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Chapter 36; Your Wings Keep my Heart Going (Part 2)

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This chapter continues the Dimension Crossing arc.

Chapter 36; Your Wings Keep my Heart Going. (Part 2)

"What are these wings doing here?" I shouted. I could see Plusle laughing loudly in the corner.

I got irritated by Plusle's laughing almost right away. "Stop laughing already and explain to me what these wings are for!" I shouted out of irritation.

Plusle stopped laughing and answered me swiftly. "Those are Heart Wings! They block acceleration attacks!" Plusle said with confidence in its voice.

"Why would you do that?" I asked impatiently. Plusle laughed again.

"Why do you think? You added yourself into the battle, so I decided to defend myself!" Plusle said with pride. "If you want a battle, I guess you've got the right Pokemon!"

"It seems like it wants to fight me after all..." I said to myself. "But would fighting really be the right thing to do?"

Plusle gave me a look. "Well, are going to fight me or not?" Plusle asked. "If you don't come up with a decision now, I'll hurt Heracross even more!"

I thought it over for a second. And came to a decision. I looked at Heracross for a moment. "I'll fight you," I said. I got myself into fighting position.

Heracross spoke up. " don't have to do this, Luna..." Heracross said weakly.

Riolu and Mime Jr. spoke up as well. "You don't, Luna! He's right!" Riolu said in a worried voice. I smiled at Riolu quickly.

"I do, it's for everyone's safety," I said quickly. "Please understand." I approached Plusle with a battle face.

"Okay, I'm ready Plusle, let's fight!" I shouted. "You'll pay for attempted to do!"

"Fine, let's start the battle!" Plusle shouted. "If you win, I'll let you have my Time Gear as a prize!" Pluse teleported the of us elsewhere.


Plusle teleported me to somewhere I had never seen before. It was a forest with trees covered with snow, so I was possibly in the same dimension as I was in before.

"Let's begin shall we?" Plusle's expression changed very quickly. It's was ready for battle. It charged an attack at me that looked a lightning bolt.

The attack didn't really do much to me. I decided to say something. "That attack was weak!" I said in a teasing-like way. Plusle got irritated a little.

"Shut up!" Plusle retaliated with another attack. "Electric Starfall!" Electric stars surrounded me and attacked me with brute force. The attack impacted me hard.

"That actually hurt," I said quickly. But I knew if I said much more, Plusle would beat me in no time.

I stuck a finger up to use Metronome. "Wing Impact!" I shouted. Feathers hit Plusle in the face, but it didn't seem to do much.

Plusle laughed a little, and charged at me with another attack. "Wing Strike!" Plusle shouted. Black feathers surrounded me; the ends of the feathers looked sharper than normal. The feathers eventually stuck me, and they were as sharp as tacks. They left a deep mark on me. I could see blood where the feather was.

I could see Plusle laughing at me again. "Do you think you stand a chance?" Plusle asked viciously. "There's no way you can win against my attacks!"

I chuckled a little. "You don't know I'm capable of," I said. I stuck up my finger again and prepared for Metronome. The attack that came out felt odd.

"Earthquake!" I shouted. The ground began to shake. The attack left heavy impact on Plusle.

Pluse looked angry. "Hmph, how dare you get lucky!" Plusle shouted. "Wing Strike!" Plusle's attack struck harder than it did before.

"I'm going to lost if I keep this up!" I said to myself. "I got to think of something!" But nothing came to mind.

"Stop staring into space and attack!" Plusle charged at me hastily. "Hurry up!"

I got irritated quickly again, I hated being rushed when I was thinking. "I don't need to hurry up!" I shouted.

Plusle quickly answered. "You do. This is a battle!" Plusle shouted. Plulse struck at me again. I could feel my energy decreasing.

"I've got to do something!" I shouted to myself. "Plusle is beating me!" As I thought that, I could feel a strange energy surrounding me...

The energy was coming from my shell. I released the energy quickly. The energy attacked Plusle and damaged Plusle and left heavy wounds on it.

