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Chapter 23; Death of Confidence.

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Fic Transfer. Luna loses confidence to live.

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Chapter Twenty Three; Death of Confidence.

When I woke up, I was in a very strange place. It was black, and no one was in there.

I looked around to see where I was, but I couldn't tell. I was probably separated from Riolu and Mime Jr. a long time back.

"Where is this? am I going to get out of here?" I screamed out. No one answered.

I felt a strange shadow coming to me. It felt similar to a ghost's presence...

"Hello." the Pokemon said. I turned around to see what it was.

It was a purple Pokemon, it looked like a ghost, and it looked like a female.

"Who...are you?" I asked. The Pokemon swiftly answered me.

"I...I...I...I am Mismagius," The Pokemon said. It seemed a little weird.

"And, you are?" Mismagius asked. I tried to answer as quick as possible to get it over with.

"I'm Luna," I said. Mismagius changed its attitude after I said that.

"You're a human, aren't you?" Mismagius said. It sounded serious.

"Yes," I said briefly. Mismagius growled a little.

"Humans are...evil," Mismagius said. I didn't understand why it said that.

"Humans caused over six thousand Pokemon to die," Mismagius claimed. I started to listen to what it had to say.

"They cause Pokemon to turn into Shadows," Mismagius claimed again. I continued to listen.

"And, they are the one who are destroying this world, "Mismagius said. It had left me speechless.

"And, are the human who is doing it," Mismagius said. I didn't understand why it said that.

"I'm...causing this world to die?" I asked. Mismagius nodded. It said something even worse than before.

"The existence of making this world die even faster," It said. I felt a chill down my spine. I decided to defend myself this time around.

"How do you know I'm the human who is doing it?" I asked. Mismagius gave me a scary response...

"You're a human who was turned into a Pokemon...thus destroying this world. And killing Pokemon every time you wake up," It said. I stared off into space.

"So, I'm the reason for all of this?" I asked. I felt extremely scared, and didn't know what to do...

"Yes," Mismagius replied. After this it faded away and didn't say anything else.

I started to feel very doubtful about myself. I didn't know that I was an evil human who killed Pokemon...

"I'm evil..." I said. I could feel a tears pouring out of me...

"I shouldn't exist!"

"I'm the cause for this world's destruction!"

"I should die!"

"I...I hate myself!"

"I...I...I...don't deserve anything at all, no partners, no friends. nothing! Except death!"

I wouldn't stop crying. Until I felt a poke.


I opened my eyes. I saw that I was in my bed. At the guild.

"You're finally awake!" A Pokemon said. It sounded like Beautifly.

"What happened?" I asked. Beautifly stood me up.

"You got jabbed very hard by Hearacross," Beautifly explained. I stared off into space.

"How long was I unconscious?" I asked. Beautifly thought for a second...and then answered my clearly.

"Three days," Beautifly said. I was shocked to have heard that. I pretended I didn't hear her right.

"Three days?" I asked. Beautifly answered me again. "Yes, three days..." Beautifly replied. Beautifly looked irritated, so I stopped asking.

"By the way, Gliscor said he wanted to talk to you when you woke up." Beautifly left the room. I decided to follow her.


As I approached Gliscor, I felt scared. I remembered what the Pokemon had said to me. That I was evil...

"You can do this, Luna!" I thought to myself. Gliscor waited for me to look at it.

"Luna, can I have your attention?" Gliscor asked. I stopped thinking.

"You are free to do whatever you like today and tomorrow like every one else," Gliscor said. I nodded.

"Okay, get going." Gliscor left the room. I thought about what I wanted to do...

"I know what I want to do...I'm going to the cliff." I thought. I ran out of the guild as fast as possible.


"The cliff is over there, I'm jumping off of it," I said. I didn't care anymore.

"I can say goodbye to my existence...with no regrets," I smiled and started to walk to the cliff.

I went to the cliff as fast as possible. I couldn't wait anymore.

As I approached the cliff, I checked around to see if Riolu and Mime Jr. were around.

To my surprise, they were. I turned around and focused on the cliff.

"Dammit, I'm going to have to do this fast!" I jumped with no regrets.

"This world will be saved..." I said quickly. The cliff seemed longer than I thought...

"Hey, Riolu, look at Luna!" I heard from a distance, I tried to ignore that, but I couldn't...

I felt the water getting closer to me...I smiled and accepted my fate. I smiled, and said my last words.

"Goodbye, Pokemon World...stay safe without me." I closed my eyes and prepared to die...


I felt a Pokemon grab me and teleport me back to the front of the cliff.

"Luna, what are you trying to do?!" Mime Jr. asked me. I tried not to answer it, but I did anyway.

"I'm evil, I need to die," I replied. Mime Jr. gave me a look.

"...Tell me how you're evil," He said. I got stiff for a second, but answered anyway.

"I killed over six thousand Pokemon, I was the one who turned all those Pokemon into Shadows, and...I'm destroying this world..." I replied. I didn't feel like talking anymore.

Mime Jr. got really angry after I said this. He slapped me, and tried to stop my thoughts from continuing.

"Shut up! You are not evil, Luna!" Mime Jr. said. I didn't listen to it.

"Why are you trying to commit suicide?! Dying is vile!" Mime Jr. screamed. I could see it cry.

"I already told you why...and...I...don't need to exist anymore," I replied. Riolu invited itself into our conversation.

"Luna, you should cherish your life! Not try to end it!" Riolu screamed. It wasn't being helpful.

"I don't care," I replied. I walked near the cliff again.

"Stop it, Luna!" Mime Jr. teleported me away from the cliff.

"We are leaving, let's go!" Mime Jr. pushed me extremely hard...I didn't look at the cliff anymore.

"...Why...did they have to come and stop me?" I said to myself. I felt angry and confused.


"Let's go into the town before going back to the guild," Riolu replied. Mime Jr. nodded in agreement. I did nothing.

We entered the town to expect everyone to be running there shops, but I was wrong.

No one was around at all. Something was weird.

" one's around," Mime Jr. said. We continued walking.


We went over to Kecleon shop, and no one was there. Instead I heard a voice. It sounded evil.

"Look, it her!" The Pokemon said. It was referring to me.

"She's evil, she's human! She's destroying our world!" Another Pokemon said. They all were saying the same thing.

"Get her!" The Pokemon came out and attacked me!

This will be continued in Chapter Twenty Four.
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