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Chapter 2 The Cockroach Queen

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Buttercup's looking for a tough boy too bad all's she can find is a boy scared of cockroaches among other things

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Buttercup Utonium snickered evilly as she knew that Blossom had a little girl and she knew that either her or Bubbles were next to get one.
Buttercup(Walking up the steps to St. Lucy's) Time to go bug hunting he, he, he, he, he, he, heeeeeeee.
Buttercup already knew the boy she wanted as a little girl because it was the same boy that teased her as a little girl of being afraid of bugs and for having a blankie.
Buttercup(Smiling) Sticks and stones may break my bones but words became his downfall he, he, he, he, he, heeeeeeeee.
Buttercup opened the door to St. Lucy's and Mrs. Garcia smiled seeing her walk up to the front desk and ring a bell on it.
Mrs. Garcia: Buttercup Utonium I know exactly who it is you want, he's part of Brandon Jones' bully clique but a little thing like spiders, lizards, roaches, worms, and any other bug or slimy thing sends him running.
Buttercup(Sneering) Perfect because I have the best way to scare him at my house or even here, he wanted to forget me after I gave him so many night and day mares but he's going to be living with fear now.
Mrs. Garcia led Buttercup to the boys dorm where everyone was asleep and Buttercup snickered finding the boy she gave nightmares to and she planned on giving him one more before taking him as her daughter.
Buttercup(Sneering) Traveling time.
Buttercup turned into a mass of green smoke evaporating into her tormentor's head with Mrs. Garcia giggling.
Mrs. Garcia: What a scaredy cat, I better check on Brandon to see that he's not sleeping, because God help him if he is seeing John is now a giant, laser eye shooting, indestructable three year old.
Mrs. Garcia walked off as the boy moaned thrashing around in his bed thanks to Buttercup's nightmare.
Boy # 2's Nightmare
The boy was dressed as a super hero and he found himself in an abandoned house scared for his life.
Boy: I've been here before but it can't be her I forgot about her, I shut her out of my nightmares.
Buttercup's cackle rang down the halls of the house as the boy taking on super speed ran down one hall to find another hall.
Boy(Panting) What-is-going-on?-this-isn't-a-normal-house.
Buttercup snickered her foot angrily tapping in front of the boy her blanket in one hand and a scepter in the other.
Buttercup(Tisking the boy) You know you really should learn not to be so mean to people Christian it just may come back to bite you in the ass.
The boy gulped fearfully seeing a robe on Buttercup, a crown on her head, and a super suit behind the robe.
Christian: You can't be back I forgot you and there's no way you can haunt me.
Buttercup(Snickering) Yea well here I am and here you are, and as an added plus you look pretty scared to me.
Christian took on his super speed running from Buttercup again as she giggled transporting herself in front of Christian again.
Buttercup(Laughing) You- forget- I'm- a- super- hero- in- reality- as- well- as- in- dreams- you- well- you're- just- a- hero- in- dreams.
Christian(Panting) How-are-you-faster-than-me?
Buttercup(Beaming) I told you I've been a hero longer than you, I'm one in reality and in dreams, now either give up or pull something else from your super hero's sleeves.
Christian was gone as Buttercup closed her eyes appearing in front of him again cackling evilly at her prey.
Buttercup(Grabbing Christian) Our nightmare's just getting started Christian, well your's anyway thanks to Bubbles my sister I have nothing that scares me anymore so good luck using my fears against me.
Christian(Gasping) Please-let-me-go-I-promise-not-to-forget-you-anymore-just-please-let-me-live-to-see-tomorrow.
Buttercup(Cackling) Of course you're going to live because I have other plans for you, now embrace your fears me and my cuddly critters.
Christian was thrown into a dark room as he gulped flicking the switch to find it was broken and Buttercup cackled.
Christian(Gulping) What-did-you-mean-by-cuddly-critters?
Buttercup(Smiling evilly) Come closer and find out Christian.
Christian slowly walked to the sound of Buttercup's voice the floor making a crunching sound as he walked.
Buttercup: I'd watch where I was walking if I were you.
Christian: There are no lights on in here so what are you going to do about it?
The lights blinked on in the room and Christian found millions of roaches crawling on the floor as he screamed in fear finding a trail of dead roaches behind him.
Buttercup(Stouting) I guess I'll just have to avenge their death won't I?
Buttercup spasmed as her skin practically fell off her body and she became a giant roach.
Buttercup's voice was heard in the roach as it cackled growing antennaes and claws on it also.
Buttercup(Giggling) Meet my nightmare as a little girl THE QUEEN COCKROACH AND HER MINIONS HE,HE,HE,HE,HE,HEEEEEEEEEEE.
