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Chapter 3 Reserecting A Villain

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The most powerful of Powerpuff villains has resurfaced and she's out for blood

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Troy was targeted by Bubbles because he was downing stay awake pills and she knew it was going to be a challenge to get him.
Bubbles(Beaming) He'll have to sleep sometime and when he does I'll be ready for him.
Bubbles lived in a mansion like Blossom and she was more than eager to have someone else to talk to.
Bubbles(Giggling) After I get Troy and I will get Troy Brandon and my niece Blossom Anne Utonium the 2nd have some scary dreams to embrace.
Bubbles picked up a light blue glittery backpack with her in the back of it cackling knowing a way to get Troy to fall asleep and it came in the form of the new honorary Powerpuff Emma.
Bubbles(Cackling evilly) Emma time for you to earn your place as an honorary Powerpuff.
Bubbles' evil laugh rang across the mansion as she picked up a cell phone and concocted the perfect plan to get Troy to her quicker.
Bubbles: Uh huh so if you do what I ask he'll be mine and you'll be an only child Emma.
Emma could be heard giggling on the other end of the phone as Bubbles found some syringes Troy's biggest fear and she was going to use that against him.
Bubbles(Giggling) Stay awake all you like because once you sleep and you will soon I'm going to introduce you to my dreamworld at five meaning stuffed animals galore he,he,he,he,heeeeeeeee.
Bubbles packed the bag full of her old clothes as a five year old including a nightgown she never washed throw up, grass, curdled milk, spaghetti sauce, bits of meatball, soggy cereal, dried up blood, slime, and pee stains on them.
Bubbles(Snickering) Have fun with those Troy because they are never getting washed seeing they're a family heirloom given to your mama from your grandpa the professor and I vowed to never wash them which as you will see I'm a woman of my word.
Bubbles flew up a long staircase to an empty bedroom decorated from the walls to the floor of her.
Bubbles: If you thought I was bad as a little girl just wait until you meet me as a mother.
Bubbles cackled throwing more posters, pictures, and clothes all starring her into the room the bed sheets, blanket, pillowcase, stuffed animals, and rug also featuring her.
Bubbles(Snickering) Now I'll even be where he sleeps, plays, and relaxes ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,haaaaaaa.
Bubbles hummed Love Makes The World Go Round from one of her classic episodes throwing powder blue curtains on the windows of the room and then hanging up her old supersuit in the closet adding the rest of her five year old wardrobe.
Bubbles(Rubbing her hands together) Just wait till he meets dinner he,he,he,he,he,he,he,heeeeeeeee.
Bubbles walked into the kitchen grabbing all sorts of vegetables and ground beef ready to torture Troy even more by making him eat the worst thing alive in her opinion.
Bubbles(Sneering) I still remember when the professor made it for us Buttercup and Blossom just about threw up from the smell. I did throw up onto the very same pajama's Troy is going to be forced to wear.
Bubbles mashed beets, carrots, broccoli, asparagus, and lettuce into the beef and placed it in a baking pan.
Bubbles: Vegetable Meatloaf Surprise Bubbles Ashley Utonium style with the recipe thanks to the professor.
Bubbles threw the meatloaf in the oven hoping to God Emma held up her part of the deal soon.
Troy's Demise
Emma snickered after talking to Bubbles and immediately found her mom who could help her get what she wanted.
Emma(Smiling with dimples) Mama can you get me the sleeping pills because Troy needs them seeing that he's taking stay awake pills and he needs sleep.
Mrs. Walsh: Aww aint you sweet looking after him so how are you going to get him to take them?
Emma: I baked a cake and I know Troy and sweets so I put the sleeping pills into the cake and drink I give him and I'm none the wiser.
Mrs. Walsh(Handing Emma the bottle) Better use all of them he's been awake for going on one week now.
Emma(Pouring the pills into the cake and drink) Sweet dreams Troy.
Emma walked a tray into Troy's room as he was seen downing more stay awake pills.
Emma: Dessert on Troy and FYI staying awake will only get you so far with Bubbles Utonium.
Troy(Licking his lips) Yea,yea,yea beat it Emma I'm getting my dessert on.
Emma shrugged walking out as Troy grabbed a fork and the cake was gone in seconds then he drank the cup of soda and suddenly his eyelids grew heavy and Emma cackled coldly at him.
Emma(Beaming) Oops did I mix up the sleeping pills with the sugar again?
Troy: You're-trying-to-get-rid-of-me.
Emma: Was it really that obvious?
