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Chapter 4 The Fight Before Christmas Again

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The girls are once again summoned to The North Pole to fight another villain

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Lexi guided the sleigh to the North Pole where she saw it was being heavily guarded.
Lexi(Activating her lasers) Well no one said it would be easy but I live for obstacles the harder the better.
Penguins in tiny suits of armor threw bombs at Lexi as she pushed a button and a transparent bubble covered her.
Lexi(Beaming) Forcefield compliments of my Mama Princess Alexis Morbucks.
The bombs bounced off Lexi and bounded towards the penguins blowing them all up.
Lexi(Laughing and shaking her head) Honestly an army of bomb toting penguins you better do better than that ST. Nick.
Lexi got back in the sled making it move further down the North Pole not seeing Blossom JR., Buttercup JR., and Bubbles JR. following close behind.
Lexi(Whipping Rudolph) Mush stupid deer MUSH, MUSH, MUSH, MUSHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!
Rudolph was off at a fast gallop and flew the other deer following suit Lexi looking at a blinking dot on her radar.
Lexi(Sneering) Here I come Kringle and that naughty list will have three very naughty girls on it.
Polar bears were Lexi's next obstacle and she had the perfect torture for them.
Lexi(Grabbing hair clippers) Alright bears time for you to make me a new wardrobe.
The bears growled running at Lexi with her sleigh lasers making quick work of them.
Lexi(Walking up to the mama and papa bear) A little wounded are we? Well now you're going to be wounded, cold, and a nice pair of cozy slippers.
Lexi pulled a katana sword from her back chopping the heads off of both mama and papa polar bear, cutting out their tongues, and cleaning the blood hollowing out the mouths for her feet.
Lexi(Beaming) You're next runty, orphaned, bear cubs. You'll make a nice coat and nightgown for me.
Lexi cackled avoiding the bear cubs cries shaving them molding their fur into a coat and a nighgown.
Lexi(Cackling) Authentic polar bear attire just what I wanted for Christmas.
Lexi sighed in ecstasy at how warm she was as she took off again the three supers making themselves scarce but still close behind Lexi.
Lexi(Giggling) Bring it on Santa because once I get to you and I will you're going to wish you never met me.
Bubbles JR.(Shivering) Poor-polar-bear-cubs-they-will-never-have-a-mommy-or-daddy-ever-again. All-because-Lexi-wanted-to-be-comfy-cozy-and-warm.
Blossom JR.(Blowing into her hands) At-least-she-was-smart-enough-to- use- their-fur-and-heads-to-her-advantage.
Buttercup JR(Scowling) Shut up you two whiners she's going to find out we're following her.
A gust of wind and snow swept Bubbles JR., Blossom JR., and Buttercup JR. the three of them turning blue from the cold.
Bubbles JR.: Ohhhhhhhhhhhh-are-we-almost-there?
Buttercup JR duct taped Bubbles JR's mouth shut and Blossom JR. about to complain snapped her mouth shut seeing Buttercup JR. meant business.
Lexi full out belly laughed seeing her next obstacle WereSnowmen.
Lexi: This should be easy enough I mean their snow and I have rocket boots meaning fire which melts snow.
WereSnowman(Handing Lexi a present) Happy Birthday.
Lexi(Melting him) Can it Frosty it's my birthday and my wish is to permanently put myself on Santa's nice list.
The fire from Lexi's rocket boots made quick work of half the WereSnowmen.
WereSnowmen(Trying to grab Lexi) Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday.
Lexi(Pointing behind her) Grab them three it's they're birthday too.
Bubbles JR., Buttercup JR., and Blossom JR. were snatched from the sky and hung upside down in a frozen cave.
Lexi(Flying away in her reindeer) Sayonara Suckers ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, haaaaaaaaaaaa. Next time you Powderpuffs should remember I have radar and you don't.
The WereSnowmen molded together becoming an abominable snowman Lexi gasping sarcastically as the abominable snowman bounded after her.
Lexi(Sarcastically) Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh noooooooooooo please don't grab me. Whatever will I do with my sleigh's twin turbine rocket engines?
The abominable snowman didn't even have time to blink as a jet of flame met him and he became a puddle of slush and water.
Lexi: Gotta fly Powderpuff's Santa's nice list awaits and thanks to my friends the WereSnowmen I have zero competition he, he, he, he, he, he, he, he, heeeeeeeeeeee.
The sleigh being pulled by Rudolph roared to life and flew off for Santa's Workshop the main mission still stuck in Lexi's brain.
