business all thanks to you Emma.
Emma(Polishing her badge) Yea I thought I should earn this badge that was given to me by you.
Blossom(Ruffling Emma's hair) And you most certainly did, now I'm going to need your help tracking down John Daniels because Troy's too mean to be my daughter but Buttercup and Bubbles may find a use for him and who knows I may make him a fan of my daughter.
Emma(Sneering) Then he'd have to be a girl which I have no problem with.
Blossom handed Emma another badge and Emma saw that it said Honorary Powerpuff and she gave Blossom the Blossom Fan Club badge back and pinned her new badge to her nightgown.
Blossom: Now as an honorary Powerpuff I need you to find John Daniels and bring him to me, it's about time I made my daughter.
Emma giggled skipping off humming the powerpuff girl theme song under her breath knowing exactly where John Daniels was.
John's Dream Come True
John Daniels was in a room with a dirty cot, peeling wallpaper, roach infsted floors, and about twelve oter boys in the room.
Lady: All right gentlemen time for bed I want you all washed, teeth brushed, PJ's on, and all of you in bed when I get back in here.
John ran to the nearest shower knowing that it was every man for himself at St. Lucy's Home For Troubled Boys And Girls which was also an orphanage.
John(Mumbling) I guess I should have second guessed blowing up the garage.
John pulled back the shower curtain and turned the hot water on as hot as it would go watching the steam fog the mirror.
Boy: Move it shrimp it's my time for the shower, yours was 12 seconds ago.
John: Shove off I was here first Brandon, wait your turn or find another shower idiot.
John gulped when Brandon cracked his knuckles and punched him making him fall into the hot water.
Brandon(Smirking) Tell me off again shrimp I love the workout my muscles get everytime you do.
John moaned standing up and drying off with his towel and heading to the sink to start brushing his teeth and getting ready for bed.
Brandon(Drying himself off) Ahhhhhh it feels great to get a hot shower in before bed.
John(Mumbling) What a jerkwad, I wish I had a person who wanted me as a son, that way I could have my own hot shower every night.
Brandon(Cackling) Good luck Mumbly, I have hundred hundred hearing and mumbling will get you nowhere.
John(Gritting his teeth) Shut- it Brandon- Jenny- Michaels- at- least- I- wasn't- named- after- my- mom- girly- boy.
Brandon(Shoving John) At least I have a mother to be named after.
John(Pushing Brandon back) I do too mine just wasn't stupid enough to not know her own name Jenny.
All the boys gasped as Brandon got solemn faced and he bounded up to John his shadow swallowing John whole.
Brandon: My mother knew her own name, she thought it was so sweet she wanted to keep it in the family.
John: Right and she was dumb enough to forget that her son was a boy and her own name for that matter so she named a boy Jenny to remind her what her name was.
Brandon heard enough as he punched John with the woman's heels clicking down the hallway.
Lady: All right boys light's out and John follow me I have some good news and some better news for you.
John stood up with a black eye as the lady shot Brandon a bad look and Brandon shrugged staring back at her.
Brandon: He made fun of my middle name and my mother so he deserved it.
Lady(Grabbing Brandon's ear) You and I will be spending a long sleepless night together Jenny so grab your toothbrush and follow me to the ladies room worm.
John: Mrs. Garcia what is the good news and better news?
Mrs. Garcia: I found an adoption for you sweetie, her names Blossom Utonium, she's a reccently graduated High school student, and she has special plans for you.
John's insides jumped with glee as Brandon stared at him an evil in his eyes.
John(Sticking his tongue out at him) I told you one day I'd be adopted but you never believed me and now your stuck cleaning the ladies room and I'm going to have a nice comfy bed tonight.
Mrs. Garcia: And the better news is you will never have to see Brandon Jenny Michaels ever again.
John anxiously packed everything he owned which consisted of a raggedy teddy bear, a pair of holy jeans, a ripped shirt, a ragedy stuffed puppy and a picture of people he thought were his parents.
John(Kissing the picture) Today I find a new mommy to love me and maybe I'll find a new daddy waiting for me too.
Brandon: You may be leaving now but you'll be back because your new mom will never be able to handle you overactive imagination.
John: Yes she will beause I have a feeling that my new mama also has an overactive imagination like me.
