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Chapter 40; Justice at her Feet.

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Heracross separates from Team Pure Silver and Team Pure Silver heads for a kingdom.

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This is the beginning of the Luna Kill arc.

I came to sometime later to notice my teammates were surrounding me with a worried look in there eyes.

"Luna!" Mime Jr. exclaimed. "Are you okay?"

I picked myself up weakly and nodded my head.

Heracross sighed in relief "That's good," Heracross said. "Now lets get out of here." Heracross pointed to the dungeon exit.

Without second thoughts I ran out of the dungeon. I never wanted to see that Ralts again.


We were back where we started again. I was glad that we were at the dimension's opening again because I really wanted to get out of this place already.

"So," Heracross said. "We're leaving this dimension now."

"Finally," I said. "I never want to come back here again." Heracross sighed at that remark.

"When we leave this dimension there is something I want to talk about..." Heracross said. "So let's go now." We jumped into the dimensional portal swiftly.


As usual we were brought back to the place we were at before we entered the dimension. Heracross was looking at the three of us...

"So," I said. "What did you want to talk about?"

Heracross changed his expression from calm to serious in an instant.

"Here's what I wanted to talk about," Heracross said. "I've been thinking about it for awhile and I think it's about time that the we split up."

I was shocked to hear Heracross say this. "What? Split up?" I asked. "Why?"

"You've regained too many memories of your past," Heracross said. "It's too dangerous for you to travel alongside me right now."

"B-but I'm sure we can work away around it!" I said. "I can forget all that I remembered...I promise!" I could feel a few tears pour out.

Heracross sighed. "I'm sorry, kid, but it has to be this way," Heracross said quietly. "I promise when I collect all the Time Gears that are needed I'll come back."

"But that will take too long!" I cried.

"I promise I won't take too long," Heracross said. "Now I should be off but I'll be back."

"Wait! Heracross!" I tried to chase after him but Riolu and Mime Jr. grabbed me by my paws so I couldn't go after him...

Heracross looked at me one more time. I could hear him saying something....

"Luna," Heracross said. "Whatever you do you must avoid the guild for awhile."

Go straight to the guild? I thought. Okay, I guess that will have to do for now....

After that Heracross kept walking and I couldn't see him anymore... I didn't go after him anymore because at this point it was pointless.


"So now that we're separated from Heracross..." Riolu said. "Where do we go now?"

I thought it over for a second. I tried to think of a good dungeon to explore but nothing came to mind.

"...Nothing comes to mind," I answered.

Mime Jr. grunted a bit. "What? Nothing comes to mind at all?" He sounded irritated.

"Nope, nothing," I exclaimed. I could hear Mime Jr. sigh a bit.

"Fine then," Mime Jr. said. "We'll go to the place I've always wanted to go: Breloom kingdom."

"A kingdom?" Riolu asked.

Mime Jr. sighed. "Yes, a kingdom," Mime Jr. stated. "And that's where we are going to go to for a little while."

I really wanted to go this dungeon but then I suddenly remembered something: Heracross said to go straight to the guild after we separated. My teammates seemed to have forgotten this.

I decided to mention this to them.

"Um," I said. "Do you remember what Heracross said?"

Mime Jr. looked at me in a funny way.

"What Heracross said?" Mime Jr. asked. He thought it over for a second and then answered me. "Yes, I remember what Heracross said."

"So, you remember him saying that we must go straight to the guild after we separated, right?" I asked.

Mime Jr. looked at me funny again. "He never said that," Mime Jr. said. "He said to stay away from the guild for awhile. Where have you been?"

"...But I'm sure that's what he said..." I said quietly.

"He must have been too far away for you to make out what he said," Mime Jr. said reassuringly.

I tried to respond to what Mime Jr. said but he interrupted me.

"We're going. I can't wait any longer!" Mime Jr. grabbed the two of us and made us go to the Breloom kingdom with him...


We made it to Breloom kingdom in no time at all.

"So this is it?" I asked. "Breloom kingdom?"