Lexi: No more obstacles I see the red lights blinking on the neon sign of Santa's Workshop and nothing's getting in my way now.
Lexi landed her sleigh and dashed into the darkness making sure not to be seen by any of Santa's elves.
Lexi: Dirty Little Midgets I have a plan to get rid of you too.
Lexi grabbed her extra sack knowing it would come in handy.
Lexi(Opening her sack) Alright elves time to get smothered by a girl inches taller than you.
Lexi walked into the workshop seeing millions of elves working on making toys.
Lexi(Grabbing a megaphone) Alright dwarves I want to know where Santa keeps his list and I want to know now.
Head Elf: Excuse me, coming through, move out of my way, head elf coming through. Little girl how did you get to the North Pole?
Lexi(Throwing the head elf in the sack) Let's try this again midgets. Where is the nice and naughty list that Santa keeps?
The elves gulped staring up at this giant five year old all of them pointing to a room where a snoring greeted Lexi.
Lexi(Opening her sack) Thanks for the secret info dwarves. Now to capture you, throw you into the cold, and get my name on that nice list.
Lexi activated her rocket boots making the sack scoop up every last elf laughing maniacally as she did it.
Lexi(Smiling Pridefully) No more elves to make toys for good little boys and girls what a shame.
Lexi tossed the sack into the snow giggling at the elves tiny screams as their feet touched the snow from the sack.
Lexi(Rubbing her hands together evilly) Naughty and nice list here I come.
Lexi crept into the darkened room snoring being the only sound and the snoring was coming from a young boy.
Lexi(Whispering) This will be easier than I thought. ST. Nick you're getting rusty.
Lexi found two pieces of paper under glass domes and she snickered triumphantly seeing the nice list and naughty list.
Lexi(Grabbing a quill and an eraser) Alexis Anne Morbucks goes from naughty to nice. Bubbles JR., Buttercup JR., and Blossom JR are very naughty. ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, haaaaaaaaaaaa I did it I actually did it.
Lexi didn't notice the two shadows behind her one big, fat and outstretched, the other her size, skinny, and outstretched.
Lexi(Beaming) Done and done now to leave my Christmas list, head home, drink hot chocolate on the way, and sleep waiting for my presents tomorrow mor-
Before Lexi could finish the fat shadow grabbed her and spun her around and she was face to face with Santa and his son Christopher.
Santa: Ho, ho, hoooooooooooo Mery Christmas you little assassin. Now let me show you how we deal with assassins.
Christopher tied tinsel around Lexi's arms and legs him not being Santa's real son had no idea his mom was on her way to claim him.
Lexi(Struggling) Let me go fatso and mini fatso I was just doing what my mom couldn't.
Santa(Grabbing his list) Wait I don't believe it her name's the only name on the nice list.
Lexi(Beaming) As I said I was just doing what my mom couldn't do. I put every one of those snot nosed Townsville children on the permanent naughty list like you did to my mom.
Christopher(An odd look on his face) Wait we look the same can't you see it?
Lexi(Beaming) Sure I can from our freckled cheeks to our orange puffy hair.
Christopher: It's a sign I think you may be a relative of mine.
Lexi: Duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I'm your sister now untie me and let's get you home for milk and Christmas cookies.
A blast was heard as Princess now with a diamond studded suit threw bombs through the workshop's windows.
Princess: Hold on one cotton picking minute I never wanted two kids that's why Lexi over there has artificial Morbucks blood making her expendable.
Lexi: Hahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I'm expendable- WAIT WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY?
Princess: It was all too easy really see John the boy Blossom took was the only person who knew where my Christopher was.
Blossom(Flying in beaming) Yep and John's loose tongue sealed David's fate.
Princess(Heels clicking) See John told David where my Christopher was and I think you've had him long enough Clause.
Lexi: What about me?
Princess: Well Santa seems to like raising kids that aren't his so that solves that problem.
Santa(Looking down at Lexi) I'm going to ho, ho, ho the bad Christmas spirit out of you.
Princess(Taking Christopher's hand) Come along Chris we have much to discuss.
Christopher(Approaching the naughty nice list) FYI Genius you did it all wrong. See signing is step one but signing in quill ink it can be erased signing in blood is much better.
An elf shivered crawling through the window Blossom JR., Bubbles JR. and Buttercup JR. icecicles growing on them followed close behind.
Blossom JR: GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR you are so going to get it Lexi.
Lexi(Struggling) I'm tied up in tinsel here can we maybe reschedule?