Brandon: Yea well as I said your leaving now but you'll be back soon, and I'll be here to beat your head in for making fun of me and my mom.
John(Slinging a backpack over his shoulders smiling) All ready to meet my new mama Mrs. Garcia.
Brandon: You little runt there's no way you'll make it as a domesticated house pet, you're just going to wish you were back here.
John(Grinning) Good luck with the ladies room Brandon, I have a family to domesticate me, a comfy bed, and three hot meals a day with ulimited snacks.
Brandon(Ruffling John's hair) Good John Good Boy you deserve a treat wouldn't that be nice?
John: How comfy is your cot? Because my bed's so much comfier.
Brandon: As I said D-O-M-E-S-T-I-C-A-T-E-D and you'll even get a dish with your name on it.
Mrs. Garcia: Well someone named Jenny is a little jealous aren't they?
Brandon(Slamming open the ladies room door) Not in the least I never want to be domesticated.
Mrs. Garcia(Winking at John) I smell sour grapes and they are certainly not the best way to make a pie remember that John.
John(Writing on a piece of paper) Sour grapes is not the best way to make a pie got it Mrs. G? Any more words of wisdom?
Mrs. Garcia(Fixing John's hair) Nope just go out there and wow Blossom Utonium, and PS being domesticated aint so bad everybody here dreams of it.
John was led to the front of the orphanage where Blossom got one look at him and she grinned when he ran to her.
Blossom(Giggling) He'll do nicely Mrs. Garcia thank you for all of your help.
Mrs. Garcia: Tell your sister's if they want a boy or a girl they can have their pick of anyone here.
Blossom(Leading John to her car) I'll be sure to do that Mrs. G. Come on John we have much things to discuss.
John stuck his tongue out at Brandon as he was led out not knowing how much safer he was in the orphanage.
Blossom and John's Dinner
Blossom stopped at the first restaraunt she found which was a burger joint that also had chicken fingers.
Blossom: Alright now that your fed, hydrated, and comfy I want to get into the rules of your new life.
John nodded in between bites of onion ring as Blossom sneered knowing that he wasn't going to like what she had planned for him.
John(In between bites of his burger) So- what- do- you- have- planned- for- us- tonight, new- mama?
Blossom(Snickering) Well first we have to get you into a bath because you're a dirty, little, puppy, then we'll get you into a nightgown, then we'll tuck you into your bed in a room obsessed with your mama.
John gulped as Blossom grinned knowing he heard every word she just said.
Blossom: Now finish your dinner and then I can make you a sweet, smart, leadership material, of a little girl and i'll defnitely be giving good reviews of the orphangae to my sisters.
John did as he was asked knowing he had two choices one became a daughter for Blossom or two be sent back to St. Lucy's and have to deal with Brandon.
Blossom(Standing up) All right sweetie let's go make you my daughter, and I've got to say I commend you for being so brave on being turned into a girl.
John: Yea well I want to be adopted so if that means I have to be a girl I'll do it, plus Brandon will get what's coming to him for picking on me.
Blossom(Ruffling John's hair) He sure will because you're going to haunt people's dreams and that just may include Brandon.
John: It will include him and I get to pick my super powers right?
Blossom nodded as John sneered handing her a list.
John: The first three are my favorite so any of those would work.
Blossom: Giant powers, laser eyes, and indestructability how's about I give you all three?
John(Smiling) That would so rock.
Blossom(Leading John into a car) Consider it done just as long as you don't fight your girlish urges.
John(Shaking Blossom's hand) Done and if I absolutely have to be your little girl I want a room dedicated to you and only you.
Blossom(Kissing John's cheek) I wouldn't have it any other way.
John was starting to like being Blossom's daughter not knowing that Trevor was being tortured by Emma.
Becoming A Super Leader
When John and Blossom got back to Blossom's new house Blossom led John to a sudsy tub and he jumped in hoping becoming a girl was quick and painless.
Blossom: Just sit back and relax John I'm going to get you a towel, a washcloth, a nightgown, and bath toys.
John let the bubbles surround him as he shrank not noticing it.
John: Finally I have a mama and I'm going to live as a little girl who are always cute and can get whatever they want.
