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Chapter 35; Your Wings Keep my Heart Going (Part 1)

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This chapter begins Dimension Crossing Arc.

"There's no doubt that you're Luna..." Heracross said again. Heracross changed his expression quickly, and gazed at Scizor.

Scizor laughed at Heracross. "Heh, took you that long to realize that this Togepi is Luna?" Scizor asked sarcastically. "You're pathetic!"

Heracross got angry quickly. "Hmph, so I didn't know that this Togepi was Luna right away!" Hearcross shouted. "You know I lost most of my powers after that accident!"

Scizor laughed again. "Oh, sorry...I forgot!" Scizor said sarcastically. "I knew you would be stupid enough to lose most of that power anyway."

Riolu and Mime Jr. were staring at me. They seemed like they wanted something from me.

Mime Jr. spoke up. "Well, aren't you going to do something about their fight?" Mime Jr. asked.

I nodded to make Mime Jr. happy.

"Good," Mime Jr. said with a smile. "We'll wait for you here." He sounded like he wasn't willing to help.

"You're not going to help?" I asked while flying towards the two bug-types.

Mime Jr. smiled a fake smile. "Uh, no! I don't like getting in between fights!" Mime Jr. nudged my arm. "Now, go stop them please!"

I gave Mime Jr. a nasty look. "Fine! I'll stop them on my own!" I flew over there as fast as possible and didn't look at Mime Jr.

As I got closer to the two Pokemon I could hear them shouting at each other still.

"Heh, Heracross," Scizor said. He turned to me. "Your friend is here!"

"Shut up!" Heracross shouted. "Stop talking about her already!"

Scizor laughed. "I don't need to if I don't want to!"

I didn't want to hear them fight anymore. I quickly ran between the two of them again.

"Stop fighting already!" I shouted. I was waiting for that power to race through my body. But the power failed to reach me.

Scizor laughed. "Hmph, she must not remember that White Acceleration only works if you have a clear mind!"

I did not believe what I just heard. "I have to have a clear mind?!"

Scizor did not answer.

"Answer my question!" I shouted. Scizor still did not answer. I saw Scizor opening up a portal.

"There's no way I'd answer that question," Scizor said. Scizor entered the portal. "Ta-ta!" Scizor disappeared.

Heracross gave me a look. "Luna, you shouldn't have done that,"

"I'm sorry..." I said quietly. Heracross did not reply. I saw him change his gaze to Mime Jr. and Riolu.

"Riolu, Mime Jr.," Heracross said. Heracross created a portal. "We're leaving, let's go."

Mime Jr. and Riolu flew over and we left the Flight Dimension.


We ended up in the same place we were in before we went into the Flight Dimension.

"That was weird," I thought. "I never want to do that again."
Heracross looked at the three of us. He looked like he wanted to say something.

Riolu spoke up. "Well?" Riolu asked. "Is there something you'd like to say?"

Heracross nodded. "Yes, I want to go to another dimension," Heracross said with a serious expression.

"This time I want to go to the Frozen Dimension," Heracross exclaimed. "There's a Time Gear there, too."

"Looks like I won't be able to stop them..." I thought to myself.

Heracross looked at us. "Let's go, I'll lead the way," I went with my team despite of my thoughts of leaving.


We made it to another dimensional portal in no time at all.

Heracross looked at the three of us again. "Let's go," Heracross said.

The four of us entered the dimensional portal as fast as possible to avoid being seen.


We got into the dimension with no problem at all.

"This is the Frozen Dimension," Heracross said. I looked around for a moment. Something was odd about this dungeon as well: the whole place was frozen.

"This place is weird," I said without hesitating. Mime Jr. and Riolu glared at me.

"There's no time to make comments!" Heracross snapped. "We have to get the Time Gear before it's too late!"

"Alright, fine," I said. "Where do you we have to go now?"

Heracross pointed to the cave in the corner. "Sliding Cave is where we must go."

I nodded and we left for Sliding Cave. However, walking was not easy in this dimension. I felt like I was about to slip every time I made even one step.

Heracross grabbed a hold of my paw to prevent me from slipping.

"Try not to slip, okay?" Heracross said in a question like way.

I let go of Heracross. "I'll try not to!" I walked to the dungeon at a steadfast pace.


We got to the cave in no time at all. Heracross gave us a short stare as we entered the dungeon.

"The sixth floor is where we must go," Hearacross said. "Let's go." We entered the dungeon quickly.

The dungeon looked exactly like I though it would: frozen. This dimension was too predictable.

"Alright," Mime Jr. said. "Let's tackle this dungeon!"

I smiled at Mime Jr. a bit and started to head for the next floor.


We got to the final floor almost right away. The frozen floor was easy to manipulate my foot speed.

"Okay, we're on the sixth floor," Heracross said. "Let's get to the Time Gear."

We followed Heracross as he approached the Time Gear at the edge of the cliff. He put his hands around it and was about to take it.

"Heh," a voice laughed. "Trying to take my Time Gear, huh?"

Heracross looked around to see if anyone was there. But no one was there.

"Where are you?" Heracross asked. "Show yourself!"

The Pokemon laughed again. "Heh, show yourself, you say?" The Pokemon asked. "Fine I will!"

A lightning bolt dropped down in front of Heracross. And a Pokemon appeared in front of him.

The Pokemon was small, had red cheeks with pluses in the middle and black wings.

"There, I showed myself to you!" The Pokemon said in a sinister voice. "You want my Time Gear, you'll have to FIGHT to get it!" The Pokemon approached Heracross.

"Plusle, you need to understand that--!" Plusle cut Heracross off.

"I don't care what your reasons are, you're fighting me!" Plusle struck a lightning bolt at Heracross.

I couldn't watch Heracross get hurt so easily. I knew I had to do something quickly to stop the fight.

"But what should I do to them from fighting?" I asked myself. I thought it over for a second than came to a conclusion. "I know! I can use White Acceleration!"

I attempted to step in front of Heracross but then I remembered something: I had to have a clear mind before I would be able to use it.

I quickly cleared my mind of anything that was on my mind for the moment and stepped in front of Heracross.

"Don't hurt Heracross!" I shouted. I felt the white energy race out of my body like before.

It hit both Heracross and Plusle. Plusle attacked seized to hit Heracross.

"Was that White Acceleration just now?" Plusle asked. Heracross would not answer.

Plusle looked at me. "From the way that Pokemon over there looks, I'd say yes!" Plusle's expression changed.

"This should stop that awful attack!" Plusle said with fury. It's body began to glow a gold glow.

"Take this!" Plusle shouted. A beam of light hit me without stopping. The attack felt like nothing at first, but I suddenly felt something spring out of my back.

When the light left my body, Mime Jr. and Riolu looked stunned for a moment.

"What wrong?" I asked. Riolu pointed at my back. "Huh, my back?" Riolu nodded.

I turned my head a little to see golden wings on my back.

"Huh? How did these wings get here?!" I shouted. I had no idea what had just happened.

This will be continued in Chapter 36.
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