Bubbles JR: How does right now sound?
Buttercup JR: Who's the boy pricking his finger by the nice and naughty list?
Lexi(Beaming) Your new villain seeing I'm just an artificial Morbucks.
Christopher(Pressing his finger to the nice list) Taduhhhhhhhhhh permanent nice list status goes to Alana Morbucks.
Princess(Eyes dripping with evil) Come along Alana we have a Christmas to spend together.
Christopher(Shrugging) I always did like the name Alana now to make some enemies permanent nice list holders.
Princess(Beaming) Looks like he also knows how to handle the Powerpuffs better than you.
Lexi(Biting the tinsel) Ewwwwwwwwwww it tastes like plastic. How did you three escape anyhow?
Blossom JR: My quick thinking, Buttercup JR's bravery, and Bubbles JR with her integrity got us out. Well that and our fire breath thank God for chemical X.
Bubbles JR., Blossom JR., and Buttercup JR flew to the permanent nice list and Christopher pricked their finger with them pressing their fingers to the list.
Christopher: Good luck being Santa and Mrs. Clause' child. They have high standards even when Christmas is over.
Bubbles JR.: Before she becomes Santa's Helper girl's what do you say we take what's rightfully Christopher's from Lexi?
The three girl's sneered their shadows swallowing Lexi whole.
Lexi(Looking scared) What exactly did you have in-
Lexi couldn't finish as all her clothes including her gold suit, school attire, Santa suit, and polar bear costume were forced off of her.
Princess(Taking the clothes) Again ST. Nick thanks for taking care of my son and Lexi good luck being Santa's Helper.
Blossom JR.(Flying off) Race you home girl's.
Bubbles JR.(Flying after her) No fair you had a head start.
Buttercup JR.(Stouting) Heyyyyyyyyyyy wait for me.
Lexi(Growling) I'll get you for this Powderpuffs, Princess, and Alana Morbucks.
Princess(Leading Christopher to Lexi's sled.
Princess(Undressing Christopher) I'd dress quickly if I were you it's like below zero out here.
Christopher stared in envy at the polar bear suit Lexi made first as Princess draped it over him.
Princess(Handing Christopher the Santa suit) This may keep you warmer, Candy cane undies are included.
Christopher wasted no time as icecicles started growing on his body and he ripped them off throwing the Santa suit on quickly.
Princess(Beaming) Great now we drape the polar bear suit over you again then we get you home and into a warm bed.
A candy cane stake was thrown at Christopher pinning him to the sled with Lexi cackling skipping up in another polar bear suit.
Lexi: Meet your maker Alana and her names Alexis Bethany Kringle seeing I'm no longer a Morbucks.
Princess(Sucking the candy cane stake) Nice try Alexis but when you've been around as long as I have you learn a thing or two.
Lexi: Yea like what how to get little girls' hopes up?
Princess(Producing the smaller candy cane stake) Nope just a thing or two on candy canes like if you suck on them they get smaller and smaller.
Christopher: Even I knew that and I thought girls were smart.
Lexi: Yea well, well, well, well I have more gadgets up my sleeve.
Christopher: Smarter ones I hope Dummy.
Princess(Kissing Christopher's cheek) He's got my mouth already. What a little hellion.
Lexi(Grabbing a sack) I'll just smother the both of-
Before Lexi could finish Princess pulled out a diamond studded laser shooting the sack setting it on fire.
Princess(Beaming) Taduh fire compliments of White Diamondback.
Lexi: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh drop and roll drop and rolllllllllllllll.
Christopher(Yawning) Are we done here because my maker is starting to bore me.
Wolves howled in the distance as Christopher's body shrank molding to the clothes.
Christopher(Spinning around) I really should thank you for the polar bear furred wardrobe it's extra warm on a night like this.
Lexi: You have no idea how worthy an enemy I am.
Christopher(Laughing) Yea-with-candy-canes-and-big-sacks-oh-brother-where-do-you-get-your-material?
Lexi(Growling) Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr if you think it's so easy to be a villain then do it.
Christopher(Hugging Princess) It's easy for me because White Diamondback is my mom and she's made of money literally.
Lexi(Walking off) Great just be sure to let your friends/ enemies the little heroes know that Alexis Bethany Kringle is in the villain game.
Christopher(Sitting in the sleigh) Sure I'll tell them you're in the villain game as the biggest joke ever.
Princess(Grabbing the reins) Mush deer back to Townsville where a warm bed awaits me and my daughter.
