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Chapter 31; The Sword of Justice.

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Chapter 31; The Sword of Justice.

"" Kirlia asked. Mime Jr. nodded. Kirlia looked astonished.

"That's...silly...we just met..." Kirlia said in defense. Mime Jr. would not give up.

"But, Kirlia...I really do like you..." Mime Jr. said. Riolu broke the two of them up. He seemed to remember something.

"Come on, you two! If we don't get out of here soon...we'll be trapped in here forever!" Riolu said firmly. "Oh, right..." Mime Jr. said quickly.

Mime Jr. told us all to gather around in a circle. We did as he said. I could hear him whisper the words teleport. We escaped the dungeon.


As the four of us approached the guild I felt something weird. I felt a strange chill in the air. I ignored it, and went into the guild.

"It's quiet again..." I said out loud. Mime Jr. glared at me. I ignored Mime Jr., and went down the stairs by myself.

As I approached my spot, I could hear angry team members and an annoyed Gliscor.

"How can this be? Another Time Gear was stolen!" Poochyena screeched. I felt scared for a second. After all, they might be talking about the Time Gear that was stolen at Power Beach.

I tried to ignore what everyone was saying about the stolen Time Gear, but I couldn't; my mind wouldn't let me.

"W-where was the Time Gear s-stolen f-rom?" I asked. I was hoping it was somwhere other than Power Beach.

" was at Power Beach..." Gliscor said quickly. I turned white for a moment. I didn't know how I would respond to this.

"H-how did you find out so fast?" I asked in response. Gliscor did not answer.

"Answer me, Gliscor!" I said hastily. Everyone glared at me. I knew I did something wrong.

"Calm down, Luna! We just found out!" Gliscor screeched. I backed away again.

I stopped talking for the rest of the meeting after that.


After dinner, I was restless; I couldn't stop thinking about what happend today.

"Today was awful...why didn't I stop Heracross?! I thought. I kept trying to imagine what it would be like to stop Heracross, but it wasn't coming out right.

I looked around. My teammates were in a deep sleep. I didn't feel like staying up anymore, so I went to asleep as well.


In the middle of the night, I felt a weird power emanate in the room, it woke me up quickly.

"...What was that?!" I looked around to see if anything entered the room. I saw nothing and went back to sleep. But my sleep didn't last long. I felt it again.

"W-why do I keep feeling that power?!" I said quietly. I looked around again to double check if something was in the room. Still, I saw nothing, but I was not about to let this go to waste.

"Is someone there? Show yourself!" I screeched. I could see a shadow emerge in front of the window. I could not see it clearly, but I could hear it clearly.

"Oh, you have uncovered me..." the shadow said.

"Very well, then. You're coming with us!" The shadow took me away without giving me a choice.


The shadow had taken me to a dungeon. It felt a little different then most dungeons, however.

We're here," the shadow said. I wasn't sure where I was. But I didn't want to say anything, so I just moved on.

"We will see you on the third floor, farewell..." The shadow disappeared.

"...I'd better go in..." I went into the dungeon.


I felt strange every time I made a move in this dungeon. I didn't know why, but the atmosphere felt less thick then in a dungeon I normally go into.

"Come on, Luna! There is nothing strange about this dungeon! You're just imagining things!" I said to myself.

I just moved on without thinking much anymore. I decided to just ignore the strange feeling I had about this dungeon, and moved on until I saw the stairs.

"...There are the stairs to the final floor," I said. I went up then and prepared for the worst.


I walked to end of the dungeon, in it there was a separate room. I was curious, so I walked in.

The strange feeling I felt was stronger then it was before. I decided to investigate.

I looked around to see if anyone was in this room; It felt like this dungeon was deserted.

"Hello? Anyone here?" I kept looking around to see if anyone was here, and eventually I saw someone.

It was multiple Pokemon. They had white fur, and black horns. They looked frightened of me.

"B-boss! The evil human came here!" The Pokemon said. I backed away a little, but before I did, I noticed something at the end of the room.

"What's that?" I asked. I walked a little closer to see what it was. It was then that the pack of Pokemon stopped me.

"Stop, you evil human! We won't let you grasp the Justice Sword!" The Pokemon slashed me.

"Ow! Stop it!" I said. "I...just wanted to see what it was!"

"You're a liar!" The Pokemon screeched. I was slashed again.

I heard something scream after I was slashed. It sounded quite familliar.

"Stop it, Absol clan! Enough!" The voice said. The Absol clan backed away from me.

"But, boss...she's that human Togepi! We can't stop!" The Absol clan said in defense.

"I invited her here!" Stop this at once!" The voice shouted. The Absol clan obeyed.

I back away a little. I didn't know what was going on.

"Wait! Don't go! I wanted to give you something! The voice revealed itself to me. It was the shadow from before.

"Give something to me?!" I asked. The shadow nodded a little.

"But before you give it to me, could you show your real self?" I asked. The shadow nodded again.

The shadow transformed right in front of me. It was an Absol like everyone else in the room. The only difference was that it had black fur rather than white fur. I didn't know what was going on.

"Come on, I need to give it to you now," The Pokemon said. I followed the Pokemon to the edge of the room.

The Absol handed me the blade. "Here. I'm giving you the Justice Blade," The Absol said. It wrapped the blade in its black fur and gave to me.

"W-hy are you giving me this?" I asked. The Absol answered quickly.

Without a psychical form, I cannot wield the Justice Blade, so that's why I'm giving it to you." I didn't understand what it meant by that.

This will be continued in Chapter Thiry Two.
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