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Chapter 30; Mime Jr. and the Kirlia.

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Chapter 30; Mime Jr. and the Kirlia.

"Y-you love me?" Riolu asked. He blushed a little. I began to wonder if he felt the same way.

"Yes, I do, Riolu..." I said quietly. I stopped crying, and waited for Riolu to answer.

"Luna, it's...too late," Riolu said. His expression changed rapidly.

"It's too late?! How?!" I asked quickly. Riolu did not hesitate to answer.

"Luna, I tried to show affection ever since we joined a team! And you rejected my affection!" Riolu shrieked. I decided to stop asking Riolu questions.

"...Let's go back to the guild." Riolu said. We all left the dungeon.


We approached the guild at a steadfast pace. I just wanted to forget everything that happened today.

When we entered the guild, I could hear voices coming from downstairs. It was busy, it seemed.

"Sounds busy," Mime Jr. said quickly. I wanted to say something, but I was in no mood, so I decided to just go downstairs.

All the guild members came back from exploration, and it seemed like everyone had something to say about it.

As I walked over to my spot, Gliscor spotted me, he walked over to me.

"How was your Metal Cave exploration?" Gliscor asked. I was in no mood to answer.

"It was okay, but...we didn't discover anything, sorry," Mime Jr. replied. Gliscor thought for a second, and answered Mime Jr.
"That's okay, no one else found anything, either," Gliscor said swiftly.

Gliscor went back to the front of the room. I waited for Gliscor to speak again.

"Everyone, we are getting a new member of the guild soon!" Gliscor said confidentally. Everyone began to chatter about this.

Gliscor ignored the chattering, and continued to talk. "The new member of the guild will be here tomorrow morning. When she comes, you'd better make her feel welcome," Gliscor said firmly. All the boys seemed to agree right away, the girls took awhile to agree.

When everyone started to agree, Gliscor spoke up. "Good, we all agree, you're all dismissed." Everyone headed for their beds.


As we entered our room, I could see Mime Jr. smiling more than usual.

"Why are you so happy?" I asked. Mime Jr. replied right away. "Another guild member is joining, and it's a girl!" Mime Jr. said happily, it seemed like Mime Jr. has been waiting for another girl member to join for awhile.

"...You don't need to be so happy about it," I said. I lied across my bed. "I've been waiting for this for a long time, another girl member!" Mime Jr. went to sleep with a smile on his face.

"Mime Jr. if you get disappointed, I'm sorry," I went off to sleep as well.


Morning came by faster then I expected it to. "Mime Jr. and Riolu are gone...must be at the main room already," I thought. I got up and headed for the main room.

Gliscor has already started talking already; I rushed over to my spot.

"The new guild member should be here any minute," Gliscor said. Everyone waited for the new member to come.

Glaceon chimed in."No need to worry, everyone! Our new member will be here any minute!" Glaceon said cheerfully. All the boys got anxious.

After awhile, I heard someone teleport into the room. I looked to see who it was.

The Pokemon had a ballerina like body, it had red horns, and the rest of its body was green.

"Everyone this is Kirlia, please make her feel welcome!" Glaceon said. I could hear all the boys muttering to themselves.

"Why a Kirlia, I was excpecting a Roselia or a Roserade to join us!" Gallade muttered. "I was, too! This Kirlia's not even pretty!" Hitmonchan muttered. All of the other boys kept muttering the same thing, except Mime Jr. he was awestruck.

"Luna, look how pretty she is!" Mime Jr. said. I smiled at Mime Jr. "Introduce yourself to her, then!" I said happily. "I will!♪" Mime Jr. said in a singing like voice.

"Everyone, enough talking!" Gliscor screeched, everyone stopped talking to eachother.

"You can all talk to her after I tell you what I want all of you to do today!" Gliscor announced. Everyone waited for Gliscor to speak again.

"Everyone is to go to a beach or lake location, okay, dismissed," Gliscor said. Everyone except us left.