Lexi: Yea and tomorrow being Christmas day you better hope you get presents from my dad under the tree you spoiled brat.
Christopher(Beaming) I'm not spoiled yet but I'm sure once I become a Morbucks little girl I will be.
Lexi: Great and as I said if being a villain is so easy I'd love to see you do it.
Princess(Pulling Christopher closer to her for warmth) We'd love to stay and listen to you complain on how hard being a villain is but we have hot chocolate in here and a snack station as well.
Christopher(Cackling) Meet my first act as a Townsville villain stupid I have to have it all spoiled brat.
The sleigh took off spraying snow all over Lexi Princess and Christopher laughing their way out of The North Pole.
Lexi(Grumbling) That's right laugh it up jerks. Once I train enough I'll be the evilest villain ever and Alana Morbucks is on my antihero list first.
Lexi shook herself free of the snow like a dog and trudged back into Santa's workshop finding an unoccupied room making it her new villain hideout.
Lexi(Flexing her muscles) Time to get even with Fancy Pants Alana Morbucks and her friends the Powderpuffs.
Lexi cackled blue sparks emitting from the room all the elves already scared of Lexi since she threw them in the snow stayed far away from that room.
Santa: Great job little guys I'm proud of each and every one of you. Now I'm off to deliver presents to Townsville.
Lexi(Running after Santa) Papa wait up I would like to come along. I mean if it's the family business shouldn't I get to see how the whole sleigh riding around the world works?
Santa(Looking down at Lexi) I guess but no slowing me down I'm on a tight schedule here.
Lexi(Jumping into the sleigh) Goodie and I won't slow you down daddy I promise. I'm just so excited to visit all around the world with you.
Santa took off as Lexi sneered having a special gift in mind for Alana and the Junior Powerpuffs.
Lexi(Sneering) They may be getting presents but I'm going to give them something hard to play with or get rid of.
Lexi laughed gleefully her plan being her most devious one ever.
Princess landed Christopher's new sleigh on the Utonium's roof giggling having plans for her and the professor tonight.
Princess(Leading Christopher inside) Now let's get these black spandex and gold suit on you which will end your transformation My Little Freckle Cheeks.
Christopher(Picking up the spandex) Good because I can't wait to be a little girl obsessed with tea parties, stuffed animals, clothes and other girly things.
Princess: That's My Little Freckle Cheeks. I'll show you to your new room and introduce you to your new sisters and makeover artists.
Christopher shrugged undressing from the Santa and polar bear suit putting the black spandex on as Princess pressed the middle button on the gold suit it attracting to Christopher like he was a magnet.
Princess(Taking his hand) Now follow me and you'll meet your new sisters Alana.
Princess opened the door to the Junior Powerpuff's room a space in their room and a space on the bed reserved for Alana.
Princess: Have fun My Little Freckle Cheeks I know they will because they're your makeover artists now.
Bubbles JR.(Gleefully) I call makeup.
Blossom JR.: I call hair.
Buttercup JR.: And I call attitude or as Bubbles JR calls it catitude.
Princess: That leaves your's truly with clothes not that I'm complaining.
Christopher grew smaller the spandex and gold suit taking over making him Alana MaryAnne Morbucks about to be deemed the last Utonium girl.
Bubbles JR.(Pulling Alana) Follow us we will never steer you wrong because when it comes to sisterly bonds we have the biggest and best.
Alana(Smiling) Great let's make this Morbucks a Utonium shall we?
Bubbles JR. pulled out a powder blue case containing more makeup than any five year old should have.
Bubbles JR.(Tapping Alana's side of the bed) Up you get newest sis and I'll make your face, fingers, and toes beautiful.
Alana sat close to Bubbles JR. and she applied eyeshadow, mascara, lipstick, finger nail, and toe nail polish also adding glittery stickers on Alana's fingers and toes.
Bubbles JR.: Pizazzy I couldn't have done this better myself oh wait I did do it myself.
Blossom JR.(Grabbing a brush) My hair expertise and I are next now tell me the hair style you want and I'll make that style.
Alana: Half pony in the back if you don't mind. I've always wanted a half pony.
Blossom JR. got to work and made quick work of Alana's hair spritzing it with water and making a half pony in no time.
Blossom JR.: One half pony in the back hot of the brush I guess you could say.
Buttercup JR.: The only thing you need to learn about attitude newest sis is this. Find something to give you confidence mine is found in my mom's old, ratty, green blanket.
Alana(Producing a stuffed lion) This is Growly Pants and he's my confidence so get used to seeing him wherever I am from morning till night.
