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Chapter 28; Buneary's Goodbye

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Buneary says goodbye. Fic transfer.

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Chapter 28; Buneary's Goodbye.

When we returned the the guild I relieved that this was all over. Riolu smiled, and we all walked in together.

When I walked in, it was very quiet. Too quiet for an afternoon where there is a dozen of teams searching for jobs...

Riolu whispered something in my ear: "Luna, Buneary's been having many fits lately..." I backed away from Riolu a little.

"It's been having fits?" I asked myself. "Maybe that's why no one is here!" I told Riolu and Mime Jr. what was on my mind, they told me that Buneary was scaring everyone away with its crying.

"Luna, we should go downstairs..." Mime Jr. said. I agreed, and slowly climbed down the stairs.


In the main room, everyone was dead quiet. It seemed like everyone was awaiting my return.

"Luna, you're...back?!" Hitmonchan asked. I nodded.

"Finally! That Buneary is getting quite annoying," Gallade mumbled.

"Luna," Gliscor said. "I would like to have word with you privately." Gliscor told everyone to leave the room, and led me to the guildmaster's room.

"Luna, the guildmaster and I have decided that you have to let Buneary go," Gliscor said firmly.

"What, why?!" I asked frantically. "Luna, Buneary is too hard to handle for us! You have to bring it to Baby's Cove as soon as possible!" Gliscor shouted. I felt a chill down my spine. I couldn't disobey Gliscor's orders.

"Y-Yes sir..." I said, stammering. I backed a way from Gliscor.

I went to the door, but Gliscor wouldn't let me leave just yet. "Luna, wait...the guildmaster has also decided to that Houndoom is going with you," Gliscor said quickly.

"Okay..." I said slowly. I had second thoughts about going to this dungeon already.

"Tomorrow I want you to go to Baby's Cove," Gliscor said. "Be sure you are ready to go by then."

I nodded my head, and left the room.


I told my team everything. They seemed a little surprised.

"They want us to bring Buneary to Baby's Cove? Why?!" Mime Jr. asked. I nodded.

"A-and...they are teaming us up with Houndoom?!" Riolu asked. I nodded again.

"Mime Jr. do you mind collecting supplies in town?" I asked. Mime Jr. nodded, and left for town.

"W-wait for me!" Riolu screamed. Riolu ran out of the guild and into town as well.

I went to my bed, and fell asleep.


I felt a shove. Which woke me up quickly.

"Luna, we should get ready to go," Mime Jr. said. I agreed, and left for the main room.

In the corner, Houndoom and Riolu were waiting for me. I walked over there as fast as possible.

"Okay, you're ready, right?" Riolu asked. he was holding Buneary's hand.

"Yes," I said in a confident voice. "Good, then let's all get going." Houdoom said. The five of us teleported to Baby's Cove.

"So, this is Baby's Cove?" I asked. I looked around to make sure.

"Yes, it is," Houndoom said. "Let's go in." All of us entered the dungeon.

"Luna, the third floor is our stop," Houndoom said. I agreed, and we headed for the stairs.


We got to the third floor very quickly. I prepared myself, and got ready to say my goodbye to Buneary.

"Riolu...time to let go of Buneary's hand," Houndoom said. Riolu let go.

Buenary had a puzzled expression on its face. I tried to prevent myself from crying...but I couldn't hold back to tears.

"Buneary, we're letting you go," I said. Buneary looked like it was about to cry, I tried cheering it up.

"P-please understand Buneary! The guild can't put up with you anymore..." I replied into response of its crying.

"Mommy doesn't want me anymore?" Buneary finally asked.

"No...I want you, it's just..." Riolu interrupted me. "This is a better place for you Buneary! There are many other Pokemon your age here to play with!" Riolu said.

I growled at Riolu for interrupting me, but Riolu ignored me, and went back to talking to Buneary.

"Buneary, go on! Luna will come back for you, I promise," Riolu said. This seemed to convince Buneary a little.

"Bye-bye, mommy..." I saw Buneary cry as it left...I almost had second thoughts about what Gliscor and Glaceon had decided.

"Bye, Buneary..." I said. I made sure to not look back anymore.

This will be continued in Chapter Twenty Nine.
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