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Chapter 29; Black heart to Pure Heart.

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Chapter 29; Black Heart to Pure Heart.

Houndoom gave me a quick stare, and eventually he spoke up.

"Let's go back," Houndoom said. We all nodded...and left the dungeon.

"Luna, it's okay...I'm sure this has happened before..." Riolu replied. Houndoom seemed to agree.

After that, there was silence until we returned to the guild.

As we approached the guild, I tried to forget about Buneary, but I couldn't. All the memories of Buneary were fresh in my head.

"Luna, let's go in," Mime Jr. said. The four of us went into the guild.

When we walked into the main room, everyone and everything was quiet. No chatter, no noises...nothing.

After awhile I couldn't take the silence anymore, so I spoke up. "We took Buneary to Baby's Cove," I said impatiently.

"Finally!" Voltorb exclaimed. "Took you long enough!" Gallade exclaimed in response.

"...Shut up, Gallade," I said in response. The room suddenly got quiet after that.


After awhile, it got too silent for Glaceon and Gliscor, so they dismissed us earlier then they normally would.

I was about to go to bed like everyone else, but Gliscor stopped me.

"Come to the guildmaster's room," he said. I walked in with answering or asking a question.

"Thank you for taking Buneary to Baby's Cove," Gliscor said. I didn't answer.

I was about to walk out, but Gliscor stopped me yet again.

"Wait, I'm not done yet!" Gliscor exclaimed. I stayed in the room.

"Everyone is being sent to explore certain territories this week," Gliscor said. I did not reply. Gliscor continued talking. "We were thinking of sending you to Metal Cave, is that alright with you?" Gliscor asked.

I nodded. Gliscor kept talking. "However, before you go, we need to give you a new badge," I gave Gliscor a puzzled look. Gliscor told me to hand over my badge.

I saw him switch badges with a silver badge, and he strapped it to my treasure bag.

"You are now Silver Rank," Gliscor said. I still didn't understand.

I expected Gliscor to explain to me what it meant to be Silver Rank, but he explained nothing.

Gliscor told me I was dismissed, and that I had to rest up for tomorrow's exploration. So I did as he said.

In the morning, I explained everything that Gliscor had told me last night.

"We're Silver Rank now?" Riolu asked. I nodded.

"And...not only that...we have to explore some cave named Metal Cave?" Mime Jr. asked I nodded again.

Riolu smiled, and thought that it was a great idea. Mime Jr. thought so as well.

"Okay, let's go to the main room, now!" Mime Jr. said. We all went into the main room.


As we walked into the main room, Gliscor started telling everyone where they will be going for the next week.

"...Clefairy and Chansey you will go to Black Grassfield," Gliscor said. "Gallade, Hitmonchan and Houndoom you will go to Tree Island," Gliscor continued. "Combee, Poochyena, Drifloon and Voltorb you will go to Sightseeing Peak," Gliscor continued. "And Team Pure Silver will go to Metal Cave," Gliscor did not say the other three guild member's names.

I could hear Digglet and Dugtrio mumbling to themselves. It seemed like they wanted to explore as well.

"Everyone, get going," Everyone ran out of the guild to head to the dungeon they have to go to.

The three of us did the same thing.

We approached a cave that was colored metal gray.

"Okay, so this is Metal Cave, right?" Mime Jr. asked. "I think it is..." I replied silently.

"Let's go in already!" Riolu screeched. We went in as fast as possible.

On the inside of the cave it looked like there were no walls. I tried ignoring that, and walked as if there were walls.

For some reason, I wasn't able to pay attention to where I was going. My shell felt heavy for some reason, and it was affecting my balance and judgement of where to walk.

"Luna, is something look confused," Riolu stated. "I'm fine," I said back. I continued walking.

"Why does my shell feel so heavy?" I asked myself.

"Luna, watch where you're going!" Mime Jr. replied. I tried the hardest I could.

After awhile, I was able to walk the way I wanted, but eventually, I could feel a cliff undearth my feet.

I tried to back away from it, but the magnetic pull was too strong, and it was pulling me downward.

I didn't understand what was happening to me, much less; know why it was happening at all.

"Luna! What's happening?!" Riolu asked me. I couldn't respond for some reason.

I kept get pulled to the bottom of the metal cliff until I was at the bottom and couldn't come back up.

I could hear Riolu shouting from above. It was very faint, but I could hear him say that he was going to save me.

"Luna, I'm going to find a way to save you!" He said again. For some reason, after he said that...I felt different about Riolu.

Eventually, Riolu was somehow able to save me. It was a very strange experience for me.

Before he saved me, he shouted something strange: "Aura power help me get to Luna!"

When he came down to save me, I could see Riolu float with a blue light around his body, and when he got to me; I could see it around my body.

That strange power got us up to the surface.

"Okay let's continue exploring the cave." Mime Jr. said. We continued to explore the cave.

We had passed through four floors after Riolu had saved me. After that, I felt weird around Riolu, and I couldn't look him in the eye at all.

"What is this feeling?" I thought. I didn't understand why I felt this way.

"Luna, after this, we will be heading to the summit," Riolu said.

"Uh huh..." I replied. I still couldn't look Riolu in the eye.

"That's not something you'd normally say," Riolu replied. I didn't answer.

"Fine, be that way," Riolu turned around.

Mime Jr. pointed to the stairs. We climbed them. The summit of this cave awaited us.


"So this is the summit..." Mime Jr. replied. Mime Jr. looked at Riolu and me.

"Something doesn't feel right, though..." Mime Jr. said again.

Mime Jr. was right. It felt like there was no air in the atmosphere, and I could sense the presence of a Pokemon.

"Who goes there?" The Pokemon asked. It walked over to us.

"Who dares to disturb my sleep!" The Pokemon screeched. It looked like it had a jaw with fangs in it. But something else was not right.
The Pokemon's body was purple.

"A Shadow Mawile!" Mime Jr. exclaimed. "Indeed," Mawile said in response.

"You are not getting out of here without a fight!" Mawile screeched. Mawile attacked us.

"Bring it on!" I screeched back. The battle had started.

The fight went on forever. It was hard to fight a Shadow.

"Monarchy!" I said. I grew wings on my back.

"Shadow Rush!" The Mawile said. I could see a purple rush of flames about to attack me, but Riolu jumped in front of me at the last second.

"Don't attack Luna, Force Palm!" Riolu exclaimed. Mawile was thrown into a wall, the battle ended.

I felt very weird around Riolu again after this. He's been saving me a lot lately, and I'm starting to have a different opinion on him again.

"Luna, we should go back now," Mime Jr. replied. I shook my head.

I wanted to say something to Riolu before we left. But I didn't know if I should.

"He'll reject me..." I said to myself. But I didn't let that stop me.

"R-Riolu..." I said I could feel a tear stream down my face. "Yeah, what is it, Luna?"

I went over to hug Riolu.

"I...I love you..." I burst into what seemed like endless tears...

This will be continued in Chapter Thirty.
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