Princess(Walking into the girls room) Here's your clothes My Little Freckle Cheeks now brush your teeth and get your PJ's on girls.
Girls: Yes Mama.
The girls walked into the bathroom brushing their teeth Professor Utonium had love in his eyes for Princess.
Professor: Why don't we get ready for bed ourselves?
Princes(Giggling) Well we are engaged to be married so ok we'll get ready for bed.
Professor(Leading Princess away) Girls be good and get to bed early Santa's coming tonight while you three sleep.
The girls all having super powers flew into bed snuggling close for warmth and closed their eyes Growly Pants, Octi, and Buttercup Juniors donated green blanket joining the mix.
Alana(Yawning) Goodnight-girls-I'm-glad-my-mom-and-your-dad-are-getting-married-because-I-have-three-new-sister's-and-they're-the-best-sisters-a-girl-can-ask-for.
The three other girl's hugged Alana as she clutched Growly Pants close and drifted off the three girls clutching their things and doing the same having no idea that Lexi and Santa were on their way.
Santa's sleigh zoomed into Townsville a statue of the original girls constructed in gold near city hall Lexi loathing that statue.
Lexi: There you see they've been heroes for centuries and they get a statue. I've been a villain for three days and I've got no statue. Where's my statue?
Santa: Those girls have been around longer than you have. Considering there are no villain statues anywhere I doubt you'll get one.
Lexi: That's my Christmas wish Papa I want a statue made in my honor in 24 karat gold with diamonds encrusted in it.
Santa(Ruffling Lexi's hair) Be good and we'll see what your daddy can do for you.
Lexi(Sneering) No presents for me this year.
Santa: What was that?
Lexi(Hugging Santa) Nothing daddy I was talking to myself.
Santa(Landing the sleigh) Last stop of the night the Utonium's then we can go home and celebrate Christmas as a family.
Santa slid down the chimney as Lexi joined him evil dripping in her eyes.
Santa(Whispering) You go fill the stockings, I'll put the presents under the tree, then we'll be home in no time.
Lexi(Dropping gifts into four stockings) There now I have a special gift for four stupid, pushy, bratty, little girls,
Santa: Watch your mouth Missy those four are on the permanent nice list.
Lexi(Walking upstairs) Yea well they're going to get the greatest gift of their lives. They're finally going to get what they deserve.
Lexi walked into the girls room and found them snuggled close red spots all over Lexi as she snickered ready to get even with her four enemies.
Lexi(Sticking her tongue out over Alana) I hope you four had the chicken pox.
Alana moaned as Lexi licked her then took her clothes off ready to rub her germs on the other three.
Lexi(Rubbing her underwear on Bubbles JR.) Have some pox peppy.
Lexi laughed hysterically taking her sox and shoes rubbing them all over Blossom Junior.
Lexi(Grinning) A pox on my pox oh so fearless leader.
Lexi let her hair out and swished it on Buttercup Junior then she licked her, rubbed her underwear on her, and rubbed her sox and shoes all over her.
Lexi(Jumping down from the bed) Let's see how tough you are against germ warfare you little pukes.
Lexi got dressed and skipped off Santa waiting at the front door for her.
Santa(Looking down at her) It looks like your chicken pox are better Alexis my sweet little girl.
Lexi(Beaming) I guess I just have an awesome immune system.
Lexi also licked Growly Pants, Octi, and Buttercup Junior's hand me down blanket forgetting to find a confidence booster of Blossom's to lick.
Lexi: It's ok they'll all have pox seeing my socks and shoes were rubbed all over her face.
The chicken pox virus spread quickly the girls arms, legs, tummy's, and feet covered in chicken pox.
Lexi(Beaming) Germ warfare can't be beat. Come tomorrow morning they'll have Christmas presents mine being the best one he, he, he, he, he, he, heeeeeeeeeeee.
Lexi and Santa flew off Alana moaning and turning over scratching herself everywhere.
Alana(Scratching) Oww, oww, oww, oww, ouch owieeeeeeeeeee girls wake up I'm itchy.
The three girl's woke up also extremely itchy and they found a present saying To The Powderpuffs From Your Best Friend Lexi.
Bubbles JR.(Scratching) Open it maybe it's aloemine lotion.
Blossom JR.(Itching her face) It's Calamine lotion Bubbles not aloemine.
Bubbles JR.: Whatever just open it, open it, open it and quick I need calamine lotion now.
Buttercup JR.(Ripping open the box) well it's not lotion but sick pictures of Lexi spreading her germs on us and our things.