Troy: With-me-gone-mom-and-dad-may-want-to-try-to-have-another-baby.
Mrs. Walsh: Scratch that we don't want another you running around Troy.
Emma(Shaking her butt at Troy) I just became an only child older brother.
Troy snapped his eyes open hoping that would work but Emma knew better using a whole bottle of sleeping pills on the cake and soda for Troy.
Emma(Giggling) I hope you like clingy mama's because Bubbles is as clingy as they come.
Troy(Weak) Must-stay-awake-for-my-sake.
Mrs. Walsh(Picking Troy up) Emmie baby pull back his blankets.
Emma(Giggling) With pleasure Momisita.
Emma skipped up to the bed pulling the blankets back as Mrs. Walsh placed Troy in his bed fluffing his pillows and everything.
Emma(Pulling the sheets and blankets up to his chin) Nighty night sleep tight don't let the Utoniums bite he,he,he,he,he,he,he,heeeeeeeeee.
Mrs. Walsh(Closing Troy's curtains) Dark enough for you to finally get some rest.
Emma(Wiggling her butt) Then I'll be an only I'll be an only ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,haaaaaa.
Troy finally felt sleep taking him but he had a trick up his sleeve not knowing that the Professor taught Bubbles the trick way before he learned it.
Troy's POV: Dream of someplace fun, dream of someplace fun, dream of someplace fun, dream of someplace fun.
Troy fell onto a towel and when he looked around him he saw nothing but beach as he beamed thinking he found a way to beat Bubbles.
Troy(Lying back on his hands) Ahhhhhhhhh this is the life fun in the sun, clear blue waters, and Utonium free.
Troy closed his eyes letting the sun's rays hit him not seeing the other people on the beach flee from a girl with blonde hair, a powder blue two piece bikini, a pink one piece bathing suit, and a ponytail.
Troy: I guess I control the population of the beach in my dreams too? This is the coolest dream ever.
Girl(Laying out a towel) Mind if I join you?
Troy: No it'd be nice to have someone else to talk to on this beach.
The girl stretched out a sneer on her face that Troy his eyes still closed didn't notice.
Girl(Pulling out a suntan lotion bottle) Would you mind putting lotion on me?
Troy opened his eyes not seeing this girl was Bubbles and he thought the girl was cute and may get something in return for doing things she wanted him to do.
Troy(Spreading the lotion) There and if there's anything else you want don't hesitate to ask.
Troy laid back on his towel as Bubbles stood up an evil smile spreading across her face.
Troy: So what's your name anyways cutie?
Bubbles(Cackling) Bubbles Ashley Utonium and you’re the last of the Utonium kitties only not double t but double d's.
Troy ran off not seeing the quicksand until his feet met it and Bubbles walked around it putting sunglasses on and laughing triumphantly at Troy.
Troy(Struggling) Let me out.
Bubbles lifted her foot wearing combat boots and pushed Troy all the way down until he reached Bubbles' mansion with her cackling in triumph.
Bubbles: Neat trick trying to keep me from your dreams but I learned it way before you did.
Troy(Crawling away from Bubbles) I won't let you have me.
Bubbles(Bounding up to Troy) You don't have to let me have you I'm just going to take you.
Bubbles grabbed Troy and she closed her eyes screaming dream of someplace fun like Troy did and before Troy knew it he was back on the beach.
Bubbles: See unlike you I can scream my demands and my dreams listen.
Troy(Scared) Uhh right who's the pink bathing suit for?
Bubbles: It's yours and we can do this one of two ways A you cooperate and walk into the house putting it on or B I pull you into the house and force you to put it on.
Troy: I thought I was your daughter you don't wear pink.
Bubbles: No but I figured I'd make a new color for my daughter to wear instead of making her wear mine which is what Blossom and Buttercup did.
Troy(Sitting on the beach) In that case good luck getting me to move.
Bubbles(Grabbing a scalpel) An incision here another here one there and the last there and veoula we have a human puppet.
Troy screamed as his veins came out and Bubbles giggled controlling him as if he were on strings.
Bubbles: I really should pay Emma good for getting you here because I have a sleep detector that tells me how sleepy you are and with all the pills she gave you waking up is no longer an option.
Bubbles(Raising her hands) Now up the stairs first room on the right young lady and move your toosh into that bathing suit.
Troy moved upstairs thanks to Bubbles commanding him and he walked into his new Bubbles infested bedroom where she changed everything not featuring her pink instead of powder blue.
