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Chapter 39; Forever a Ralts.

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"There's something important I need to tell you," Heracross said. Hearacross thought it over a second. And then answered again. "...Actually, never mind it's best you don't know this now."

"But, Heracross..." I said quickly. I really wanted to hear what Heracross had to say.

"No buts!" Heracross said. "You really don't need to know what I was about to say anyway. If I told you now it would break you."

I didn't understand what Heracross meant when he said that, but I had to accept that because no matter how many times I tried Heracross would not tell me what he was trying to tell me.

Heracross got aggravated a bit. "Let's go you three," Heracross said. "There's a dungeon I want us to go to that I know you'll definitely remember." Heracross started to lead us to the dungeon he stated.


"So this is the place," Heracross said. "Knife Side Cave."

I looked on the inside of the dungeon to see sharp objects all over the ground...I also felt the strange sensation of knowing this place...

"I've been here before haven't I?" I asked quickly.

"Yes, Luna," Heracross said. "We've been before." Heracross thought for a second. "And when we came did something terrible to the boss of the dungeon."

Riolu flinched when he heard this. "Luna did something bad?" He asked. This seemed to have shocked him.

Heracross sighed. "Yes, Luna did something bad," Heracross said quickly. "Let's go in." We entered the dungeon hastily to please Heracross.


The dungeon was not much different then I expected it to be. The dungeon floor had Spike Traps all over the place...and the ground was difficult to walk on. It seemed like all the dungeons in this dimension were like this.

"This dungeon seems difficult," Mime Jr. complained. "Traps all over the place."

Heracross sighed. "We don't have time for this," Heracross complained. "Let's get going, the boss is the on the 7th floor." We started to head for the 7th floor like Heracross said.


The dungeon was actually deeper than I predicted it to be. And the traps made it seem even deeper...

"Ugh," I complained. "What floor are we on again?"

Mime Jr. look irritated. "Stop asking that already!" Mime Jr. hissed. "The 4th floor." I sighed an really loud sigh.

"We're only on the fourth floor?" I asked. "Are we ever going to get to the 7th floor?"

Mime Jr. sighed again. "If you stop asking that maybe we'll get there sooner," Mime Jr. said quietly.

I could see the stairs to the next floor in the corner of my eye. I ran up them as fast as possible I just wanted to get to the last floor already.


The last floor took forever to reach. Knife Side Cave is truly a pain to get through.

"Finally..." I said weakly. "The final floor." Mime Jr. glared at me.

"So let's get this over with," Heracross said. Heracross looked at me quickly. "Let's go to the edge of the dungeon." We went to the edge of the dungeon just like Heracross said.

I felt that feeling I felt when I entered this dungeon: like I knew this place. It felt odd and I don't know why I was feeling this way...

Have I been here before? I asked myself. It sure feels like I have...

Heracross looked at me. He seemed to know what I was thinking but didn't say anything.

I could see a shadow in the distance. It was coming closer and closer to us. For some reason I felt like I knew that I've seen it somewhere before.

"There you are," The shadow said. "I knew you would return someday, Luna!" I was shocked that it knew my name...

It annoyed me that the shadow knew my name. "How do you know my name?!" I asked swiftly. The shadow did not answer me.

"Answer me. Now!" I shouted. "How do you know my name?"

The shadow laughed. "You of all people asking that..." The shadow said. "Why wouldn't I know your name after what you did to me?!"

I growled a little I was tired of talking to a shadow of a Pokemon. "Come out from hiding already!" I shouted. "Show yourself!"

The shadow laughed again. "Fine, I'll show myself!" The shadow said. "Fine, Luna. I will!"

A purple light emitted in front of me and the Pokemon came out of the light.

The Pokemon was a small in size and had a white body. It had a green cap like head with red horns on the top. It also seemed to have metal colored claws in its paws...

"Luna," Heracross said. "Do you feel like you've met this Ralts before?"

I nodded and didn't say anything.

"Good, because you have met this Ralts before," Heracross said. "And you..." Ralts cut Heracross off.

"Shut up Heracross you have no right to talk," Ralts hissed. "I'll do the talking." Ralts snickered a bit.

"So I see you became a Pokemon," Ralts said. I nodded.

"But that doesn't change anything," Ralts said. "What you did to me is unforgivable!"

What did I do? I asked myself. I don't remember doing anything to this Ralts at all.

"I don't remember doing anything to you at all!" I shouted.

Ralts growled loudly. "How can you not remember what you did to me?!" Ralts shouted. "You froze my evolution cells with that acceleration attack!"

"Well, I don't remember that!" I shouted. "I don't remember anything from my past!"

Ralts growled again. "Well, I remember!" Ralts shouted. "It's your fault that I can't evolve!" Ralts stopped to think for a second I could see him laughing to himself quietly...

Ralts laughed to himself. I could see something hidden in its paws... "Perhaps this will help you to remember!" Ralts threw four sharp objects around my feet. I tried to move away from them but the metal was pushing me towards them. I couldn't budge.

"What are you trying to do?!" I asked. What Ralts was doing seemed suspicious.

"You'll see," Ralts said. I was a little scared of what Ralts was trying to do.

Ralts clapped its hands together. The sharp objects seemed to have responded to the noise... The sharp objects started to glow.

"Now, memory knives!" Ralts said. "Force her to remember!" The knives glowed yellow like the color of electricity and the electricity started to surround me...


The electricity was very powerful. I couldn't stop it at all. I knew if I tried to stop the electricity then it would only make it more powerful...

"S-stop this..." I said weakly. "How is electricity going to make me remember something?"

"Oh, shut up!" Ralts said. "Now memory knives...intensify your electricity!" Ralts clapped its hands.

The electricity intensified. I felt like I was going to die at any moment...

Something felt odd. It felt like I remembered something...I closed my eyes. To my surprise I could see images going through my mind...


I could see a girl with violet hair standing in the same dungeon I was in right now. For some reason I felt like that was me...

There was a Pokemon standing in front of was that Ralts I had just met. I could see Heracross next to me...

"Ralts!" Heracross shouted. "Hand over your Time Gear!"

Ralts laughed. "If you want my Time Gear you'll have to fight me for it!"

A white light emitted from my human self... it seemed seemed like it was White Acceleration.

"White Acceleration!" My human self shouted. The Ralts was attacked by the white light...the Ralts fell to its feet.

"You attacked my evolution cells!" Ralts shouted. "I'll be a Ralts for the rest of my life because of you!"

After that...there was black....


I opened my eyes. I could see that the electricity was stronger than before.

"Ralt..." I said weakly. I was breathing very deeply. "I...I remember something...."

Ralts clapped its hands together and the electricity stopped flowing.

"Good you finally remembered!" Ralts said evilly. "What did you remember?"

"I...I was the one who did everything..." I said weakly. "I was the one who caused you to be unable to evolve.

I was fading in and out of consciousness. The electricity had really left me weak. I felt like I could die at any moment.

"Why?!" I asked?! I was breathing heavily again... "Why did I have to remember something like that?!" This question overwhelmed me...and I blacked out...

This will be continued in Chapter 40.
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