Alana(Angry) What-do-you-mean-our-things?
Buttercup JR.(Showing Alana a picture) See she rubbed Growly Pants, Octi, Blossom's hair, and my blankie all over her naked body.
Alana(Balling her hands into fists) If I ever see Alana again my super scream is going to meet her ears and my fists will meet her body.
Buttercup Junior(Beaming) There's the attitude I taught you.
Alana(Looking out the window) She must have come here with Santa already.
Blossom Junior(Flying off) Well what are we waiting for Christmas? Let's go ladies.
The girls zoomed off for the North Pole ready to confront Lexi and her germs.
Once the girls got to Santa's Workshop they caught Lexi jumping from Santa's sleigh and he hurried off seeing the chicken pox on the girls.
Santa(Running off) Play nice girls and give Lexi what she deserves.
Alana(Floating above the ground) Don't worry we will Clause.
Santa locked Lexi out and Alana pinned her to the nearest igloo growling at her as Lexi sneered at her prey.
Lexi(Snickering) What you four didn't like my present?
Lexi(Cackling) What? It's the gift that keeps on giving.
Bubbles Junior(Rubbing Octi) Poor Octi you're disease ridden now too. But I'm a really good nurse if you'll be a really good patient.
Blossom Junior(Rubbing her hair) This was all over your sweaty body disgusting.
Buttercup Junior(Hugging her blanket) I am a good superhero I am a good superhero.
Alana: You deflowered Growly Pants' good nature you stupid shrimp.
Lexi(Struggling) We're-the-same-size-now-let-me-go-before-I-lick-you-to-death.
Alana(Pushing harder) You-wouldn't-dare.
Lexi(Rolling out her tongue) Try me Powderpuff and Growly Pants.
Alana squeaked in fear Lexi having the one thing she feared germs.
Alana(Her tongue getting closer dripping with saliva) Now let me go and make this a fair fight.
Bubbles Junior: Don't do it Alana she's not going to play fair.
Lexi giggled evilly her tongue becoming longer wrapping Alana in it making her squeak and mumble in fear.
Lexi(Raising her arms) I'm your toughest villain ever because I know all of your deepest, darkest, fears.
Bubbles Junior shrieked loudly her sound waves making Lexi cringe and her tongues released a saliva filled Alana.
Alana(Making a disgusted face) Pox saliva, pox saliva, pox saliva, pox saliva, eww, eww, eww, eww, eeewwwwwwwwwwwww.
Lexi(Beaming) Anybody up for more pox germs?
Alana(Backing up) No I've had my fill thanks.
Blossom Junior(Flying at Lexi) You don't know my fears I don't have any.
Lexi(Grabbing Blossom) Except finding somebody prettier, more popular, and smarter than you.
Lexi's body morphed until she was prettier than Blossom and people materialized all worshiping Lexi and her head was fit to burst a black vein pulsating in the middle of it.
Lexi(Throwing Blossom on the ground) I'm prettier, cooler, and smarter than little old you so hah, hah, hah, hah, hah.
Blossom Junior(Backing away) No it's not possible, I'm the prettiest, most popular, smartest girl in school you can’t be- Wait what's happening to my brain?
Lexi(Beaming) My brains feeding off of it now back off before I make you the dumbest Kindergartner in Pokey Oaks Elementary School.
Blossom weak from the brain drain backed away as Lexi cackled looking from Bubbles Junior to Buttercup Junior.
Lexi: Anybody else care to see their fears?
Buttercup Junior(Punching Lexi) I unlike Blossom Junior have no fears so why not show me my zero fears.
Lexi(Opening her mouth) Ok you asked for it. I hope you don't have a huge attachment to that green blankie of yours.
Buttercup Junior(Eyes going wide) Wait what are you going to do?
Lexi(Sucking in air) Showing you my set of lungs and what it does to cherished family heirlooms.
Air sucked Buttercup Junior's blanket into Lexi's mouth and she swallowed it whole chuckling down at Buttercup Junior.
Lexi(Bragging) I took your confidence, I took your confidence, I took your confidence hah, hah, hah, hah, hah, hahhhhhhhhhhhhh.
Lexi's cheeks bulged and she puked Buttercup Junior's blanket up as she snatched it up throwing up from the smell decorating her blanket more.
Lexi(Laughing triumphantly) Three down one to go.
Bubbles Junior(Attempting to fly off) No thanks I have dark fears really dark fears and tons of them so please let me go.