Bubbles(Screaming upstairs) You better be getting dressed young lady.
Troy again being commanded put the pink bathing suit on and he shrunk into a five year old.
Bubbles(Cutting the air) Time to release this puppy seeing he's a full-fledged girl now.
Troy(Picking his butt) This bathing suit is too small it's giving me a wedgie.
Bubbles(Sneering) You'll get used to it just like did with all of my suits that gave me wedgies.
Bubbles opened the door leading Troy back to the abandoned beach the sneer never leaving her face.
Bubbles(Beaming) Soon the little girl inside of you will take over and that wedgie bathing suit will be your every beach day attire.
Troy moaned as his stomach became smaller and Bubbles beamed.
Bubbles(Applying light blue lipstick) Now to kiss you and make sure I'm your last kiss ever.
Troy gulped as Bubbles' shadow covered him then she grabbed him and kissed him the both of them French kissing Bubbles' tongue growing 10 FT. long her cackling tying Troy to a small bed.
Bubbles(Sneering) I should have warned you my French kiss is deadly and the only escape is by becoming my daughter so hah, hah, hah, and once again hah.
Troy(Struggling) Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh- your- tongues- are- wrapping- around- my- neck- please- unwrap- them- from- me.
Bubbles(Beaming evilly) Awwwwwwwwwww isn't that cute you're begging. The last person I let go became Princess Morbucks and I didn't have to kiss her just lash my tongue and when she begged tears came and once she was free she became our greatest villain.
Troy screamed as blue veins bulged on Bubbles' tongue and she cackled puckering ready for round 2 with Troy.
Bubbles(Puckering) You know I've killed boys stronger than you with my French kiss like half the football team including the starting quarterback.
Troy(Gulping) Please-don't-kiss-me-I-don't-want-to-be-all-tongues-I'll-do-whatever-you-want.
Bubbles(Thinking) Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm well if you become my daughter I'll need to find you a daddy so ok I won't kiss you anymore if you find me a daddy for you.
Troy closed his eyes using the trick Bubbles and him knew how to use to get another boy in his dreams.
Bubbles(Sneering) David huh? I'm glad you invited him because he's been bullying me since birth.
A boy with straight blonde hair, shabby clothes with holes all over them, dirt, cuts, scabs, and grease all over him fell into the dream with Troy smiling knowing Bubbles' bully was about to become her husband and his new father.
Bubbles(Twirling around David) Welcome, welcome, welcome, wwweeelllcccooommmeee new hubby and Troy as long as you embrace your inner child and imagination which is now mine at five those tongues will not bind you.
Troy like Bubbles was able to control his dreams just by closing his eyes and once he did he heard a little girl laughing from inside his body.
Bubbles(Twirling around) Time to make myself look festive for this joyous occasion.
Bubbles grew into an elegant white wedding dress beaming evilly as she grabbed David and Troy as Bubbles' new daughter skipped behind her also in an elegant white dress.
Bubbles(Handing David a duffle bag) Get dressed into that tuxedo new hubby and make it snappy. You're new daughter and I will be waiting at the altar.
David(Smirking) And I'll leave you at the damn altar you pussy crybaby. What you didn't think I'd remember you without MY stuffed octopus?
Bubbles(Tearing off one of Octi's arms) And that's what I do to stuffed animals imagine what I'll do to marriage deserter’s like yourself David Simms.
David(Shocked) Yea-well-well-well-well-well he still has seven arms and that makes him still an octopus.
Bubbles(Tossing Octi to Troy) Here Sweet Pea his names Octi and he's all yours now.
David(Swiping Octi from Troy) Sorry small fry but this belongs to me the big hamburger.
Troy(Crying) But-but-but-but-but-but my mama gave him to me and you can't steal from a hero it's just plain wrong.
David(Clutching Octi) Wellllllll your mom stole him from me so I was just stealing him back from you.
Bubbles: Enough of this I'll buy you a new Octi Baby Girl and David the wedding's off just remember you asked for this Mr. Uncooperative Pants.
Bubbles materialized both a new Octi for Bubbles JR. her new daughter and a pile of bones that was once Princess Morbucks.
Bubbles(Sneering) You'll know these bones once they reconstruct, skin forms, clothes appear, hair appears, and that evil, beaming, smile stares back at you.
Bubbles JR.(Cuddling her new Octi) He's even cuddlier than the last one and he smells new too.
Bubbles(Hugging Bubbles JR.) Only the best for my Sweet Pea.
