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Chapter 26; Chain of the Thunderstorms.

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Chapter Twenty Six; Chains of the Thunderstorm.

"Kill me!" I thought to myself. Kabutops began to slash me.

"Why are you trying to kill me?" I asked bravely. Kabutops did not answer; it just continued to slash me.

I saw Kabutops's left blade. It wasn't in use.

"Its other blade isn't in use! That gives me an idea!" I attempted to reach for Kabutops's other blade.

I noticed my left hand was free. I grabbed Kabutops's blade with ease.

"Let go, you insolent human!" Kabutops said. I would not let go.

"No, never!" I screamed. I took Kabutops's blade, and used it as a weapon against Kabutops.

"You're trying to use my own blade to try and defeat me? Not a chance!" Kabutops shook my hand off its blade.

I stuck out my finger, and prepared to use Metronome.

"Dragon Pulse!" I cried. A light-blue beam came out of my mouth. Kabutops didn't stand a chance against it.

Kabutops stopped attacking me. It backed away from me.

"Y-you are strong. How did you manage to defeat my blades of death?" Kabutops asked. It looked irritated.

"I just did," I said. I didn't want to answer any more questions.

"...Whatever, sorry I attacked you and your friend," he continued. "Take the treasure, see if I care." Kabutops left the dungeon.

"Riolu, Mime Jr., Kabutops is letting us take the treasure," I said. Riolu came over to me with Mime Jr.

"Let's open it and take Mime Jr. back to the guild," Riolu said. I saw Mime Jr. pull away from Riolu.

"No need, I'm fine now," Mime Jr. protested. Riolu backed away from Mime Jr.

"Anyway, let's open the treasure chest together!" I said. We all went to a side of the treasure box.

The treasure chest was heavy. And it felt it wasn't going to be able to open even if all three of us try to open it.

Riolu threw a pulse of aura at the treasure chest. "That should do it," Riolu grunted. To my surprise, that strange pulse of aura did the trick, the treasure chest opened.

Inside the treasure chest was a strange, gold colored jewel. I took it out of the treasure chest.

"Is that...maybe a Lightning Gem?" Riolu asked. Riolu put the gem into the treasure bag he carries around.

"Let's go back to the guild now." We teleported back to the guild.


We got back to the guild late again. Gliscor got angry with us.

"Why do you always make us wait for you?" Gallade asked. As usual, he was not in a good mood.

"We were in the middle of a dungeon, you expect us to be back in time?!" Mime Jr. asked with anger. Gallade did not answer.

"Anyway, Drifloon, Poocheyena and Voltorb caught Mismagius, but she got away again," Gliscor said.

Everyone growled upon hearing this. "How can you let a horrible Pokemon like that get away?!" Combee asked Drifloon.

"...Mismagius was too fast...even for me," Drifloon said.

"Can't you pass through walls?" Combee asked. Drifloon nodded.

" could have caugt Mismagius through the walls!" Combee exclaimed. Drifloon answered with the same reply as before.

"I told you, she was too fast!" Drifloon said again. Combee stopped talking.

"Okay, enough of this, let me finish talking!" Gliscor screamed. Everyone stopped chattering and listened.

"We know Mismagius is going to be hard to deal with," Gliscor said. He looked directly at Drifloon.

"So, Drifloon, you will do this mission alone this time," Gliscor said. Drifloon pretended to smile.

"So, everyone else is going to arrest other criminals for awhile until Drifloon is able to catch Mismagius," Gliscor said.

"Okay!" Everyone said. It seemed like everyone agreed to this.

"Everyone is dismissed. Go have dinner." Gliscor exclaimed. Everyone ran into the mess hall.


After dinner, we went to bed early to prepare for tomorrow.

I saw lightning at our window. It felt like the lightning was closer than usual...

"Oh, lightning!" Mime Jr. exclaimed. He seemed a little shocked.

"Hey, know that gem we found today?" Riolu asked. He took the gem out of his treasure bag.

"That Lightning's beginning to scare me..." I said. I felt a very negative energy emitting from it.

"How come?" Riolu asked. I didn't want to tell Riolu what I sensed within the gem.

"Nevermind...I'm tired, I'm going to sleep," I lied down on my bed.

"I'll sleep too, I guess," Riolu said. He fell asleep instantly. "I guess I will too...good night, Luna," Mime Jr. fell asleep as well.

"That stone scares me...but I'll deal with it tomorrow." I fell asleep with that thought on my mind.


In the middle of the night, I heard a window break in our room. It woke me up.

"What...was that?" I asked. I saw a shadow of a Pokemon in front of me.

"You...! You are the one who stole my Lightning Gem!" The Pokemon sounded enraged.

The Pokemon grabbed me and took me out of my room.

"What is this? Where is this Pokemon taking me?!" I drifted off again.


When I woke up again, I found myself in a dark and menacing looking dungeon.

"...Where am I?" I tried to escape, but something was binding me. "I'm...I'm chained up!" I felt a chill down my spine.

"Do you want to know where you are? You are in the Hell Labyrinth!" A Pokemon said. It sounded familiar.

"This is where Pokemon go when they steal my treasure," The Pokemon said. I didn't know what it was talking about.

"Show yourself"! I screamed. The Pokemon came out. It was an Electabuzz.

"I didn't steal your treasure, Kabutops let us have it!" I screamed. Electabuzz laughed sarcastically.

"Don't lie! I know when people take my Lightning Gem!" Electabuzz said. It sounded serious.

"But...I'm telling the truth! I didn't steal your Lightning Gem!" I said. Electzbuzz would not listen to my reasons.

Electabuzz hurled a thunderbolt at me, the metal chains made the thunderbolt ten times worse than a normal thunderbolt.

"Ow...please! Please...believe me, I wouldn't lie!" I cried. Electabuzz did not believe me.

"No. I will not believe you," Electabuzz continued hurling thunderbolts at me.

"I know a human like you...would do something like this," Electabuzz said quickly.

"Where...did you hear that?!" I asked. Electabuzz growled at me.

"From Mismagius. Apparently, the rumors about you...are true!" Electabuzz exclaimed. I got scared for a second.

"Another Pokemon thinks I'm evil, why!? Why?! Why?!" I thought to myself. I felt a tear stream down my face.

"Enough, I don't want to see you alive anymore!!" I saw Electabuzz's body start to glow with electricity.

"Die!!" The Pokemon charged at me with electricity...

This will be continued in Chapter Twenty Seven.
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