"Hmph...didn't expect that kind of attack from you..." Plusle said with heavy breaths. "' after all..."

"But don't start celebrating so soon!" Plusle shouted. "Voltage Ray!" A ray of voltage hit me. It didn't really affect me much.

I stuck up my finger to use Metronome once again. Another strange attack came out.

"Sensational Flame!" A white flame charged at Plusle swiftly. The attacked seemed very powerful. The attack overpowered, Plusle. Plusle got defeated by the white flames. But as soon as Plusle was defeated, the flames rushed over to me and attacked me as well.

"Recoil damage!" I thought to myself. The did a lot of damage to me.

Plusle looked at me. "...Y-you-y-ou b-b-beat me...." Plusle said weakly. The battle ended.

"...We're going back." Plusle said. I felt a light surround me. It was apparently teleporting me back to its domain.


We arrived at the domain in no time at all. I could see Heracross waiting for me to come back.

I approached Heracross weakly. I was able to get to Heracross despite my bad injuries.

Riolu seemed to have noticed my injuries. "What happened to you?" Riolu asked in a worried voice.

"One of the attacks I used had recoil damage..." I said weakly.

"You're going to slip consciousness with those wounds!" Mime Jr. added. I realized Mime Jr. was right, but there was nothing I could do about that.

The three of us kept talking until Plusle came back. It took awhile for Plusle to fly back. However, it eventually got to us.

"You...fought well..." Plusle said. "As I promised, you can have my Time Gear..." Plusle told me to come over. I followed Plusle.

Plusle took me to the edge of the cliff which is where the Time Gear was. It was glowing vividly. "Take it," Plusle said without regret.

Before I took the Time Gear, I remembered something: if a Time Gear is taken from it's rightful place, time will stop in that location.

I spoke up. "But won't time stop if I take your Time Gear?" I asked. Plusle shook its head.

"No. Time stopped in this dimension years ago," Plusle admitted. "Just take the Time Gear already and leave."

Without thinking about it anymore, I took the Time Gear out of its spot. The thing that was holding it in place disappeared and the dungeon got somewhat darker.

"...Now, go back to your friends..." Plusle said. Plusle lead me back to Riolu, Mime Jr. and Heracross.


As soon as I was lead me back to the center, I went over to Heracross and gave him the Time Gear.

Heracross stared at the Time Gear and seemed to have gotten lost in thought afterwords.

"...This Time Gear..." Heracross said out loud. "Is protected by more than one Pokemon isn't it?" Heracross glared at Plusle.

I could see a sweatdrop form above Plusle's head "W-what makes you think that?" Plusle asked hastily.

"I can tell that you aren't the only one who protects this Time Gear," Heracross exclaimed. "You know that only one Pokemon is supposed to protect one Time Gear!"

Plusle's wings dropped a bit. "...I didn't know that..." Plusle said. It didn't sound honest.

"How could you have not known that?" Heracross asked. Heracross seemed to have come up with something else. "Or maybe, you don't protect the Time Gear, you just pretend to protect it!"

"That would be correct!" A Pokemon said off in the distance. The Pokemon flew over to Plusle in no time at all.

The Pokemon looked almost the same as Plusle, the only difference was that it had blue cheeks with minuses on them, blue ears and a blue tail. It's wings were also slightly lighter than Plusle's were.

The Pokemon attacked Plusle with an electric pulse. "How dare you try to steal my and Equalee's Time Gear by pretending to protect it!" The Pokemon shouted. Another Pokemon flew in as the Pokemon said this.

"Yeah!" the other Pokemon said. The Pokemon looked like Plusle however it had green ears, and and equal sign on its cheeks, it also seemed to have a different tail.

"Minun, let's get this wise ass Pokemon for attempting to steal our Time Gear again!" The Pokemon shouted.

Minun nodded. "I hear you Equalee!" The two Pokemon charged at Plusle explicitly with high powered voltage attacks.

"I need to stop them before they kill Plusle!" I thought to myself. But without White Acceleration there's no way I'd be able to stop them...

This will be continued in Chapter 37.
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