Bubbles placed the skeleton on the floor and the bones began reconstructing Bubbles JR. and Bubbles cackling gleefully.
Bubbles: This is also a personal vendetta. This skeleton has a score to settle with you.
Evil laughter rang around the room sending chills down David's spine because only one person he ever met had a laugh that evil.
Bubbles JR.: I bet you wish you became my daddy now don't you?
Bubbles(Raising her hands) Time for this skeleton to become a person with skin. muscle tissue and such.
Bubbles JR.(Cuddling Octi) This is the bestest stuffed animal ever.
Bubbles(Kissing Bubbles JR.) Just like you're the bestest daughter ever.
David(Shivering) If-you-bring-her-back-she'll-be-your-villian-again-and-she-threatened-to-make-me-her-daughter-if-she-ever-came-back.
Bubbles(Spinning around) She won't be a villain if my sister's, their daughter's, Bubbles JR., her, and I joined forces.
David(Backing up) But you stand for goodness she just wants to buy her way into the super hero world.
Bubbles(Giggling) Goodness what do you know about goodness? Ever since our first fight with her my sister's and I have been in discussion about making her an honorary Powerpuff Girl just more evil.
A heart pumped blood into the muscle tissue and bones forming organs and skin clothes forming next being silk purple panties with the word Princess in the back in rhinestones, a silk purple bra, a jean mini skirt decorated with glitter and a white button up blouse.
Bubbles JR.(Punching the air) You better hope you're as good a villain as your Mama or my nieces and I will turn you into mincemeat.
David(Gulping) Uhhhhhhhh why don't we become friends instead? You know kind of like how your mom and my new mom are.
Bubbles JR.(Punching David) Sorry but my Mama made me with so much sugar, spice, and everything nice with a load of chemical X mixed in that I can't help but play the hero.
Arms, legs, a mid section, a head with dark, red, hair, with curly poofs appeared on the body. a small purple skirt, a small yellow sweater with a button up blouse, matching violet shoes and a gold suit appearing next to it a sneer on the girl's face.
Girl(Chuckling) I bet you thought you'd never see me again bastard.
David(Grinning nervously)Princess my main girl I missed you so much. So what have you been up to?
Princess(Grabbing David) I've been watching the maggots eat my eye sockets but since I'm back now I have new plans for you and I.
David gulped being led to the small clothes Princess beaming the whole time.
Princess(Pinning David to the ground) I warned you that if I ever came back I'd make you my daughter and I'm not the all talk no action type of girl.
Princess ripped David's clothes off cackling evilly underwear materializing out of nowhere with Princess unfolding the underwear.
Princess(Chuckling) Look at it this way at least you'll be wealthy and Mama will buy you whatever you want.
David: Look I know you hate me but there are ways to deal with that anger.
Princess(Kneeling down in front of him) I am dealing with it by making my murderer my daughter and taking my anger away all in one fail swoop.
Before David could respond Princess forced modern white cotton underwear over his butt and it shrank with Princess' eyes were dripping with evil.
Princess(Giggling) What once was big is now so tiny and the rest of your body will soon join your butt.
David(Punching Princess) Not if I can help it.
David made to punch Princess but her hand caught his fist muscles forming on her arms and hands a cackle escaping her stomach.
Princess: Awwwwwwwwwww what's the matter can't handle a wittle muscle ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.
David screamed in pain as Princess grabbed the purple skirt pulling it up to David's waist it growing as small as his butt,
Princess(Beaming) See you can't help it because once I say I'm going to do something I do it.
David(Weak) You-know-I'm-not-the-only-one-that-hates-you-Bubbles-Blossom-Buttercup-they-have-daughters-now.
Princess(Showing David contracts) They work for me now and you became public enemy numero uno on their list but you have powers up the ass so no worries there.
Princess forced the button up blouse and yellow sweater over David next a black spandex suit materializing onto him as well.
Princess(Grinning) Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh yes the spandex hot, sweaty, uncomfortable, and the stuff I wore under that supersuit.
David gasped in fear seeing his whole body except his feet smaller.
Princess(Picking up white socks) I hope you like ruffles because I was ga, ga over them at your age.
Princess forced white ruffly socks on David's feet purple shoes joining them.
Princess: Now the gold suit will act as a magnet attracting to that teeny, weeny, wittle, body, of yours.
As Princess said this the gold supersuit attracted to David and Princess' eyes dripping with evil pushed a button in the middle of the suit the button glowing pink.
Princess: That button Mama just pushed is going to make Morbucks blood drain into you making you bitter, spoiled, and money hungry.
