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Chapter 37; Your Wings Keep My Heart Going (Part 3)

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This chapter continues the Dimension Crossing arc.

Chapter 37; Your Wings Keep my Heart Going. (Part 3.)

"I need to stop them or they'll kill Plusle!" I thought with shock. "But I can't do anything to stop them without White Acceleration!"

In the corner, Equalee and Minun were fighting Plusle. It seemed like they were winning.

"Plusle, what you did is unforgivable!" Shouted Minun. Its body began to glow a vivid shade of yellow.

"Take this," Minun said. "Electric Pulse!" The attack charged at Plusle and seemed to have hit it hard.

Plusle backed away a bit and started to form an attack, it looked like an attack with feathers... "Sharp Feathers!" Plusle shouted. The attack failed to hit the two Pokemon.

Minun and Equalee laughed. "Like that attack will do anything to us!" They both attacked Plusle by pouncing on it.

Looking at this made me flinch. I knew I had to something or else Plusle would die.

"I'm going to break up that fight," I said to myself. I ran over to the three of them as fast as possible.

I stood in front of Plusle in order to protect it. "Stop it you two!" I shouted. I could see Minun and Equalee laughing a bit when I said this.

"Hah, you fool!" Minun said. "There is no way you can stop us!" Minun started to form an attack.

I decided to fight back. "You want a fight?" I asked quickly. "Fine, I'll be your opponent!" In the corner I could see Mime Jr. with a worried look on his face.

Minun laughed again. "Fine, we'll fight you!" Minun said in a confident voice. It seemed like it knew it was going to win right away.

"Okay, let's battle!" I shouted! The battle began within a second.


The battle seemed too hard for me in my current condition. I wasn't sure if I would be able to do it.

"Maybe we shouldn't battle..." I said without thinking. Minun seemed to get angry at this reply.

"Shut up!" Minun shouted. Minun began to charge at me with an attack, and Equalee copied it. "Filament Strike!" The attacked charged at me left a lot of damage on me right away.

I decided to retaliate. I stuck out my finger for Metronome. "Mountain Claw!" I shouted. Claws formed in my paw and attacked the two Pokemon. It seemed to leave a heavy mark on them.

"You brat!" Equalee shouted. "Electric Impact!" The attack seemed to be a critical hit on me, it impacted me heavily.

"This isn't good..." I thought. "I'm losing!"

I prepared Metronome again. A weak attack seemed to come out. "Light Blast!" The attacked failed to even scathe the two.

"You're too weak to face us in a battle!" The two shouted. I could see the two of them creating an attack right in front of me. They were trying to intimidate me it seems.

"Take this, brat!" The two of them had an attack that was joined together. "Shocking Strike!" The attack charged at me without stopping, and the impact was heavy. I wasn't able to stand anymore after the attack was done.

Minun laughed an evil laugh. "It looks like we beat her!" Minun said with fury. The battle ended within a second after that remark.


I could hear Minun and Equalee cheering over their victory. I tried not to listen, but I couldn't help myself.

"Now, let's go back to what we were doing before," Equalee said to Minun. They struck at Plusle thoughtlessly.

"This is what a thief gets!" Minun shouted. Minun kept hurting Plusle with no second thoughts.

I tried to ignore the battle, but couldn't. I kept watching the battle get worse until Plusle was finally defeated.

"That's what Plusle deserved!" Minun said happily. "A good beating is good for everyone!"

"You are so right!" Equalee added in explicitly. I noticed they were coming towards me.

"Now to take care of her one last time!" Equalee said. They ran to me and attacked me with an electric attack. The attack left me extremely weak. Weak enough to make me dizzy

I could hear my teammates running towards me. They were probably worried about me.

"Luna!" Mime Jr. said in a worried voice. "Are you okay?"

I shook my head.

Mime Jr. looked at Heracross. "Heracross," Mime Jr. said. "Let's get out of here!"

Heracross looked at Mime Jr. and answered. "Fine, let's go," Heracross opened up a Dimensional Portal. We all entered the Dimensional Portal and left the dimension.


We were brought back to the place were before. I could see Heracross already planning on the next place for us to go to.

"I...I couldn't save Plusle from those Pokemon..." I said quietly. Mime Jr. seemed to hear me.

"Luna, I know how you feel, but not every Pokemon can be saved," Mime Jr. said softly. I swatted at Mime Jr.

"I don't care what you say Mime Jr. I wanted to save that Plusle! And that's all that matters to me!" I shouted. I felt a bit dizzy for a second and instantly fell onto my feet.

Mime Jr. seemed to notice what was going on. "You shouldn't be yelling in your shape," Mime Jr. said in a worried voice.

"I'll be fine," I said hastily. "These injuries shouldn't concern you anyway." Heracross seemed annoyed at the two of us.

"Can you two be quiet for a minute?" Heracross said in a serious voice. "I've decided what dimension we're going to next."

"Where are we going now?" Riolu said quickly. He seem excited.

"The Warrior Dimension is where we're going next," Heracross said. "Let's get going." Mime Jr. glared at Heracross.

"What about healing Luna's injuries?" Mime Jr. said hastily. "We can't go anywhere until then!"

Heracross took out some object that looked like a spray bottle and sprayed it onto my body. It stung a little, but I was able to bare with it, and the wounds disappeared from my body in not time at all; the wings that blocked White Acceleration also seemed to have disappeared.

"Okay, let's go to the Warrior Dimension!" Riolu said cheerfully.

"Okay, then allow me to take you there," Heracross said. "Luna, let's go."

The name Warrior Dimension sounded very familiar to me for some reason.

"The Warrior Dimension..." I thought to myself. "Why do I feel like I've been there before?" I couldn't stop thinking about this possibility.

This will be continued in Chapter 38.
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