Christian eeped as the cockroach that was Buttercup got closer and so did the small roaches surrounding the floor.
Buttercup: Once I stopped being afraid of her the queen gave me the power to become her in nightmares.
Christian: Look I'm sorry I killed your cuddly critters but is becoming a huge roach avenging them?
Buttercup as the queen roach nodded grabbing Christian in her claws ready to finish him off but he snapped his eyes open and he was on the floor by his bed roaches crawling next to him.
Christian(Shaking the roaches off) Eww eww eww eww eww you bugs are so disgusting.
Mrs. Garcia: Christian Andrews pack your bags you've been adopted.
Christian quickly packed his bags glad to be leaving the roaches having no idea his nightmare was going to become a reality
Christian's Scary Reality
When Christian got to the front of the orphanage he found Buttercup sneering and he knew who had adopted him.
Christian: N-N-N-N-N-N-N-N-No thanks Mrs. G-G-G-G-G-G-G-Garcia I think id r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-rather s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-stay here.
Mrs. Garcia(Pushing Christian to Buttercup) Nope because Brandon and his friends have turned this place into a war zone and I'm weeding them out one by one.
Christian: But I'm Brandon's only friend and all the bad stuff that happened to John here was Brandon's idea.
Mrs. Garcia: I'm happy to hear that now get going Buttercup and you have a fun night planned.
Buttercup(Sneering) We sure do because come to think of it I wasn't the one scared of roaches Bubbles was but she's over that fear now and I found new meat to scare.
Christian: But if it's Bubbles scared of roaches than that means.
Buttercup(Nodding) You and her share the same fear but that doesn't mean you get saved from becoming my daughter. It just means that your aunt and you shared the same fear once.
Mrs. Garcia(Giving Buttercup a bag) This is all the stuff he came here with now excuse me but I have another boy to check on.
Mrs. Garcia walked off as Buttercup grabbed Christian's hand leading him outside to her car buckling him in the back seat.
Buttercup(Sneering) I hope you like being a tomboy and having to rely on a blanket to make you tough because if you don't like those things you will soon enough.
Christian: Can't we just give me to Bubbles because her and I already share the same nightmare?
Buttercup(Shaking her head) Nope you and I are destined to be daughter and mother, when we get home I'll run you a bath and then introduce you to your blankie that you'll take with you everywhere.
Christian(Mumbling) Great just great from all the people to adopt me I got the toughet Powerpuff Girl with a hankering for her stupid, dirty, old, green blanket.
Buttercup: You're gonna have to speak up sweetie or else mama can't hear what you're saying Princess.
Christian: It was nothing to concern you just me talking to myself.
Buttercup(Smirking) Another thing you and Bubbles have in common.
Christian: Right so wouldn't it make sense to just hand me over to Bubbles?
Buttercup(Sneering) No I think I'm going to like having a tomboy daughter having to rely on a blanket to make her tough as stone.
Christian(Sneering) And what if I refuse to listen to you?
Buttercup: Then I release your nightmare The Cockroach Queen into reality.
Christian(Shrugging) Oh well it's a small price to pay to keep my boy urges.
Buttercup: And then I'll set Bubbles after you and like me she doesn't take no for an answer, in fact the last boy who told her no ran off with some missing teeth.
Christian cracked up as Buttercup cackled knowing Trevor was on Bubbles' list of potential Bubbles Utonium's daughter and he was at the top.
Buttercup(Stopping the car) A last meal for the boy in you, get whatever you like and be sure you eat it all because this is the last time you'll get it as a boy.
Christian ordered the five dollar box from Taco Bell and Buttercup left to get the food from inside Christian not thinking anything.
Buttercup(Pricking her finger) I hope he can still fight with a little chemical X and Utonium blood in him.
A couple minutes later Buttercup came back with Christian's and her food and drinks the sneer never leaving her face.
Buttercup(Passing the food to Christian) Well chow down soon to be daughter of mine.
Christian(Chomping one of his tacos) In your dreams.
Buttercup cackled as she drove to her house ready to make Christian embrace the Buttercup Utonium in him.
Christian(Holding his stomach) Well I'm done and I think they did something to this food because my stomach really hurts.
Buttercup(Ruffling his hair) Just chug your drink you'll be fine sweetie.
Christian did as he was told and noticed the pain in his stomach subside and Buttercup knew that soon he was going to be the weakest boy she ever met.
Buttercup(To herself) Soon you little piglet you're going to fall victim to the Big Bad Wolf which is me.
Buttercup stopped at a shack and opened Christian's door leading him inside.