David screamed his body molding to the suit tubes being shoved into his arms a purple glittery liquid draining into his arms.
Princess: I'll get you my pretty and your little friends too.
David moaned in pain as his blood now filled the tubes feeding the suit he was wearing with Princess laughing triumphantly.
Princess(Throwing David a briefcase) This should be enough for technological gizmos and whatnot.
David(Weak) Can't-fight-much-longer. body-hurts-need-sanctuary-for-the-pain-please-make-it-stop.
Princess(Walking up to him) Not a chance you watched me suffer now I'll have that liberty until the suit is fed enough of your blood making it yours forever and you my bundle of joy.
David's blood stopped flowing and he found resisting the thought of being a Morbucks impossible and his body finally molded into a 5 year old girl's body his eyes dripping with evil like Princess'.
Princess(Laughing triumphantly) Now no one sleeps.
Bubbles JR.: Goodie you mean Santa?
Bubbles JR.: Well someone's on the naughty list aren't they?
David(Picking up the briefcase) Yea but I have a plan to change Christmas forever.
Bubbles JR.(Scared) W-W-W-W-W-W-What are you g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-going to d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-do?
David(Making candy cane stakes and electric rods) You'll just have to follow me and see Pipsqueak.
Bubbles JR.(Crying) Mama she can't ruin Christmas can she?
Bubbles(Shrugging) Her mom did so like mama like daughter I guess.
Bubbles JR.(Flying off) Then I'll need reinforcements.
Princess(Ruffling David's hair) I think you stand a fighting chance with the stakes, electric rods, suit, and money to buy whatever you want.
David(Smiling with dimples) Then can I have a sleigh, eight reindeer, a sack, a forcefield for the suit, and laser's on the sleigh?
Princess sneered running off to get everything for David his new daughter so he could succeed where she failed.
David(Putting on a Santa suit) Ho, Ho, Hooooooooooooo Merry Christmas to me and nobody else.
Princess: Better get the industrial sleigh it looks like snow and that sack will definitely be huge and weighing the sleigh down by the end of the night.
David(Kissing Princess' cheek) Mama you've thought of everything now I'm going to order the servants to get me all the industrial sized stuff you say I need.
Princess screamed with laughter seeing her daughter take on all her traits she had at 5 including her bossiness.
Princess(Smiling) Great to have a bossy voice around the mansion once again.
Princess(Walking up to David) Well I believe you just may surpass me as the boss of the house.
Servant: Mrs. Lexi ma'am industrial sized sleigh equipped with two lasers, one cold soda fountain, one industrial sized sack, and eight tiny reindeer.
Lexi Morbucks Princess' daughter walked around the sled inspecting everything stopping at the front of it.
Lexi: Where's Rudolph and my snack machine?
Servant: Rudolph and snack machine?
Servant: Ma'am do you know how long it would take to install a snack machine? and red nosed reindeers don't exist.
Lexi(Grabbing a siren) Here let me show you how to make a red nosed reindeer you incompetent idiot.
Lexi super glued the siren that had a red light to the reindeer leading the sleigh's nose giving the servant a never question me again look.
Lexi: And I want a hot chocolate maker mini marshmallows included and that snack machine. Make it snappy stealing Christmas isn't going to be put on hold because of you.
The servant muttered and installed Lexi's hot chocolate machine equipped with mini marshmallows, snack machine making nachos and brownies, then for good measure a Christmas cookies machine and a milk machine.
Lexi: Nice touch now move I have a holiday to ruin and when Townsville' children wake up the decorations, presents, ham, sides, stockings, and fireplace logs will be gone.
Servant(Bowing at Lexi) The sleigh has buttons and doodads plus a vacuum function that should make stealing Christmas easier.
Princess: Your suit has a vacuum function too.
Lexi(Skipping away) And a forcefield too right?
Princess: Yes the sleigh and suit has that function.
Lexi(Beaming) Excellent I'd like to see the Powderpuff Girls beat me now.
Bubbles: I'll be home waiting for Bubbles JR. a first aid kit handy.
Lexi jumped into the sleigh, sprinkled fairy dust, made a cup of hot chocolate, grabbed a cookie and waited for the sleigh to move.
Lexi(Whipping the lead deer) Mush Rudolph you lazy deer.
The lead deer flew off Lexi cackling as the sleigh was bringing her to the North Pole first.
What happens next read part 4 Twas The Fight Before Christmas II and reply to part 3
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