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Chapter 27; Alliance.

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Chapter 27; Alliance.

I could hear a Pokemon come into the room. It was saying something as it approached Electabuzz.

"Now, don't have to be so rough on our hostage," the Pokemon said. "you should at least try to be a little gentler." The Pokemon said sarcastically.

Electabuzz stopped attacking me. I tried to get away from Electabuzz, but the other Pokemon caught me.

It placed its blade against my throat. Which reminded me of another Pokemon that did this before.

"I'm caught in another trap!" I said to myself. The Pokemon took its blade off my throat.

"Human girl," Electabuzz said. It didn't look like it knew what it was doing. "You are not going to get out of here alive."

I did not reply, I just tried to get away again. Kabutops ran over the door, it chained the door shut.

"There's no getting out of here now, Luna," Kabutops laughed evilly.
This aggravated me. For one thing, he called me by my name, and his sarcastic attitude was making me even more aggravated.

"How do you know my name?" I hollered. Kabutops snickered. I hated that snicker already.

"Don't you remember?" It asked. "You went into my cave with your friends to steal my treasure."

Now I remembered that Kabutops. I growled at it again, it was just making me angrier.

"I did not steal your treasure! You gave it to me!" I hollered. I could hear Kabutops snicker again.

"That was just part of my plan to capture you!" Kabutops said with an evil twist.


"You're a horrible person," I replied. "You should stop being evil."

Kabutops disagreed. "Being evil is fun," it replied.

"Now, Electabuzz, what should we do with her?" Kabutops asked.

"We should just kill her," Electabuzz replied. I could feel a shiver down my spine.

Kabutops got angry at Electabuzz. "I told you, we're not killing her, so stop saying that!"

I couldn't take their crap anymore. But I knew if I spoke up, something bad was ought to happen, so I kept quiet.

"I want to go back to the guild!" I exclaimed. Electabuzz laughed at me, and gave me a stupid look.

"Ha, no way! No chance," Electabuzz replied. I ignored Electabuzz's response.

Kabutops glared at Electabuzz, and then at me. It whispered something into my ear. "Come with me, Luna," it said.

Kabutops opened up the chained door, and took me to another room.

The room that Kabutops took me to look similar to the guild.

"Why did you take me here?" I asked. Kabutops thought it over for awhile, and then finally answered me.

"I wanted to talk to you," It replied.

"About what?" I asked. Kabutops begin talking.

It started without me saying it was okay.

"The Thunder Gem that you obtained was a trap," Kabutops replied with a snicker.

"I know that already." I replied. Kabutops continued talking.

"You didn't really steal it; it was my bosses plan, not mine." I stared off into space upon hearing this.

I didn't know what I would say in a situation like this. I just continued to stare blankley into space.

Until, finally, Kabutops said something to me.

"Hello, are you still there?" I stopped staring into space.

I apologized, and asked Kabutops a question.

"So, who is your leader?" I asked nervously. Kabutops tried to get out of answering me.

"Answer me!" I exclaimed. Kabutops answered me. "Find out yourself." It said. It took me back to the previous room I was in.

I was forced into being a hostage again. I started to think that all of this was fate.

"Maybe this is best for me..." I thought. "After all, it's being happening repeatedly.

I felt tired and went to sleep.

When I woke up, Electabuzz was zapping me lightly to wake me. It told me it was time to work.

I started working, but I didn't see a reason why I should work for them at all.

"I object of this," I said. "I'm not your slave."

Electabuzz growled at me, and told me to finish cleaning the jail cell.

"I hope someone saves me!" I pleaded to myself. I didn't feel like putting up with being a slave and hostage for too long.

"When Electabuzz leaves, I'm going to send an Sos-mail," I hid the piece of paper and pencil behind me.

"What are you doing?!" Electabuzz asked. "Get back to work!!" I quickly went back to work.

"Who's making you do this?" I asked. Electabuzz answered quickly.

"Kabutops, and...he's not making me, I like making you work," it pointed at my broom again.

I just went back to working until Kabutops came back from its duty to protect Blade Forest.

"This place looks clean! Who cleaned it?" Kabutops asked. I raised my paw a little.

"Electabuzz, I thought I told you to clean the jail cell," Kabutops exclaimed. I turned to look at Electabuzz. It looked frightened.

"You aren't supposed to make hostages work, idiot!" Kabutops chased Electabuzz out of the room.

"I can write my Sos-mail before they come back," I placed the piece on the jail floor.

I wrote:

I'm trapped in a dungeon, please help me!

I'm being held hostage against my will against two Pokemon in Hell Labrynth, please save me!


I saw a bottle lying on the ground; I put the Sos-mail in a bottle, and threw it out the window, and into the sea.

I could hear Electabuzz and Kabutops come back, so I ran back to the position I was in before.

"Luna, you can have the day off from working," Electabuzz replied. Kabutops nodded in unison.

As soon as I heard that, I drifted off into a deep sleep.

When I woke up again, I could hear a battle going on between Electabuzz and Kabutops.

In front of me were my two partners: Riolu and Mime Jr..

Mime Jr. flinged Kabutops across the room. Riolu did the same to Electabuzz.

Mime Jr. and Riolu walked over to me. I could feel a tear form on my face.

"Luna, we finally found you!" Riolu cried. It sounded like they've been looking for me ever since they discovered I was missing.

"It was a real smart idea to send an Sos-mail out to sea!" Mime Jr. added. I smiled at Mime Jr. a little.

"Let's go back to the guild!" Mime Jr. said. I nodded as Mime Jr. took out an Escape Orb.

The three of us escaped the dungeon.

This will continued in Chapter Twenty Eight.
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