Lexi(Getting eye to eye with Bubbles Junior) Awwwwwwwwww but you haven't met my little friends yet.
Bubbles Junior(Squeaking) Little-friends-what-little-friends?
Lexi(Shaking Santa's present sack) These little friends and boy are they happy to be free from that sack.
Bubbles Junior screamed in fear as worms, lizards, snakes, and cockroaches covered Lexi's body and her laughter boomed as she became queen of the amphibians and insects.
Lexi(Throwing 12 FT. snakes around Bubbles Junior) See I've become stronger than the four of you because I know what scares you four most kind of like HIM but Santa's helper and gadgets up the butt.
Lexi didn't see Alana coming until it was too late and Alana punched her down from her throne.
Alana(Shaking herself free from saliva) Yea well we know your darkest fear too and it's about time you paid up.
Buttercup Junior lashed her throwup blanket around Lexi and Blossom Junior marched up sucking her brain until the black vein appeared on Blossom Junior's head instead of Lexi's.
Blossom Junior: You forget our parents had battles with HIM and we know the easiest way to beat HIM is by conquering our fears.
Buttercup Junior(Grabbing a blanket from Lexi) I got your confidence, I got your confidence, I got your confidence hah, hah, hah, hah, hah, hahhhhh.
Buttercup Junior swallowed the blanket whole then threw it up like Lexi did to her and she shrieked throwing up like Buttercup Junior did when she got her blanket back.
Bubbles Junior(Giggling) Slimy things aren't so bad here Lexi how about a 12 FT. snake for luck.
The snake covered everything on Lexi except her face as Alana skipped up licking Lexi's face like a dog seeing the freckles on Lexi's face disappear.
Alana(Rubbing her stomach) MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM hot fudge freckles my favorite. At least mine are authentic which is a big word for real.
Lexi(Moaning) Ok you Powderpuffs beat me now release me so I can make another plan to beat you guys.
Bubbles Junior(Yawning) I'm-sleepy-how-about-the-rest-of-you?
Alana(Looking down at herself beaming) Guess who's pox free and present opening ready?
Buttercup, Blossom, and Bubbles Junior: We are, we are, we are, we are, we aaarrreee.
Lexi screamed seeing spots grow all over her body as Santa walked up with two polar bear guards in a sleigh with a police siren on it.
Santa(Cuffing Lexi) Alexis Annabeth Kringle you have the right to remain silent.
Santa: Anything you say will be used against you in a court of law which in this case are these polar bears.
Santa: You have the right to a penguin attorney if you can't afford a penguin attorney one will be provided to you during questioning.
Santa(Grabbing Lexi) Do you understand these rights as they have been read to you?
Santa(Counting on his fingers) False love, germ warfare, using these poor girl's fears against them you can pick or chose.
Lexi got handed over to the polar bear guards as she struggled determined to have the last word with the Powerpuff Girls.
Alana(Sticking her tongue out at Princess) Nah nahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh we have presents at home and will every Christmas thanks to us being on the permanent nice list
Alana(Smiling with dimples) Who me Santa? How can little old me be as bad as a villain says I am? I mean she's a villain which just breeds evil.
Santa(Hugging Alana) Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww now how can a sweet girl with dimples be so bad?
Bubbles Junior(Rubbing her eyes and yawning) Sorry-to-be-rude-Santa-but-are-we-done-here? Because-I’m-really-tired-seeing-a-heroes-work-is-never-done.
Santa(Smiling down at her) Sure get home you four tomorrow's Christmas and you'll all love what you got.
The four girls flew off at top speed reaching their beds in no time and they closed their eyes just as Princess and Professor Utonium checked in on them finishing present wrapping.
Princess(Whispering) The poor things are all tuckered out. I'm sure the news can tell us what they were up to.
Professor(Smoking a pipe) Oh I'm sure and I can only imagine what four super powered little girls can be doing out past midnight.
Princess kissed the four girls' foreheads and once she saw all four girls shivering pulled the blankets to their chins liking the satisfaction being a mother gave her. Tucking them in along with Growly Pants and Octi.
Princess(Grabbing Buttercup Junior's blanket) Eww this smells like throw up I think a good washing can fix that.
Professor: Here I'll show you where the laundry room is and also how to clean that blanket seeing I have a history of cleaning it.
Princess(Walking off) Ok then we should get to bed ourselves seeing the girls will definitely be early risers like I was as a little girl.
The professor turned the water to hot and dropped the blanket in gagging from the smell of it.
Princess(Pouring detergent in) Tumble dry right?
