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Chapter 34; The Mysterious Scizor

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Fic transfer. The most recent chapter that I've written.

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Chapter 34; The Mysterious Scizor.

"You're name is Luna?" Heracross asked. It sounded shocked when I said this.

"Yes," I said as serious as possible. Hearacross shook his head.

"No...there's no way you could be Luna," Heracross said. "Luna was a're just a mere Togepi."

I corrected Heracross quickly. "But, I'm not just a mere Togepi, I'm a human..." I said. Hearcross seemed like he didn't believe me, but I wouldn't give up; I just kept trying to convince him that I was human since I actually was to begin with.

I quickly spoke up again: "how do you know I'm not your Luna anyway?" I asked. Heracross completely ignored my question. That irritated me, but I knew a little that he wouldn't answer so I stopped.

I noticed that Heracross was looking at the three of us. It seemed like he wanted something from us.

"What is it?" I asked. I wanted him to stop looking at me.

"I want the three of you to go to a dungeon with me," Heracross said.

"For what reason?" I answered quickly. I felt like something was up.

"The three of you...are going to the Flight Dimension with me." Heracross exclaimed. The three of us gasped upon this strange reply.


"The Flight Dimension?" I asked. Heracross nodded.

Riolu seemed to disagree with Heracross. "W-we can't just go to another dimension with you! We work for a guild and we need to go back soon!" Riolu shouted.

Heracross didn't seem to care. It seemed like he only half listened to Riolu.

"I'm not giving you choice, you're going to the Wing Dimension," Heracross said.

Riolu quickly spoke up again: "why are you making us go to the Wing Dimension with you anyway?" Riolu asked with a little anger in his voice.

"Because there's a Time Gear hidden within there that we must get," Heracross said. I could see tears form in Riolu's eyes.

"No, no way, there's no way I'll help you steal a Time Gear! Never!" Riolu screeched.

"Hmph, then you're useless," Heracross said. "If you stay here long enough you'll get killed by a rock slide or something." Heracross looked at Mime Jr. and I. He told us to come behind him. We did as he said.

"Let's go, you two, we're leaving Riolu behind," Heracross said. We left for the Wing Dimension, but as we were leaving, Riolu followed.

Riolu seemed like he wanted to join us. He also seemed like he changed his mind. "I'm not staying here; I'm going to go, too!" Riolu said quickly. Heracross nodded.

"Fine, then let's get going." We finally left the cliff side dungeon.


It took us hours to reach the destination area. However, we eventually made it.

We approached this odd black hole like object. Apparently this was a portal to another dimension.

"Well, this is the dimensional portal," Heracross said. "We're going in."

The four of us went into the dimensional hole quickly to get it over with.


It only took us a moment to land into the Wing Dimension. There was something odd, though. We weren't on the ground.

I noticed Riolu had Beautiflty wings. " have...Beautifly wings!" I exclaimed. Riolu gave me a shocked look.

Riolu seemed to notice something about me, too. "Luna! You have Beautifly wings, too!" Riolu said with shock.

Heracross spoke up quickly: "correct, we all have Beautifly wings because this is the Wing Dimension," Heracross explained. "But we don't have time for this; we need to go to the center of this dimension."

We agreed, and started to head for the center of this dimension.


"We need to go through a dungeon in order to get to the center of this dimension," Heracross said. The three of us nodded.

Heracross pointed to the cave floating in the air. "That's where we must go through," Heracross said. The four of us flew over to the cave.

We entered the cave as swiftly as possible so we could just get this over with.

"The Time Gear is on the third floor, let's go," Heracross exclaimed. We entered the cave.

The cave was strange in many ways, there was no ground. Everything was flying, including the Pokemon that inhabited it.

Mime Jr. whispered something to me. "This place is weird, Luna," Mime Jr. said. I tried to ignore what Mime Jr. said and moved along.

"This dungeon is very complex you three, so be careful." We nodded in unison and started to move across the dungeon sky.


The dungeon was far more complex then it seemed to be. There were obstacles all around us, and we had trouble going around them. But, eventually, we made it to the final floor.

"...So this is the final floor," I said. It felt like someone else was here, but I tried to ignore it.

Heracross looked like he could see something. Probably a Time Gear.

"There's the Time Gear, I'm going to get it," Heracross flew over to the Time Gear.

He positioned his hand over the Time Gear and quickly took it, and swiftly flew back.

"Let's go back now," Heracross said. The four of us attempted to leave the dungeon, however someone was rapidly flying into our direction.

It was speaking to us as it was flying. "Hmph, Heracross, I knew that was you," The Pokemon said.

The Pokemon was a bug like creature with a red metal like body.

"So, Heracross you couldn't stay away, huh?" The Pokemon said.

"Scizor, why are you here?" Heracross asked. Scizor laughed. "I know you'd come here eventually, so I've been waiting for you," Scizor exclaimed.

Scizor stared at me. "Oh, I see you brought that putrid human Togepi with you," Scizor said. Heracross got irritated a little.

"Shut up, I told them to come with me!" Heracross exclaimed.

"Oh, you want to fight? Then I'll take the four of you on!" Scizor exclaimed. Heracross looked like he was ready to fight.

"Fine, bring it on," Heracross's horn began to glow.

For some reason or another, I wanted to stop the fight. "But would that be the right thing to do?" I though. Somewhere in my mind, I knew I had to.

I wanted to stop the fight as quick as possible. "I hope I can get them to stop..." As I thought that, I felt a weird energy form in my body. And the energy was collecting quickly.

The energy eventually stopped collecting. I ran in between Scizor and Heracross.

"Stop fighting!!" I shouted. The weird energy released from my body. The energy hit Scizor and Heracross. Heracross stared at me for a moment.

"Was that...the power of White Acceleration?" Heracross asked. I didn't understand what Heracross just said.

"What's...White Acceleration?" I said weakly.

"White Acceleration is a special power...there's no doubt that you're Luna..." Heracross exclaimed. It seemed like that was enough for Heracross to change his belief.

This will be continued in Chapter 35.
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