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He's My Princess (The End)

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The end

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Frank’s POV

August came and Mikey arrived with Gerard’s diploma. I didn’t have a diploma since I had failed english and skipped out on summer school. It didn’t matter though, all I wanted to do was play guitar. Gerard had applied for many art institutes and was accepted to most of them, he chose the School of Visual Arts in New York. The semester started too early and soon I was kissing Gerard goodbye, I wouldn't see him again until Christmas break.

“Don’t miss me too much, baby.” Gerard kissed my cheek.

“How can I not?” I pressed my lips to his.

We kissed for what seemed like two seconds and Gerard pulled away. “I have to go now.”

“Have fun.” I hugged him tightly, not wanting to let go.

“I will Frankie, I’ll call everyday.” Gerard broke from my grasp, kissed my cheek, and got into the bus.

The first few days of being without him I cried. I knew this was what he wanted and I was happy I could give it to him, I just missed him so damn much. Instead of lingering on the thought while at work at the restaurant I wrote songs. Songs about non accepting asshole parents, songs about Gerard, about anything I could come up with. Ray helped me record a demo CD and I would sell copies of it at the side of the road for a dollar.

By Christmas break I had a decent sized fan base in town and got almost more cash than I made at the restaurant gig. Gerard was ecstatic to hear how popular I was getting, I was also happy to hear that he was doing great at art school. I was so proud of him for doing what he loved.

The year went by and I got a record deal and we moved to Los Angeles. We bought a house that actually had rooms and a backyard with a pool. Gerard was so much happier as well. He was an art teacher for the kids at the local high school and he just adored his job. I found out he was a pretty good singer as well and him and I played at local cafes and other venues on weekends.

We decided to completely cut off contact with our families, except for Mikey. He was the only person who was accepting of mine and Gerard’s relationship. Our parents just didn’t get it, we didn’t choose to be gay it was just who we were. We decided instead of wasting our time being in pain from our parents’ rejection we would just focus on each other.

Right now I’m laying beside Gerard, his body pressed up against mine. We just finished making love and I’ve never been so happy just to lay here and hold him. He’s finally happy, and so am I. I won’t let anything come between us again, no matter what comes our way. My princess is finally mine forever, all of that shit we had to go through was worth it because I would now be able to spend the rest of my life with him. It was a dream come true, he’s my princess.


Hope you guys enjoyed this fic :) I had a really great time writing it. This is probably the only fanfic I'll be posting on here because I'm really bad with coming up with ideas. BUT if you guys have any requests or ideas for a fic you can send them to me either using the "Contact" link on my profile, or you can email me at: :) I would love to do something you guys request. Anyways I've probably babbled on too long. Thanks everyone who read this fic :) I hope you enjoyed.

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