The professor nodded as Princess and him headed for their room and turned the news on.
News Anchor: That's right Carol tonight was a special night for the Junior Powerpuffs from Townsville. They were summoned by their arch nemesis Santa's Helper AKA former Morbucks Alexis Annabeth Kringle.
Princess: Awwwwwwwwww the poor things.
News Anchor: Apparently as Santa put it Lexi snuck into the Utoniums house and gave the four supers chicken pox.
Professor(Crinkling his newspaper) That fiend.
News Anchor: The supers weren't going to take pox lying down so they flew to the North Pole where they were met with their darkest enemy yet.
Princess(Standing up) I'm just going to check if their ok.
Professor(Holding Princess down) Their fine you have to learn like I did that there will be danger being a parent of a superhero.
Princess(Lying back down) Maybe your right Honey Bear.
News Anchor: Alexis knew all of the girls greatest fears and at first it looked like the girls were going to wave the white flag.
Princess moaned wanting to bolt from the room and kiss all her daughters once again.
News Anchor: But the girl's thought quick on their feet and were able to defeat Alexis by conquering their fears together.
Princess: That's our girls.
Professor(Kissing Princess) You can say that again.
News Anchor: Long story short the four pint sized heroes made sure Alexis was imprisoned for her actions tonight and Santa's statement was that Alexis is on the permanent naughty list.
Princess(Turning the TV off) Good it's what she deserves.
Princess and the Professor slept knowing Christmas morning would be early and all about their little heroes.
The next morning the girls squinted against the sunrise every bone in their body in pain from the events that took place the night before.
Alana(Wincing) Owwwwwwwwww being a hero is hard work.
Bubbles Junior(Sipping juice) You can say that again sister.
Buttercup Junior(Hugging her blanket) Fresh out of the dryer and laundry soap scent you can't beat it.
Blossom Junior(Slowly standing up) Owwwwwwwwww my feet standing was not my best choice.
Alana(Eyes going wide) Girls it's Christmas let's go wake daddy and mommy up for present opening.
The four girls gained energy and ran to Princess and the Professor's room to find their shades drawn and them still sleeping.
Alana: Wake
Bubbles Junior: Up
Blossom Junior: You
Buttercup Junior: Lazy
Alana: Bones
Bubbles Junior: It's
Blossom Junior: Christmas.
Buttercup Junior: Hooray.
The girl's put their noses on the bedframe their eyes staring at Princess and the Professor.
Girls(Singing) WAKE UP YOU LAZY BONES IT'S CHRISTMAS HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Princess(Slowly opening her eyes smiling) Morning girls and what brings you around our neck of the woods today?
Alana: Didn't you hear our song it's Christmas
Girl's: HOORAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Princess(Giggling) Come on Honey Bear it's Christmas and after the night the girls had they deserve present opening at 8:30 AM.
The professor slowly shuffled from bed amazed that the girl's weren't tired from saving Christmas the night before.
Alana(Stretching) So in case you two didn't know we were in the North Pole last night conquering our fears.
Princess(Kissing all four girls) Oh we heard the news was all abuzz about it.
Bubbles Junior(Beaming) I'm no longer scared of snakes, bugs, or slimy things.
Buttercup Junior(Hugging Princess) Thanks for washing my blanket Mama.
Princess(Hugging her back) I had to the smell was overpowering your side of the bed.
Buttercup Junior(Punching her hand) Yea Lexi ate it but one punch to her stomach made her throw it right up.
Alana(Rubbing herself with sanitizer) I'm still scared of germs they could be anywhere.
Princess(Ruffling Alana's hair) Germs can’t hurt you much sweetie I mean we all have them even you.
Blossom Junior(Dancing around) And I'm not scared of becoming stupid or unpopular because I have my sister's to be my friends and if I keep studying I'll continue being smart.
Princess(Hand bags of gifts to each girl) Well have at them.
The girls tore all their present wrapping paper off getting everything on their list and finding one last gift each from Santa.
Alana(Opening the box) Oh boy an industrial sized jar of hand sanitizer.
Bubbles Junior: I got a book on bugs and slimy things.
Buttercup Junior(Hugging a new blanket) I got a new blanket.
Blossom Junior: I got a computer and a note saying keep studying.
Girls: THANKS SANTA CLAUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Narrator: So that's how the Junior Powerpuff's once again saved Christmas and once again the day is saved thanks to The Junior Powerpuff Girls.
Sorry for the lengthy chapter but I find myself having so much fun writing this so R&R and more adventures will be written.
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