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Chapter 38; Warrior of Familiarity.

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Chapter 38; Warrior of Familiarity.

"The Warrior Dimension...." I thought to myself. The name sounded familiar... "Why do I feel like I've been there before?"

"Luna, stop staring off into space and let's get going!" Mime Jr. shouted. Riolu and Hearacross were ahead of us already.

"Right, sorry!" I ran over to Hearacross and Riolu as swiftly as possible.

Hearacross gave me a look. "What took you so long to catch up?" Hearacross asked. He seemed irritated. "Anyway, we should be there any minute, so it doesn't matter." We continued walking to the destination in hope of getting there soon.


It took awhile to get there, but we eventually got to the dimensional portal.

Hearcross looked at the tree of us quickly. "We're going in," Heracross said. "Let's get going."

The four of us entered the dimensional portal without any complaints.


We got into the dimension in no time at all. I looked around to see what kind of dimension the warrior dimension was.

There was something quite strange about this dimension: every Pokemon had sharp claws and the look of a warrior. And the land was completely made out of glass. And it felt like I knew of this place.

"This is the Warrior Dimension," Heracross exclaimed. "Where all Pokemon have sharp-warrior like claws." Heracross pointed to the cave in the corner.

"We're going to retrieve the Time Gear from in there," Hearacross exclaimed. "Glass Cave. Let's go." We followed Hearacross over to the dungeon.

We entered the dungeon swiftly to please Heracross. Hearacross looked at the three of us.

"The Time Gear is on the fifth floor," Hearacross stated. "Let's get there fast."

"Okay," I said with confidence. "Then let's get going." We started to head for the fifth floor.


The dungeon was a little harder then I expected it to be. The glass was difficult to walk on, and not to mention difficult to stay focused in.

"Are we there yet?" I complained. Mime Jr. glared at me.

"We're almost there so stop asking that!" Mime Jr. hissed. As soon a Mime Jr. stopped talking, I could see the stairs in the distance.

"There they are!" I shouted. "I'm going up them right now!" I ran up the stairs as quickly as possible. My team soon followed.


The final floor of the dungeon looked odd. There was more glass then there was before.

I could see the Time Gear at the edge of the dungeon. It was glowing a blue glow. Which was very different from the other Time Gears...

"I'll get the Time Gear," Heracross said. "You three follow me." We followed Heracross like he said.

Heracross attempted to take the Time Gear, however he was soon stopped by a Pokemon.

"Stop right there!" The Pokemon shouted. "Don't even think of taking my Time Gear!"

The Pokemon flew over to the Time Gear trying to desperately protect it.

The Pokemon was small and white in appearance with strange golden claws on its paws along with glass wings piercing its back.

"Jirachi," Heracross said calmly. "We need this Time Gear."

Jirachi growled a little. "No!" Jirachi shouted. "If you want my Time Gear, you'll have to fight for it!" Jirachi's sentence began the battle.


The battle began with the four of us against Jirachi.

"So, let's get this battle underway," Jirachi said. Jirachi examined us. "I want to fight the Riolu and that Togepi."

Riolu nodded. "Sure thing, let's fight this Jirachi, Luna!" Riolu said with a burning passion.

I nodded and prepared to battle the gold clawed Jirachi.


The battle was simpler then I thought it was going to be. Jirachi was a weaker Pokemon than most Pokemon I've faced. But this was probably because Riolu was at my side.

Jirachi was forming a yellow energy in its paws. "Wish Beam!" It shouted. The attack charged at me with persistence, however it was not enough to defeat me.

I stuck up my finger and prepared for Metrnome. "Illumination!" I shouted. Jirachi was attacked by blinding lights.

Riolu joined in on my attack. "Force Palm!" He shouted. Jirachi was attacked by a strange force.

Jirachi growled a little. "You won't defeat me that easily!" Jirachi shouted. "Glass Shards!" Glass shards flew in the air swiftly striking at us. The glass shards cut me a bit.

"I'm not planning on losing, either!" I stuck out my finger to prepare for Metrenome again. "White Flame!" A white flame engulfed Jirachi, it took heavy damage from it.

Riolu quickly struck at Jirachi to finish it off. "Force Palm!" He shouted. Jirachi was instantly defeated.

Jirachi sighed. "Fine, you win." Jirachi said. "Let's go back to where we were before."


We were back to we were before. In front of the Time Gear.

Jirachi blushed a bit. It was probably shocked from losing.

"Take it," Jirachi said. Jirachi was referring to its Time Gear. "Take my Time Gear what are you waiting for?"

Heracross didn't hesitate to take the Time Gear. He took it swiftly. "Let's go," Heracross said. Heracross pointed to the Dimensional Portal.

I was about to leave the dungeon, but I felt that odd feeling that I had felt when I had entered the dungeon again: the feeling of knowing this place.

"Wait guys..." I said. "I don't want to leave this dungeon yet..."

Hearacross growled a little. "We don't have time to waste!" Heracross said. "We still have more Time Gears to gather!"

I didn't care about Time Gears at the moment. "But I feel like I know of this place!" I shouted. "I don't want to leave until I'm sure!"

Heracross thought for a second and then answered me. "Fine, we'll look around for a bit, but that's it," Hearacross said. "Let's go." We teleported to the entrance of the dungeon.


We were at the entrance of the dungeon again.

"Fine, Luna," Heracross said. "We'll explore this dimension for an hour since you feel like you've been here before."

I smiled at Heracross. "Okay, deal!" I said. I tried to leave for another dungeon, but Heracross stopped me.

"Luna," Hearacross said. He seemed like he had something important to say.

"Yes?" I asked. I waited for Heracross to answer.

"There's something important I need to tell you." Heracross said. Heracross gave me a worried look, I knew this was something Heracross might not want to talk about...

This will be continued in Chapter 39.
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