Buttercup(Swiping at cobwebs) It's not permanant but it's a roof over our heads for now, Blossom asked me to live with her in her mansion but I'd rather make it on my own.
Christian(Kicking roaches) Ugh this place is a roach motel.
Buttercup(Sneering) At least I'm not afraid of them.
Christian(Shivering) N-N-N-N-N-N-N-N-N-N-N-N-Neither am I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I they're just so g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-gross.
Buttercup: Come on I'll lead you to the bathroom where a nice, hot, sudsy, bath waits for you and then we'll get you in bed and maybe tomorrow being a five year old girl with superpowers won't be so bad.
Christian: I doubt it and good luck making me a five year old girl you creepy super powered teen.
Buttercup: I have the upper hand more than you know Christian, your new names Buttercup Anne Untonium the 2nd and you're going to be another me.
Christian giggled shaking his head as Buttercup grabbed his hand and led him upstairs where the tub and suds met him.
Buttercup(Sneering) Strip and get into the tub or I'll rip those clothes off myself and trust me you really don't want that.
Christian shook his head no and beamed at Buttercup knowing he found his nitch his first tantrum as a 10 year old.
Christian(Laughing) And this is me on a good day. Do you really want to turn me into a five year old with super powers? Because I bet they have the greatest tantrums.
Buttercup walked up to Christian and ripped all his clothes off and tossed him into the tub an evil sneer on her face.
Buttercup(Cackling) And FYI Super Tikes do have super tantrums just ask your aunt Bubbles she had super tantrums until she was 13 and saw they weren't getting her anywhere.
Christian had fear in his eyes as he saw Buttercup get taller and he was now smaller than her.
Buttercup(Giggling) The bath works every time, see Blossom's daughter was willing as you should have been because you could have saved yourself the trouble of roach infested nightmares by me every- single- night he, he, he, he, he, he, heeeeeeeee.
Christian saw a washcloth head for him and he squirmed but Buttercup's strength surpassed Christian's and she held him in place.
Buttercup: I hated baths as a little girl too, I once went a whole week without a bath and I was shunned from Townsville because I stunk so bad.
Christian(Squirming) Please-don't-make-me-a-five-year-old-girl-I-want-to-go-back-to-the-orphanage.
Buttercup: Funny I don't remember asking you what you wanted, I gave you nightmares, I adopted you, and now you have to listen to me your new guardian like it or lump it.
Christian started crying as it was music to Buttercup's ears throwing all sorts of toys all of her into the tub.
Buttercup: There you play with those you little crybaby while mommy finds you a nightly wardrobe.
Christian gulped knowing now there was no way he could resist Buttercup with her old clothes on him.
Buttercup quickly went into her closet and pulled out a pajama pants and shirt suit with frilly sleeves and legs.
Buttercup(Placing the pajama's on the bed) Now for some undies and then he will be the spitting image of me.
Buttercup opened a drawer and found pairs of green underwear dedicated to her that was just her size at five.
Buttercup(Grabbing a pair) I knew these would come in handy eventually.
Buttercup lugged all the clothes to the bathroom to find Christian jumping at the nearest window trying to get it opened.
Buttercup(Snickering) The perk of being a munchkin there's nothing you can reach until you hit your growth spurt.
Christian(Whining) But-but-but-but-but-buttttttt I don't want to be a five year old again, I want to go back to the orphanage.
Buttercup(Lifting Christian out of the tub) Again I don't remember asking you what you wanted, and that whining will continue when you become my daughter it's how I always got my own way.
Buttercup wrapped Christian in a towel and led him to his new room dedicated to her through and through.
Christian: Fine if I'm going to be your daughter then I'm going to make things really hard for you mama.
Buttercup(Ruffling his hair) I wouldn't have it any other way, and at least you're calling me mama.
Before Christian could respond he was forced into the green underwear his butt shrinking and then into the frilly pajama outfit which made the rest of his body shrink.
Buttercup(Laughing triumphantly) And the food you digested had chemical X and some Utonium blood in it making you fighting mini me a hell of a lot harder.
Christian moaned as he grew black hair, green eyes, his wardrobe now a green dress with a black belt, black shoes, and knee high socks, and suddenly embracing Buttercup as his mom wasn't so bad.
Buttercup(Kissing Christian's forehead) Nighty night Buttercup Anne Utonium the 2nd. Get some sleep and tomorrow I'll teach you how to embrace the little girl and tomboy in you.
Christian yawned slowly closing his eyes as Buttercup's insides jumped for joy finally having a little girl.
Buttercup(Snickering) 2 down 1 to go and maybe Christian should have thought twice before making everyone forget me.
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