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Chapter 33; Human and Pokemon.

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Heracross retells his past.

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Chapter 33; Human and Pokemon.

"You came from another dimension?" I asked. I didn't quite understand I got curious quickly.

"I did," Heracross said quickly. I listened to what Heracross had to say.

"...I have a story I have to tell...about the last dimension I was in when I lost my partner," Heracross proclaimed.

"Sure, go ahead." I said. Heracross began to tell the story.

Heracross's story:

The last dimension my partner and I were in was very strange in a way. We were about to face Uxie in a battle for the world and all the Pokemon that lived within that dimension.

But something was strange about this dimension for some reason. I was in some red and white ball and my partner was holding it. And to make matters worse, I couldn't see anything in there, and I couldn't get out on my own.

My partner didn't seem to have any trouble figuring out how to use this ball, she just threw it and I came out of it I could hear my partner say she has a Pokemon which was obviously me.

I didn't know what to do; I could not speak to defend myself all I could say was my name. Which was strange, this dimension was like no other. I, at this point did not know what to do.

My partner was also confused; she let her emotions get the better of her, thus enraging Uxie. Something did not feel right.

When Uxie was preparing to erase my partner's memory I could see a dark shadow casting behind Uxie as it prepared to erase her memory. It seemed like Uxie was being controlled to do this...

After my partner's memory was erased, she was knocked unconscious I knew I was next, but I was wrong...a strange whole had opened up in-between us it was black, strong and unavoidable.

My partner was sucked in very quickly; it was so quick it was as if she was never with me on this mission to begin with. I got scared.

The Shadow saw me, and began to create a hole for me. I tried to defend myself, but without my attack did not seem to work in this dimension at all, I felt hopeless and decided to give up.

The Shadow was taking a long time to make the hole. I could hear it say something to Uxie. It seemed like it was telling it to attack me.

I got even more scared, and ran to the other side of the cave, but Uxie caught up to me, and attacked, I was about to lose conciseness, but before I knew it, the Pokemon sucked me into the hold and I was gone.


After what seemed like days, I woke up in a dimension I did not recognize, and to make matters worse, I was on my own.

The dimension I was in seemed more tranquil than most dimensions, I could hear Pokemon playing and laughing together, which I had never heard before.

But I knew there no time to relax. I could feel like time was stopping nearby. It was coming from the left. I knew there was only one thing I could do: collect the Time Gears and prevent time from stopping before it gets worse.

I thought I would do it with my partner, but I had to look for her first, which wasn't going to be too hard since she was a violet haired human...

But after searching for so long, I couldn't find her, so I decided to collect the Time Gears by myself. Eventually I managed to get two without being found stealing them, but eventually I got caught.

I got caught by three young Pokemon. One's aura was very similar to my partner's aura. I knew it couldn't be her, so I just took the Time Gear without hesitating. However, the Pokemon did not give them over happily, they always had something to say no matter what I said back...but I would not give up.

I managed to get to Ho-oh's Time Gear, when I met those three again. They all viewed me as criminals, so I had to act like one around them. Which was very unlike me, but I had to do it. I had to attack them, which I did not intend to do.

The Pokemon with that aura of my partner was weak, and was easily hurt by my attack, but I could not help that. I felt a little mad at myself, but I decided to keep this to myself.

After awhile, I had gotten more Time Gears, and I was more of a criminal in this dimension. I didn't care; I had to save this dimension from a time-stopping fate. It was like the dimension my partner and I came from.

I started to miss my partner Luna more than ever...

End of Heracross's story.

I did not quite understand what Heracross said at the end of his story. He said my name, I had to speak up.

"Your partner's name...was Luna?" I asked. Heracross answered.

"Yes, my partner's name...was Luna," Heracross declared.

" name is Luna..." I said. Heracross gave me a long stare.

This will be continued in Chapter Thirty Four.
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