Mime Jr. was staring at me. I knew what he wanted. "Go ahead, Mime Jr. you can go meet her," Mime Jr. smiled, and ran over to her.

"H-hi! My name is Mime Jr.!" Mime Jr. said cheerfully.

"Oh...hello," Kirlia said. She seemed a little shy.

"W-would you like to go exploring with us?!" Mime Jr. asked. I was hoping she'd say no.

"Sure," Kirlia said. She didn't say anything else.

Mime Jr. ran over to me, I could see him smiling it seemed like this was real big deal to him.

"She said yes, Luna!" Mime Jr. said quickly. I smiled at him. After that, Mime Jr. got serious.

"So, where to?" Mime Jr. asked. I took out my map and looked for a beach location. I found one right away. "We're going to Power Beach, is that okay with you?!" I asked. Mime Jr. nodded.

I looked at Riolu. "What about you, Riolu, what do you think?" I tried not to blush when I looked at him.

"It's fine, let's go." The four of us left for the dungeon.


We approached the dungeon quickly. I looked at the dungeon before going in.

There was a tide, and it was high. It seemed like the whole dungeon had water in it.

"...Let's go..." Kirlia said. We entered the dungeon.

The dungeon was, as I expected, full of water. "Looks like this dungeon is going to be tough," I said. Mime Jr. and Riolu agreed.

"...This dungeon has seven floors..." Kirlia replied. She didn't say anything else.

"Okay, let's get going!" Mime Jr. said. I could see him looking at Kirlia a lot.

I decided to ignore it, and keep exploring the dungeon.

"I hope Mime Jr. will help out today..." I kept that thought in my mind.

Eventually, we got to the sixth floor, it took a long time, but we made it.

The tide kept getting bigger and bigger from floor to floor, but this tide was the biggest. I got scared a little.

"Can I hold onto you, Riolu?" I asked. I tried holding onto his hand. Riolu moved over. "No! I won't let you hold onto me!" Riolu screeched. I backed away from him. In the corner, I could see Mime Jr. holding onto Kirlia, I felt a little jealous. I ignored it, and searched for the stairs.

"...I see the stairs," Kirlia said. I ran to the stairs as fast as I possibly could. I wanted to get out of this dungeon right away.


The summit felt strange as we entered it. It felt like time was about to stop. I looked around. I saw two Pokemon in the corner. One looked like a water fox, the other one looked like Heracross.

I could hear them shouting in the corner. It was faint, but I could hear what they were saying.

"No! You cannot have my Time Gear!" The Pokemon shouted. "Too bad, Vaporeon, I'm taking it!" Heracross ran and grabbed the Time Gear.

Vaporeon tried running after it, but Heracross was already gone, and so was the Time Gear. Vaporeon looked angry.

"Damn you, why didn't you stop him!" Vaporeon screeched. I backed away from Vaporeon.

"I-I didn't want to get involved!" I said back. Vaporeon hit me with an attack. It seemed angry.

"I hate people like you! You visit my dungeon and you don't get involved! Awful, just awful!" Vapreon went over to Mime Jr. and try to attack him.

"You didn't get involved either; you're going to get it!" Vaporeon tried to attack Mime Jr., but Kirlia stepped in front of him, protecting Mime Jr. from harm.

"...Mime Jr. stay behind me...!" Kirlia said. I could see Kirlia lifting Vaporeon up, and smashing it into the wall, defeating it instantly.

"...We should head back to the guild..." Kirlia said. I agreed, but Mime Jr. stopped us.

"Wait a minute, guys, I want to talk to Kirlia," I let Mime Jr. speak to Kirlia.

"Kirlia, thank you for protecting me," Mime Jr. said. He was blushing when he said that.

"...No problem," Kirlia said. Mime Jr. looked like he had more to say.

"Kirlia, there's something else I'd like to say to you," Mime Jr. said quickly.

"...Yeah, what is it...?" Kirlia said quickly. I could see Mime Jr. cry a little.

"I-I like you..." Mime Jr. burst into more tears than I did.

This will be continued in Chapter Thirty One.
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