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Chapter 32; The Innocent Heracross.

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Chapter 32; The Innocent Heracross.

"You have no physical form?" I asked. I was curious I wanted to learn more. Absol nodded.

Correct. I haven't had a physical form since childhood," Absol said. I was astonished. I wanted to hear more.

"Did something happen?" I asked again. Absol nodded again. But it seemed like it didn't want to tell me.

Yes...but, I'd rather not talk about it," Absol said. I stopped asking questions about it. "Okay, I can respect that," I said unwillingfully.

"Luna, you should get going," Absol said. It handed me something.

I took a closer look at what Absol gave me. It was a round, green stone. It didn't look very special. "What does this do?" I asked. Absol smiled a little, and told me what it was. "The thing I gave you is a Teleporting Stone. You cannot get out of here without it," Absol replied. I took another look at it. It just looked like a regular stone to me.

"You have to throw it onto the ground in order for it work," Absol replied. Now I knew it wasn't a regular stone.

It sounded useful, so I decided to throw it. As soon as I threw it, the stone lit up. I was about to back away, but I decided to let the stone do its job.

The light from the stone surrounded my body. It felt a little odd, but I got used to it quickly.

In the corner, I could see Absol waving to me. "Take care of the Justice Blade, Luna." I waved back, and watched the light take me out of the dungeon.


It took awhile to get back. It seemed like hours, but I eventually got back. And, by the time I got back, it was already dawn.

"...That took too long," I whispered. I didn't want to wake anyone.

I didn't feel like going back to sleep, so I just took out the Justice Blade out of my Treasure Bag.

"This blade...what can it do?" I asked myself. I took another look at it. I didn't want to figure it out now, so I just put it away.

"I'll figure it out later..." I decided to sleep after all. I had to recharge my batteries from the dungeon, anyway.


In the morning, I could feel a tiny tug. I knew it was Mime Jr. so I woke up instantly.

"Good morning, Luna let's get going," Mime Jr. said. I nodded. The three of us went to the main room.


Mime Jr. was looking around. He seemed to be looking for Kirlia. "She's...not here..." I could see a tear form in his eye. I patted Mime Jr. "I'm sure she's still sleeping," I said reassuringly. Mime Jr. didn't answer. He just went to his spot.

Gliscor heard us talking about Kirlia, he spoke up for a moment.

"Everyone, I forgot to mention that Kirlia has left us," Gliscor announced. Everyone began to chatter. Everyone except Mime Jr. was enthusiastic about this.

"She finally left!" Drifloon screeched with obvious glee in his voice.
Everyone else said the same thing. I tried to ignore everyone, but I couldn't.

Gliscor finally spoke up. He was not happy. "Quiet everyone!" Gliscor screeched. Everyone stopped talking.

"Yes, Kirlia has left without reason. Let's move on," Gliscor said in a demanding voice.

"This is the last team dungeon exploration day. Pick a dungeon and go to it, after this we will all do things together again," Gliscor said. After that, Gliscor dismissed us.

"So, where are we going to go?" Riolu asked. I smiled at Riolu and opened up the Treasure Bag.

I was rummaging around in my bag. For some reason, I couldn't find it. But, eventually I did. It was under the Justice Blade. "Ahh, here it is," I took it out. Riolu gave me a weird look. I ignored it, and opened the map, and it only took me five seconds to find a good place to go to.

"How's Chaos Chasm sound?" I asked. Riolu and Mime Jr. agreed. "Okay, then...Chaos Chasm it is." We left for Chaos Chasm.


We got to the dungeon earlier than expected. Something felt different. It felt like time was about to stop.

"...Something doesn't feel right," I said quickly. I tried to ignore that feeling, and went into the dungeon.

When we entered the dungeon, the Pokemon were acting strange. They seemed a little agitated.

"Luna...something might be going on at the end," Mime Jr. said. I agreed with Mime Jr.

"I hope Heracross isn't here..." I thought. I kept that thought in my mind until we got to the final floor.


We eventually got to the final floor. It took for what seemed like hours to get there. "Luna, let's go up the stairs," Mime Jr. said. We quickly went up the stairs.

When we got to the end of the chasm, I could see two Pokemon fighting. One had rings on its body, and the other looked like Heracross. I could hear them screaming at each other.

"No! I will not let you have my Time Gear!" The Pokemon screamed. The Pokemon bit Heracross. "You don't understand, I have to take it,"
Heracross replied. Heracross shook Umbreon off.

"I don't give a crap about your excuses! You aren't getting it!" Umbreon shrieked. Umbreon bit Heracross again.

I could hear Heracross sigh. "Sigh, I didn't want to have to do this, but..." Heracross's horn lit up. It looked like an attack.

"Megahorn!" Heracross shouted. The attack badly damaged Umbreon. Heracross ran for the Time Gear. I wasn't about to let Heracross get away with that. I ran after Heracross. Riolu and Mime Jr. followed me.

"Don't steal that Time Gear, Heracross!" I shouted. Heracross sighed again. It answered me quickly. "Do I have to repeat myself? I have to take it," for some reason, I could tell Heracross wasn't lying.

"Then take it, I don't care," I said with regret. Mime Jr. gave me a look. I didn't know why I just did that.


Heracross swifly took the Time Gear. I could hear Mime Jr. screaming at me. "Why are you letting Heracross take the Time Gear, Luna! You could've just attacked him right then and there!" Mime Jr. screeched. I didn't answer. "Why won't you answer me, dammit!" I could see Mime Jr. crying a little. But I still would not speak.

Heracross finally came back with the Time Gear. I was starting to regret what I did a little. "I would like to talk to the three of you," Heracross said. I nodded my head. Heracross took us to another dungeon.


Heracross took us to a cliff side dungeon. Heracross looked at us. It has a lot of regret on its face.

"This had better not be trick!" Riolu screeched. It made a fist at Heracross.

"It isn't," Heracross said quickly. "Now, I want to tell you something," Heracross said.

"It's about the Time Gears," Heracross said. Riolu looked aggravated. Heracross ignored that.

"First off, I'm not stealing them," Heracross said. Riolu looked even more aggravated than before. He spoke up.

"Liar! You are stealing them! You want to stop time forever!" Riolu shouted. Heracross spoke up quickly.

"I'm not lying, I had to make it look like I was stealing them," Heracross said in defense. Riolu did not answer.

"Also, I'm looking for someone," Heracross said. I answered this time. "Who are you looking for?" I asked. Heracross answered right away.

"Somebody I cherished for a long time..." Heracross said quietly. I could see a tiny tear form in its eye.

"S-someone you cherished?" I asked. Heracross nodded. Riolu spoke up. It sounded angry. "How do we know you aren't lying?!" Riolu screeched again. Heracross got annoyed a little, and answered Riolu.

"You are so annoying. I already told you I wasn't lying, so get over it," Riolu backed away a little.

"Last but not least, I want the three of you to join forces with me," Heracross said. Mime Jr. spoke up this time. "Why should we?" Heracross replied quickly. "Because, we need to prevent time from stopping before it happens in other dimensions," Heracross said calmly. It seemed like it wanted to say more.

"Other dimensions?" I asked. Heracross nodded.

"Yes, other dimensions," Heracross replied. I wanted to know more.

"Pokemon can live in other dimensions?" I asked. Heracross nodded.

"Yes, in fact, my long lost partner and I came from another dimension..." I was shocked to hear Heracross say that.

This will be continued in Chapter Thirty Three.
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