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Chapter 25; Hell of the Sword.

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Chapter Twenty Five; Hell of the Sword.

"Mismagius...why?" I asked myself. The Pokemon forced me to do things I know I wouldn't do: engage in battle with the members of the guild.

I heard Mismagius snicker and make me say something evil. "After I take over this Pokemon's body, you're all next!" It said.

"What will make you get out of Luna's body?!" Riolu screamed. I heard Mismagius laugh a little.

"Everyone, please let me handle this..." Riolu made everyone leave.

"Answer five questions, answer all of them right...and I will leave her body," Mismagius began to ask the questions.

"Is this Togepi a human?" Mismagius asked. It waited for Riolu to answer.

"...Yes," Riolu said bravely. Mismagius gave Riolu a nasty look and slowly nodded its head.

"Was Luna unconscious on the beach when you found her?" Mismagius asked. I know Riolu would know this.

"...Yes," Riolu said. I could hear Mismagius growl in an extremely angry way...

"Does Mime Jr., the third companion know Luna is human?" Mismagius asked. I knew it wouldn't know that.

"Somewhat," Riolu quickly answered. Mismagius got angrier. It wanted Riolu to answer the questions wrong.

"Do Pokemon hate her because she is human?" Mismagius asked. I hoped Riolu would get that right.

"Some do, some don't," Riolu replied. He was ready for the final question.

"You piss me off..." Mismagius whispered to itself. It gave the last question.

"How many Time Gears have been stolen so far?" Mismagius asked. I pleaded and pleaded that Riolu would get this right.

"3..." Riolu said. It glared with a menacing attitude.

"Damn got everything right!" Mismagius screamed. I could see it leave my body.

"Why, Mismagius, why?!" I asked. Mismagius didn't answer me, and tried to leave the room.

"You're not getting away!" Riolu screamed. He blocked the exit.

"Blocking me...won't work." Mismagius walked through the wall and left.

"Dammit!" Riolu screamed. I could see a tear form on its face.

"Thank you, Riolu," I said. Riolu smiled a little. "You're welcome..." He said. I could see he wasn't too happy.

"Mismagius may have gotten away this time, but next won't get away," I said. Riolu gave me a long stare.

"Okay..." He said. He still sounded disappointed anyway.

"Let's go to the main room in the guild." I said. Riolu agreed with me, and we left the room.


"So, did you take care of it?" Drifloon asked. I knew Riolu would answer Drifloon with a little pride.

"Yeah, but...Mismagius got away," Riolu said. Drifloon continued to speak. "I could go look for him." Drifloon replied again. It waited for Riolu to answer.

"Um, no...unless you can walk through a wall," Riolu replied. He was casting doubt apon Drifloon.

"I can do that you know!" Drifloon screamed. Riolu backed away from Drifloon.

"There will be none of that," Gliscor said. Drifloon gave Gliscor an upsetting look.

"We'll have to tell Officer Manectric about this evildoer," Gliscor said. Everyone agreed with Gliscor.

"Diglett, get Officer Manectric to come to the guild," Gliscor said. Everyone looked at Diglett.

"Got it! I'll go to the station!" Diglett left for the station.

"Okay, everyone, while we wait for Diglett to get back, let's all figure out where Hearacross will strike next." We all listented to Gliscor until Diglett came back.


Twenty minutes later Diglett finally came back. Diglett had brought back three Pokemon.

"So, you have an outlaw to report?" Manectric asked Gliscor. Gliscor nodded.

"Tell me who it is and we will put a bounty on it," Manectric said. Everyone waited for Gliscor to answer.

"A Mismagius is entering other Pokemon's bodies to take over them," Gliscor said. Manectric nodded.

"That Pokemon again? We'll put a higher bounty on her this time," Manectric took out a piece of paper.

Everyone watched Manectric create a wanted poster. Manectric told everyone to back off until he was finished making it.

"It's done, you can all look now," Manectric backed up a little.

The wanted poster read: "Wanted: Mismagius, B Rank Outlaw, Reward for Capture: 4,000 Poke."

"That's a huge reward," Mime Jr. said. Mime Jr. turned to me.

"Good luck." Manectric left the guild.


"So, who's going to catch this outlaw?" I asked. Gliscor thought it over for awhile, and then answered me. His answer wasn't what I was expecting.

"Drifloon, Poocheyena and Voltorb," Gliscor said. I wasn't happy to hear that.

"Everyone else is to go a dungeon and prepare for battle," Gliscor said. I could see Drifloon, Voltorb and Poocheyena cheering in a distance...

"Let's go to Blade Forest, Luna!" Mime Jr. said. I nodded. Riolu nodded as well.

"Then, let's go." We left for Blade Forest.


As we headed to the dungeon, I got scared for a second.

"Don't be scared Luna, we're just going to the summit..." Mime Jr. said. We went entered the dungeon.


"The summit is two floors away," Mime Jr. said. We continued walking.

"I already see stairs," I said. We climbed down the stairs.

"This dungeon is too easy...I see the stairs already," I pointed at the stairs.

"You're right, but...I heard there was treasure on the last floor," Mime Jr. said. I just contiuned walking.

Mime Jr. pulled us to the stairs. "Let's get the treasure!" He ran as fast as possible to get to the summit.

"Treasure, you will be mine!" We went up to the summit so Mime Jr. couldn't complain.


"Hey, look! The treasure is over there~!" Mime Jr. said. It was a little too happy...

"Hey, stop!" A Pokemon said. It souned like it could be growling.

"Why?" Mime Jr. asked. Mime Jr. didn't understand why.

"That's my treasure! You cannot have it!" The Pokemon said. This angered Mime Jr.

"Why?! It's not yours yet--show yourself!" Mime Jr. screamed. The Pokemon grunted, showed itself to us.

"I am Kabutops, and that treasure belongs to me!" Kabutots slashed Mime Jr.

"Mime Jr.!" Riolu screamed. Riolu ran over to Mime Jr.

"Why did you do that?!" Riolu screamed. Kabutops did not answer Riolu.

"Answer me!" Riolu screamed. Kabutops tried to slash Riolu...

"Detect!" Riolu screamed. The attack missed Riolu. Kabutops growled, and backed away from Riolu.

"And,'re that human I've heard so much about," Kabutops said. Kabutops changed its attitude rather quickly after it said this.

It smiled an evil smile, and threw me against the wall. It placed one of its blade against my throat.

"Allow me to kill you." Kabutops started to laugh manically.

This will be continued in Chapter Twenty Six.
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