"That would be correct!" Mime Jr. said. I looked inside the dungeon to see what it was like.

I could see a red floor and Shroomish running all over the place. It seemed like the ideal place for Shroomish to live.

"This dungeon is a single floor," Mime Jr. said. "Let's get going." We entered the dungeon hastily.


The dungeon was actually a lot easier then I thought it would be. I could see the dungeon boss at the top of the room. Wanting to get this over with, I ran to the end of the dungeon quickly and I made sure my teammates would not be able to catch up to me.

When I got to the top I noticed some very unusual things about this part of the dungeon: there was a red chair and Shroomish were guarding the chair for some odd reason...

One of the Shroomish spotted me. Its expression changed from serious to worried.

"Your highness!" Shroomish shouted "That human Togepi is here!"

Your highness? I asked myself. But I didn't think too much of it until I saw a Pokemon appear out of nowhere...

The Pokemon had a partly creme partly green color body. And it was about four feet tall. It had red claws and a crown on its head...

The Pokemon sat down in its chair and spoke. "Your Luna, right?" The Pokemon asked.

I nodded.

The Pokemon laughed. "We finally meet," The Pokemon said. "I'm king Breloom." It was pretty obvious to me at this point.

"...You didn't have to introduce yourself," I said. "I knew who you were already."

"Don't talk that way to a king!" Breloom exclaimed. "You have no right to speak to me that way, human!"

This angered me a bit. "And what gives you the right to speak to me that way?!" I asked.

"Don't question me," Breloom said. "I can speak to you any way I wish."

This king was angering me more.

"Really?" I asked. "You think you can just talk to me that way?"

Breloom growled. "Of course I can!" Beloom exclaimed. "Especially to an evil human like you."

I decided to defend myself this time. "Humans are not evil!" I shouted. "When did you decide this anyway?"

Breloom seemed to have not been listening to what I said. "Humans are what caused half of my Shroomish to die," Breloom said. It seemed like a lie to me. "Your kind is evil. Especially humans who have become Pokmeon!"

"My kind is not evil!" I said again. But Breloom would not change his mind.

"Must I repeat myself?" Breloom asked. "Your kind is what caused half of my Shroomish to die!"

I still thought that this Breloom was lying. He's probably just saying this to cover something up.

"Oh, really?" I asked. "I'm pretty sure you're the one who's killing the Shroomish!" I said. But for some reason I knew I shouldn't have said that.

Breloom got really mad... now I knew I shouldn't have said that.

"How dare you say that!" Breloom shouted."You will be punished for what you just said!" Then Breloom thought for a second...

Then I could see a sinister smile on Breloom's face... "I've got it," Breloom said. "Your punishment will be death!" Breloom began to sharpen his claws...

He-he's going to kill me! I said to myself.

"I will inject all my Shroomish with a type of poison that's enough to kill you," Breloom said. "I'll send all the Shroomish to attack you until you are dead."

"What that's going to accomplish?" I asked out of fear.

"Shut up!" Breloom shouted. "This attack will last for about three months and if you're not killed within the next three months then I'll kill you with my own claws!" Breloom put his claw to my throat.

"Oh and..." Breloom said. "This goes for anyone who travels with you, too!" I looked at Mime Jr. and Riolu who were staring at me...they apparently heard everything that I said.

"You...can't kill them!" I shouted. "They didn't do anything!" I tried to defend my teammates...

Breloom growled really loud."Enough speaking!" Breloom shouted. Beloom removed his claw from my throat."When I slash my claws in the air the sentence to kill you will begin."

I got really scared when I heard this. I didn't want to die this easily...

I've really done it this time... I said to myself.

Breloom laughed quietly to himself. "I've given you enough time to I think it's time I start the sentence!" Breloom slashed the air with his claws... the Shroomish began to look at me evilly...

"Now my loyal subjects..." Breloom exclaimed. "Go after her until she's dead!" The Shroomish started to surround me and began to attack me viciously...

This will be continued in Chapter 41.
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