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chapter three

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No one would miss him, he was a nobody. A nobody with nothing and no one to live for.

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“Gerard Darling,” the young business man`s beautiful, dark haired fiancé begins, unclipping her diamond hair clip and puts in her bag, letting her deep raven waves fall free down her back. Gerard looks up at her from his dog eared book and nods once for her to continue.
“I am feeling rather sleepy, I think I am going to go back to the cabin and go to bed. It has been a very tireing, busy day.”
Understanding as ever, he smiles warmly and nods. “Of course, it has been a very eventful day after all. I shall be along in a little while. Unless you want me to walk you back?” It was a truly enormous ship and Gerard knew all too well that Catherine did not have the best sense of direction. He would feel absolutely awful if she got lost on the very first evening aboard.
Forcing a smile onto her pretty, carefully painted on face, Catherine shakes her head. “I will be fine, you worry too much.” Her smile widens as she tries to reassure her caring husband to be, images of wandering along corridor after corridor lost and alone already filling her mind.
“Alright then,” Gerard briefly kisses her on the cheek, feeling incredibly uncomfortable and awkward. “I`ll see you in a while.” He plasters a nearly genuine looking smile onto his pale, weary face, letting it drop as soon as her back was turned.
“I am so sick of this, so very, very sick.” The ebony haired man with the seemingly perfect, wealthy life mumbles, collapsing back down onto his seat sighing deeply.
It may seem that he had an ideal life filled with money and anything and everything he desired, but the truth was that he was miserable, so completely and utterly miserable. All his life Gerard had been told what to do, and what not to do, from who he talked to and socialised with right down to the right kind of clothes to be seen in. The twenty one year old could not even choose who to marry on his own; his mother just had to stick her nose into that as well.
He loved his mother, overbearing and stuck up as she was, but he sometimes wished that she would just let him make his own decisions, it was his life after all and he was far from being a silly little child anymore. He knew deep down that she could not really help it.
After Father`s untimely death when Gerard and Michael, his awkward younger brother who often went by the nickname of "Mikey" were only very young, Donna Way had fell into a deep bought of depression. This was something the raven haired woman was deeply ashamed off and after her recovery she had became even more obsessed and paranoid than before about what others thought of her and her family. She aimed to rebuild the once great Way family and she succeeded, aided by her ambition and snobbery.
Sighing deeply, Gerard leans back in his seat. The sky up above the mighty ship was a deep black, the same colour as neat hair, and littered with shining little specs of gas burning all throughout the night, lighting up the vast darkness. He loved the sky, the bright stars fascinated him, captivated him in their glittering grasp.
Tearing his gleaming eyes away from the sky, he sighs again and gets to his feet slowly. As he began to make his way towards his and Catherine`s luxury cabin, a feeling of inescapable sadness washes over him. Sure, the young woman was pretty, and kind and smart, but he did not love her, and he knew deep in his heart that he could not marry her when they arrived in New York.
Gerard didn`t know much of love, but he knew that marriage was about spending the rest of your life with the one special person that meant the entire world to you. He didn`t feel for Catherine in that way, and he knew that she felt the same way about himself. Any marriage between them both would not be a happy one, or an honest one.
It would be a lie.
And if there was one thing that Gerard Arthur Way simply could not stand, was a liar.
Before he could even register what he was doing, Gerard hurled himself towards the ship`s mighty strong metal railings, gritting his teeth as he preparing himself to great the icy, inky black water below.
If his overbearing mother were here she would be screaming at him, ordering him to get down in her shrill, demanding voice. She, like so many others believed that suicide was a sin, a most shameful and weak act. Gerard watched miserably as his short, comfortable but meaningless life flashed before his hazel green orbs. Nothing of any great importance darted through his defeated mind. No one would miss him, he was a nobody. A nobody with nothing and no one to live for.
Gerard Way took a single deep breath, most probably his last, and let it out, and began to climb up the metal barrier, readying himself to jump.
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