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Chapter Fifteen

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The words Gerard had spoken had crushed him to the point where he felt like nothing more than a spot on the pavement, worn down by hundreds of people treading over him.

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Gerard had left the bus a while ago, too overwhelmed by it all to stay any longer. Frank was still sitting in the same spot on the couch, feeling completely drained and not wanting to move again for as long as he lived. The words Gerard had spoken had crushed him to the point where he felt like nothing more than a spot on the pavement, worn down by hundreds of people treading over him.
Frank had in a sick way hoped that Gerard would scream that he hated Frank, that he never wanted to see him again, that Frank disgusted him. At least that way Frank could die knowing he had nothing left. But knowing Gerard had felt the same way, even if those feelings were now gone ...Frank would never get his peace now.
But all of this gave Frank an odd hope. If Gerard had loved Frank once, who was to say he couldn’t regain those feelings again? He knew it was far fetched, especially with Andy in the picture, but it was all Frank had to cling onto at that moment. That feeble scrap of something other than misery was going to keep him moving.
Ashley was sitting back on the My Chem bus with Andy when Gerard walked in, face bloodless and body shaky. He collapsed next to Andy, face completely void of emotion and numb eyes, tears still leaking down his sunken cheeks. He curled into a small ball, huddling into Andy’s side, like a lost animal looking for warmth.
“Y’know, Andy,” he said in a flat, dead voice, “I really want a drink right now.”
Both Andy’s and Ashley’s eyes widened in surprise. They both knew of Gee’s past as an alcoholic, but he had supposedly recovered.
Gerard laughed mirthlessly, and continued in the same cold tone, “I know I really shouldn’t, but what could one beer hurt, hmm? I’ve already practically killed Frank, what’s the difference now?”
Andy was looking very alarmed at this point, and started stroking Gerard’s hair rhythmically and murmured, “It’s gonna be okay. And I’m not gonna let you go back to that life again. It’s not gonna happen, not as long as you’re with me.”
Gerard shook his head slightly, and let his eyelids slip down, sealing off his sight. His breathing slowed down, and it was soon clear he had fallen asleep, being completely exhausted from the emotional ordeals of the day.
Andy looked at his sleeping boyfriend, so peaceful in sleep, and wanted nothing more than to go back to the time before they knew about Frank’s issues. Even though the full weight of the situation had only been weighing on them for one them for one day, Frank’s “habits” had been putting strains on the relationship since almost the beginning. Andy hadn’t complained, of course, because just being with Gerard, even with all the pressure surrounding them, was everything he had wanted.
Ashley was sitting in the chair next to the couch, watching Andy survey Gerard, an utter look of love on his face. That was the same look Ashley had seen on Frank’s face whenever he looked at Gerard, especially before this had all fallen into place. Ashley wished Frank would look at him like that...but Ashley knew that would be impossible, at least for a while. Frank would need time to heal, to pick the scattered pieces of his heart up off the floor, before he could even begin to think of love again. The best Ashley could do is help him along the way.
Ashley walked into the Black Veil Brides bus to find Frank sleeping on the couch. For the first time in what felt like forever, he had a peaceful look on his face. Ashley had the strange urge to sit down next to the sleeping form and pull him into his lap, but knew that if Frank woke up like that, he would be freaked out. Instead, Ashley went into his own bunk to wait for Frank to wake up, or for the others to get back from wherever they were.
Eventually, CC walked into the bus. He looked curiously at Frank passed out on the couch, ut continued past him, heading for the shower. As he passed the bunk where Ashley was laying, he muttered a quick “Hey,” and walked into the bus bathroom.
When CC got back out, Ashley was still lying in the bunk, but now he was gently crying, his thoughts of Frank overwhelming him again. “What’s wrong, man?” the drummer asked the distressed bassist.
“Frank,” Ashley croaked out through the knot in his throat.
CC glanced over at the limp figure at the other end of the couch and said, “He got himself really messed up didn’t he?”
Ashley nodded morosely, sitting up in his bunk and putting his head in his hands. “It kills me to see that happy, bouncy little midget so fucking depressed, y’know?” the bent over form muttered to the ground.
CC nodded in understanding, and reached over, putting his palm on Ashley’s back. “It’ll be okay, I promise,” the drummer said, and walked away to get something to eat.
Ashley really wished he could believe those words were true.
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