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Chapter 24; Mind of the voice

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Chapter Twenty Four; Mind of the Voice.

Everyone charged at me, I couldn't back away...all the Pokemon in the town surrounded me.

"...Why...?" I asked. I tried to avoid attacking, but I had to fight back eventually.

I used Metrenome to counter attack. A random move came out.

"Discharge!" I yelled. All the Pokemon were hit by the move.

All the Pokemon ran away, and did not attack me again.

"Why...? Why...? Why am I so hated?" I asked. Riolu answered me.

"I don't know why, don't need to be so down on yourself," Riolu replied. He patted me on the back. That didn't make me feel any better.

"...It seems like everyone wants to attack me..." I cried. I didn't know what to do.

"Calm down, Luna," Mime Jr. said. I didn't see any point in calming down.

"No! I won't!" I yelled. Mime Jr. backed away from me.

"Fine, be that way..." Mime Jr. stopped talking to me.

"Let's go back to the guild." Riolu said. We headed over to the guild.


When we went back to the guild, as usual...everyone had already returned, and they were waiting for us.

"Okay, everyone is here," Gliscor said. We walked over to our spots.

"Now that everyone is back...I would like to talk about something," Everyone started to listen.

"A strange Pokemon has entered the town," Gliscor said. We questioned this.

"What's the Pokemon's name?" Hitmonchan asked. We all turned to look at Hitmonchan.

"Mismagius," Gliscor said. Everyone looked at eachother. No one seemed to know about this Pokemon.

[I]"That Pokemon appeared in my dream...!"[/I] I thought to myself. I didn't feel like announcing this.

"This Pokemon is trying to turn other Pokemon against eachother..." Gliscor continued. "well, that's what I heard."

The room burst into a chatter storm. Everyone sounded scared...

"Quiet, everyone, and...let me continue!" Gliscor said. The room got silent.

"This Pokemon can enter your dreams, do not let what it says fool you," Gliscor said. I tried to ignore that, but I knew this already happened to me.

"...And where did you hear this?" I asked. Gliscor gave me a look.

"I heard it from Officer Manectric," Gliscor claimed.

"Everyone, I'm going to say this once and only once," Gliscor said. Everyone got scared for a second.

"If you see Mismagius, ignore it and do not look at it in the eyes, it will control your body," Gliscor explained. Everyone started to panic.

"Okay, dismissed." Everyone left the room, except the three of us.

"...Luna, why are you looking at me like that?" Gliscor asked. I looked away, and ran to my room.


[I]"So, Mismagius can control the body of a Pokemon..."[/i] I thought. It reminded me of something.

[I]"That's probably why those Pokemon attacked me..."[/i] I knew what I was thinking wasn't logic...but I could be right.

"...I still hate myself, and...I hate living in this world," I said. I wasn't going to try commit suicide again, knowing that the first time I tried, I ended up failing.

"Mommy..." Buneary said. I walked over to Buneary, and hugged it. I could feel tears streeming down my face.

"Buneary, Buneary...I...don't know what to believe anymore..." I said. Buneary didn't understand.

"Some Pokemon say I'm evil, some say I'm just doesn't make sense anymore!" I said.

"Mommy..." Buneary cried. I let go of it. I said something very unlike me.

"I'm not your mommy," I said. It felt like somone else had entered my head for a second...I would never say something like that.

"Some one else is your mother, not me! I look like your mother?!" The voice in my head said. I tried to get it out of my head, it wouldn't go away.

"That voice...!" I thought. It sounded familliar.

[I]"Mismagius!"[/I] I exclaimed. The Pokemon continued to control me...this time I could feel it moving me closer to Buneary...

"Babies should not exist, they all should die..." The Pokemon made me slash Buneary.

"Help! Help! Mommy is attacking me!" Buneary cried. Everyone came runnng into the room.

"Luna, stop!" Everyone surrounded me...I tried to explain that it wasn't me attacking Buneary...but the Pokemon inside me wouldn't stop manipulating me.

"Luna, who is Luna...! I do not go by that name!" The Pokemon said. I felt a shock down my back...the Pokemon was trying to steal my spirit...! I could feel it.

"Then, who are you?" Gliscor asked. The Pokemon laughed, and answered Gliscor on accident.

"I am Mismagius, and...this Togepi's body is mine!" Everyone got angry and growled and engaged in battle.

This will be continued in Chapter Twenty Five.
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