Blossom sailed into the bathroom with a washcloth, a pink fuzzy towel, a red satin nightgown, pink underwear, pink fuzzy slippers, and Powerpuff Girl Action Figures.
Blossom(Tossing the toys in the tub) Play with those while I make you the spitting image of me sweetheart.
John had no problem playing with the toys as Blossom washed him with the washcloth making John's black, caked with dirt body a pale white again.
Blossom: Don't they make you bathe at St. Lucy's?
John(Dropping action figures) Sure they do but you try dealing with Brandon the hot water hog all the time.
Blossom(Shaking her head) You poor, poor dear, I'm going to make sure you bathe every day and that the bath is exactly how you like it.
John picked up more figures as Blossom finished scrubbing him and then she poured shampoo into his hair molding with the grease already in it.
Blossom: I hope you scare the pee out of Brandon when you're my daughter, I mean honestly who's he to be a shower hog?
John noticed he was smaller but it didn't bother him as he also saw the red satin nightgown turn into puppy pajama's.
Blossom(Looking at the puppy pajama's) These were my favorite as a little girl, I called them my comfy smartie pants and they always helped me study and become smarter than my sisters.
John shrugged as Blossom rinsed John's hair out and we see his hair grow longer and orange with Blossom's insides jumping for joy.
Blossom(Handing John a mirror) All right cutie take a look at your new hair, then we'll get your pj's, your slippers, and to complete the wardrobe a red bow on and then you'll be Blossom Anne Utonium the 2nd.
John raised his arm's to be taken out as she covered him in the pink fuzzy towel and unfolded the pink underwear which could stretch to anybody's size.
Blossom(Hugging John) Now shake that hair of yours out and we'll get you all ready for bed.
John shook his hair out until he couldn't feel drops of water coming from it and Blossom pulled a blowdrier out ready to make John's hair look more like hers.
Blossom(Grabbing the hair drier) This has been my best friend since I was old enough to use it, it'll dry your hair and you can mold it to make it look any way you want.
John was placed on a counter still completely naked as Blossom grabbed a brush and turned the blowdrier on making John's new hair silky smooth and straight then adding the red bow.
Blossom(Beaming) There now let's get you dressed in your new, soft, comfy, wardrobe and then it's time for bed.
John lied on the floor as Blossom grabbed the underwear pulling them to his waist as he saw his legs and butt become smaller.
Blossom(Spreading the puppy pajama's on the floor) Let's just inspect these for ticks he, he, he, heeee I'm kidding Pj's can't get ticks but they can get rips so let's inspect.
Blossom looked up and down the pajama's like she was inspecting the pajama's with a fine tooth comb and she smiled looking down at John.
Blossom: And the puppy PJ's are good to go Blossom 2, now let's get them on you and then get the slippers on you then tuck you in for the night.
John was completely still while Blossom got him into the puppy pajama's and zipping him up in the back as John's whole body shrank until it was the size os his waist and butt.
Blossom(Picking up the pink slippers) All right feet out sweetness so mama can get these slippers on you, then mama has a surprise for you before bed time.
John put his right and left foot out as Blossom placed the slippers on them and then she grabbed a black magic marker.
Blossom: Here's where the fun can really begin, now hold still while I decorate your pretty face and then I'll show it to you. Not to worry it's not permanent it washes off.
Blossom colored John's nose black and made black whiskers on his face then Blossom showed him and he giggled a girly giggle and his soul shot into Blossom's stomach.
Blossom(Grinning triumphantly) MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM way too easy, come on Blossom 2 time for bed.
John allowed Blossom to lead him to his new room and he yawned as he kicked his slippers off and Blossom pulled the sheets and blankets back for him.
Blossom(Patting the bed) Well hop in sweetie pie.
John crawled under the sheets and blankets as Blossom pulled them to his chin, tucked him in, left a glass of water on the bedside table, and kissed his forehead.
Blossom: Goodnight sleep tight don't let the bedbugs bite.
John was already lightly snoring as Blossom smiled leaving the door open a crack with the hall light left on.
Blossom: Triumph is a dish best served hot he, he, he, he, he, heeeeeee I wonder how Bubbles, Buttercup, Emma, and Trevor are doing?
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